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Interior bedroom

Интерьер спальни

Bedroom at all times has played a big role in the lives of all the peoples and countries of the world. Different people digging his sleeping life differently. Egyptians slept on the apartment as it is uncomfortable, think and rigid boxes. His philosophy of sleep differed Minimalism - which is a wooden pillow! Europeans ran at different times in different extremes : a sleeping polusidya, the multilayer structure of the building whipped yung, so to get to this sort of bed, took a staircase and craftsmanship. Greek bedroom resembled storehouse, as a very small and had no windows…

Times have changed, tastes and needs of the people, too. Accordingly, the requirements for bedrooms were higher, not only in terms of convenience, comfort, functionality and comfort, but also in terms of design, beauty and correct design solutions. In fact, not necessarily invite expensive designer and architect to do the perfect bedroom. It is to listen to imagine a good think about what we want to see in their bedroom and begin to travel to shops. Rather, it takes you a long time, but the result will exceed all expectations.

Of course, no one will object if you sleep on a mattress spring or pour a sweet baby sleeping on blankets, postelennom on the floor, but if you start to build a royal bedroom at 7 square metres, it will look at least strange.

Incidentally, the correct decorated cozy bedroom may not only improve the mood of you and others, but also to improve family and floorual life.

So, to start improving their legitimate square metres worth Eger extremely carefully and critically. Bedroom may be how much you want. But it superminimumy are : 5,6 m2 6m2, 6.6 meter, 8.1 meter. In such a small area you to fit the bed size : 0.8 1.8 R14, R14 0.9 1.9 1 1.2 R14 or R14 1.5 2 m.

The problem with settling bedroom was more acute if it is part of a single space, such as in one apartment. On the one hand, you have a lot of freedom, on the other hand, lishaeshsya intimate corner. In such a situation, you can hide bed through transformation or construction of the podium, especially for the bed, it will look very stylish and also saving a seat.

When selecting a bed to one principle : seven times otmer, than sorry. Look at the situation realistically : if a huge bed, which you dream since childhood, will take almost all the room - is to abandon royal bed and just less copy. As the faces on the wall in his room, I think, a little like me.

Devices and materials of construction of a bed of your dreams, played a major role. Pay attention to what your head in the bed. Battery belly can be wooden or metal. Wooden better-for your back, and for environmental reasons.

Remember that the more fire, the better. The back beds can be of varying shapes. They can combine the functions of bookshelves, side tables and stands just under various trifles. A list of materials is enormous : wood, metal, plastic, glass, etc. Inkrustatsiya, Gilding-choice for you and your purse.

On a rectangular beds to choose, but if your room is larger than 18-20m? , Can safely choose something unusual and original. For example, there are very popular around the floor. They can be very good form through Drweca or any other accessories. The floor show that it is intended not only for sleep, and give your room sofa tone.

Style plays an enormous role in creating an interior bedroom. First, do you find it a bed, rather than curtains, tables and carpet on the floor, as it may turn the bed all your image of the bedroom, and previously chosen style to be completely reviewed. Even if you have almost swimming and is equipped with state-of-the-art kitchen-bedroom-style retro nights or 1001 will look ironic or funny. Now it all!

It was not the last role in the selection of beds and bedroom style in general play your financial ability and how much you expect to spend money on upgrading their homes.

Bed of domestic producers without excesses and bloat you can buy for $ 150. More sophisticated models cost up to $ 2,000. Domestic producers supported largely neutral or classic styles.

The higher price you can buy a bed in the Japanese or the Eastern-style price they can take off to $ 7000. Decent Romanian or Spanish bed you can buy for $ 1500-2000. Naturally, the price also depends on the level of : "Do you want polutora- or double bed.

The bedroom has a great role to play not only bed, but also the accessories and furniture. Sliding doors and mini-garderobnye liked many. Well, now that lockers can choose virtually any of the standard interface to the fantasy and original form. You can even find a company that will make for you a bed and a cupboard in one style and color scheme. The height, width and number of shelves and boxes dependent on the willingness of the customer.

Let us also talk about the location of furniture and the floor in the room. Bed have a better bedside to the east. If the aperture will be seen only iznozhe, but not the entire bed is entirely wonderful! VCR and chairs will welcome residents cozy bedrooms and closets, allowing square metres.

Color walls choose a calm and muted color tones. Bright and dark colors are depressing is likely you will not taste buried and see color dreams, but try to get rid of headaches and eye fatigue. If you really did want to see on the walls of flowers or stripes, they must be small and nearby shade.

Light in this room should be few, of course, that the lack of reading books at night. The central point that the better lighting fixtures or light CT76 perimeter rooms.

The paintings, posters, photographs, which you will want to put up a wall bedrooms, buy so that they are not too bright spots.

The most important thing is not perenasyschay bedroom, especially if it has fallen far short of your dreams. Otherwise, the risk of buried and not wake up in a spacious ground could cause not only discomfort, but bad dreams.

Author : Irina Bologova
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