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Color conception

Цветовое решение интерьера The first rainbow want to invite you to do themselves : at home, his (and his or chimi-nibud or foe) hands. But be sure that that desire to serve. Or at least a sense of happiness figures. As in childhood.

What are we? Yes the choice of colours your house, because each apartment can be a different shade of Harmony! The selection and combination of colors depends if your house is comfortable and cozy. Color is a part of the interior, which is easier to change when there is a desire or need. So, and be done in the home as much as possible mobile elements, as well as live in the same situation tiring ... Yes, and boring, right?

We begin with the combination of color options, it will be "the first stone" in the search for harmony between comfort and style, quality and beauty, simple and eternal. There will be very useful to us to know how color affects our health, mood and sense of balance? Colours, like the weather, and our mood -byvayut warm and cold. Warm is a red, orange and all related. Cold-blue, blue and green and sine-fioletovye tone. Hot shades in a room seem more immediate, cold-distant. This should be borne in mind if you decide to "play" with the size of space.

When choosing colors do not forget to take into account the tone and the spirit of and you and facilities that you have ennobled. First, decide what color the walls are, as they are the backdrop for furniture and decoration. In our choice of rooms will focus on the part of the world. The "southern" cold rooms will be desirable colors, and "northern" - kind (they create the illusion of sunlight and heat) : gold, rozovo-zheltye and yellow. Do not forget to draw attention to the lighting rooms. Even those that "look" in the south, can be dark because of small windows, crowns of trees, buildings opposite. The darker the room, the walls should be lighter. And on the tree : out of crown green color will be a tangible effect on the shade of the walls.

Now, a little about the laws of psychological perception of color and form. Cold and warm range of bright colors make you more spacious premises, and the saturated colors, it "compresses". White and blue give the impression of spaciousness and grey-severely limits his. The ceiling in the room would appear higher if lighter colored walls. As for the furniture and curtains, one of the trendiest of today - bright upholstery. If you want "more freshness, do one wall in the room bledno-golubogo colors, and furniture simply select new blankets suitable shade.

Ideally, if the curtains of the state housing single color ensemble. Style will be room, with curtains and upholstery fabrics-one (and the texture and color); Contrasting with the same overall color scheme, reviving room.

Further, the choice of colors for floor. Carpets with cloth rent their positions and go out of fashion. Simplicity can be stylish : floor, no indoor carpet, too, can be beautiful. One simple color combination of yellow-green. Green in upholstery, plus lemon parquet covered with lacquer, and in the sun room filled with amber light. Even imagine floor-saturated dark colors with glass original details as small squares of equal size light resembling the sun glare.

Streamline color according to the destination of each. The entryway walls using clean bright colors or separated blue and yellow, because they typically do not have enough daylight. The cuisine is best living paint : blue, green, yellow or orange. They improve appetite. In the bedroom, create a climate of complete rest is divided yellow or blue color, and shades of cream, gray and pink. The child colour varies with the age of its youngest residents. Any combination of yellow, happy and bright, good for the kids, but contrasting colors quickly fatigues, but are stylishly. The total living room, use neutral colors, coupled with the elements of decoration, but should be in the office working environment. Try shades close to the green and blue. Bath and shower is a bright, separated colours : blue, cyan, pink.

So, the "brilliant" advice you have received, the foundation of knowledge is now in the way, that is-more home, make the right decisions and create color rainbow. Any possible number of hands, but with such a desire to perform. Or at least a sense of happiness figures, as in childhood.

Red increasing internal energy, flooruality, increasing blood circulation and metabolism. The ancient Romans tied with a red force and power, the Chinese believed that the color of a symbol of longevity. Red creates a sense of heat makes spectacular interior. But space resolved in the red, will be less and less. The color is good, where is the most active families.

Blue color-color sky and the air space and coolness. It soothes, relaxes, creating a romantic mood. You can choose nezhno-goluboy color as the main tone for the bedroom walls. Horosz blue and in the office, especially in the room where often quarrel and fight.

Blue-strong color and mysterious depths of the sea and endless sky. At the level of physiology, he has a sedative effect, but in large numbers can lead to depression. The presence of blue interior has always attached room relaxing and nobility. The presentation apartments psychologists recommend blue for the bedroom. The severity of the color balance warm colors : red interior gives vivid, fresh yellow-and peach-luxury and elegance. Coupled with the yellow and red blue suited for processing child rooms.

Yellow-coloured sun and fun. It forces people, helps get rid of sluggishness and sleepiness. In addition, yellow enhances concentration and will be extremely useful in all cases where we are learning. If your room sun rarely talks, the warm yellow in the interior would make it more "fun".

Orange-associated with the color orange and golden mean warmth, beauty and joy. The color helps overcome fatigue, spleen, fear and anxiety. Those who are depressed, choosing the color for the living room, it is best to turn to orange and shades. The orange tones particularly well form the northern interior of the cold rooms.

Green is a symbol of forever wildlife vitality, freshness, appeasement. It has a sedative effect, useful to the eye and soul. The perfect color for recreation. Best of all, he looks at the wall in the sun room.

Lived enhances intuition, normalizes state lymphatic system, helps with migraines, but at the same time, brings something painful and sad. The accommodation of the color best used in the diluted, light Lilac form : deep and bright shades of his fatigues.

White beloved. The color of freshness, cleanliness, coolness, it is associated with the restaurant, health. In small poorly lit room white simply irreplaceable.

Gray-color nobility. It helps create a good atmosphere in the house. He is gentle and strong, comfortable and classic. Shades of grey attach enough space.

Brown adjusts to the friendly and sociability, and evidence of stability and practicality master room, settled in the colors. If the interior is dominated by brown tone, you will feel safe.

Soft, neutral colours-beige, sand, ivory-coloured give room feeling light and very little space, create an atmosphere of harmony and completeness. One major advantage of the shade-intelligence and elegance.

We live in a multicolored world, and the color affects us. It creates a mood and helps make our life more harmonious. Enjoy holiday colors and be happy!

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