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Four walls and several decorations

несколько вариантов декора Even in the largest store of wallpaper can be spent on the purchase of a suitable reel is not one hour, choosing the correct price and practical material. And easy to be confused by all this diversity-cost ranges from tens to hundreds or thousands of rubles into one division on the bench decorate paper, the other vinyl, and the third-tissue samples. So what can now be attached to the wall?

Paper, cheap, bold…

Until recently, not merely the most popular and perhaps the only market were wallpaper paper. They all Russian citizen was clearly the low-price, wait, that they have completed a long, has no meaning, but they are glued, and move them to new never pity. Nevertheless, if we think about practicality, it is not normal to buy, and even moisture wallpaper - they can be required to wipe with a cloth, or moyuschiesya such quietly pass this spring cleaning with warm water and powder.

But among seemingly ordinary paper and wallpaper is its "elite". This wallpaper Double-duplex or embossed wood. The first consists of two layers of paper linked together even in the damp, embossed with the figure. Second-from the same two layers separated by wood chips. Both deservedly considered environmentally friendly, the same can paint, and, what is more, not once. The wallpaper with visible, well-structured surfaces hide minor wall defects, and the absence of styles makes them a good background for the remaining parts of interior.

Vinyl jungle

First place in popularity with hard vinyl wallpaper divided wallpaper. They are, of course, more expensive, but their value is a payback time. The wallpaper can safely Day, ground and washed, and have tons of terrain for them to be described in one article.

However, they have their disadvantages. First, they are not easy to apply, in the process, they can stretch, and after a day or two, already on the wall, to its original size and, consequently, to different interfaces. Secondly, they certainly can okleit kitchen and not fear for their appearance, but the big temperature changes, especially near the plate, significantly reducing the duration of their lives.

But, for example, shelkograficheskie vinyl wallpaper (with silk thread in the upper layer) resistant to the so-called light exposure.

A wall of foam surface (the top layer of heated, and vinyl becomes a foam-some models of wallpaper look like their priporoshili snow, and some at first glance like a velvet) is essential if there is a small wall roughness. A Russian flats almost on every wall.

Silk, linen and textiles

The screen is not new, even two centuries ago, cloth adorned the walls of our ancestors, and in France, for example, zagruntovanny layer of paper nasypali silk thread and thus receive outright textile wallpaper. Today manufacturing technologies are more advanced, but based on the same principle - textile layer of linen, cotton and mixed fibres confuse with paper and glue. The result obtained is environmentally sound wallpaper, the technical characteristics and strong-resistance to the actions of sunlight, high noise and heat insulating properties. In doing so, they amazingly beautiful.

Indeed, if beauty alone, as you know, requires victims, the textile and wallpaper is no exception. You smotrelis really well and even luxurious, wall to wall will lead to near-perfect alignment of all, lime all cracks and vyboinki and maybe zagruntovat.

Cloth, glass and metal

You think that this is not the case? How would not. There are an enormous number of different cute, attractive and sometimes even strange wallpaper.

Floor wallpaper, or in a professional manner, tafting, delight the eye prishitym cloth and tassel-small fluffs fitted to the figure. From linkrusta a hard layer are no strings and no vinyl, it is a wood chips. Steklooboi fabric of the glass fibers, and in the manufacture of metal PRESTO delicate layer of foil. So if there was a desire to beautify its four walls something really unusual, it is only to change than specific. Finding a suitable material that it is not a problem.

Form, color or size?

The material used for wallpaper, only "half" evil, but because of a chemical composition that is simple yet has a color and pattern. They usually have some problems. Theoretically, there is. Practically, you decide, more or less, what you want.

The bulk room wallpaper to be lighter. In a small, respectively, cold and elevation range of the minimum. The low ceiling wallpaper combine well in opaque stripes. If it is fine and elegant paper Leaves in the classical style, such wallpaper is back in fashion.

And plus anything recently experimenting with interior not only lazy, so it would be a good idea to buy two or three copies of different-ROMs, with minor and major ornamentation. Now, with a "head" ideal picture, you going to find. But do not mean it.

First, find a decent smooth hard line, for example, is not as easy. A large amount produced here with us, but the colors and designs created by local artists whimsy, in all honesty, staggering. So with beautiful paper wallpaper to the Italians and Germans, would go unpatriotic and undemocratic for the price, but look really good. These same for the so-called designer wallpaper. Pretension name is consistent with their view, just magnificent.

But not every Western company takes into account the simple fact that its owners can buy wallpaper is not very large Russian apartments, and the diversity of color from deep blue to henna is, of course, well, but hardly necessary. Total still less half the standard range of shops, and especially not choose to be what. So if you want to buy wallpaper, please not only money but also patience.

Text : Anna Shesternina
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