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Color and paint-love without avarice

Fashion on the interiors, which may even design a blind passes, and our apartments are increasingly venturing color. On the one hand, this pleasure : Environmental Russian match reality, including the architecture and landscape, not pleased exquisite eye color palette, so that God told to try at least at home to take some revenge. On the other hand, color expansion raises many issues : his grandmother's recipes in the series portieres in tone furniture upholstery seem frankly archaic, and images from fashion magazines, too extravagant.

Unfortunately, it is an area that we are unlikely to fully shift responsibility on the shoulders of the professionals. Not all architects play with the color-line in many universities do not teach or painting or news. Moreover, the nuances of perception to another person is not easy to for good reason - even millionaires have personally otsmatrivat numerous samples of wallpaper, tiles and other materials. In fact, here and buried the dog : a colour chosen by the paper vykraske, drawings and even a small model after realizing the real material can change beyond recognition. This is especially true when it comes to large surfaces, such as walls, floor and ceiling. Those and determine the overall color design interior.

Panaceas in this regard does not exist, but there are some certainties, there would not misled at the very beginning.

Contrary to popular stereotype, apartments in the "classic" taste is not obligated to be monochrome, and the modern-style brighter. Rather the reverse. Chubais furniture and accessories, as well as stucco and other historic decor perfectly compatible with saturated colors, and now they can successfully coexist in a spacious rooms. In fact, antiques and successful members of the family objects created in explanation of "antiques", in spite of the complex, seem intact, as well as their construction is not hurt in the eye. But furniture, loudly proclaims its novelty, however, shows its "skeleton", visually crushing form. Therefore, it often requires a quiet background. To avoid getting bogged down, it is used as a criterion the degree of diversity. The intense, lush shades are the most frequently limited palette, and pastels, especially if they are close in tone, allow hitting in diversity even within the same room. The most notorious conservative, not begrudge such a situation in unnecessary variety, but for the illusion of homogeneity is a very difficult colour. Apart from the benefits to residents strictly emotional, it helps to visually adjust the proportions of space : for example, "push" penaloobraznoy long wall in a room or a notch "ceiling. Such techniques are often shown on television with the topic, the truth is usually the most radical options. In everyday life aspect telegenichnosti little concern, so the wall that we create a color to the ceiling, not to be royal. Light is a necessary effect.

The complex is not to expensive, and the means to change the color of the interior, the role of first violin on the right dye is mainly water dispersion. Everyone knows that the desired color attached by hues, or additions to the original white kolerovochnoy a special paste. These pastes are universal or strictly intended for a certain type of dye are sold everywhere, so that in principle the process can be done independently. But if you zamahnulis to paint the walls and ceiling, I personally, as a man of broad experience handwritten kolerovaniya, fervently do take a paid service. And not even because of the difficulty of finding the right ring, and because it would be almost impossible to reproduce when the time comes to paint caused by the operation of the defect. The risk that the result will perekrashivat all new. This is not true for corporate tables. Every nuance, its number : write it, and sorrow not know. Filtering is that different manufacturers, different gamma. In practice, this means that all koleruya paint on the same table, we are increasing the chances of vzaimosochetaemost colors. To simplify the choice of colors, you can rely on the relative perceptions. Look for color as close as possible in any magazine, necessarily cut out a piece and solemnly give wage builders or grab in a shop. And never once koleruyte whole lot of paint-ogranichtes few paint (1 L) and make vykrasku. Clearly, the renovation is always avral, and anyone reluctance on several occasions to return to kolerovochny Division. But better to spend time on the screening process than Jesus away money and redo everything from scratch.

Aesthetics color closely associated with quality components and elements of the interior. Put simply, what we are proud of, the color can be stress, but that is just below the bar-hidden. In addition, a door or, say, heating radiators, not harmony with the overall color solution can spoil the whole case. Therefore, it was appropriate to take seriously. The conventional white door-lifesaver, rescues from painful choice. But if they are asymmetric, or we are dealing with a pass-room white from the neutral become actively emphasizes design flaws. By the way, this also applies veneer doors if the color veneer significantly different from the color of walls. In such cases it is better to choose a colour close to the background, even if the dream of a solid fumed oak or painted "metallic". Moreover, when all ottsentrovano and balanced, too, have to be alert. Vyryvayuschiesya details of the general tone of "spinning out" inadvertently on display everything that has a similar connotation, for example, silent before the old chair or evil refrigerator. In short, if there are items in the interior, which wants to get rid of, you should try to other elements not included in color, otherwise they will be tamed eye.

Colour is the quickest and cheapest way to change the color interior. It is equally relevant in the new housing and renovate already obzhitoy flat, especially if one considers that the special wallpaper to facilitate the preliminary preparation of the surface. Furthermore, what we need is not so much financial, but the intellectual costs. They will more than pay off if the price is the first choice and concerned about the maintainability of your home. That is, after all, in this case, is to change ...

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