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Why would people buy such expensive furniture?

Зачем люди покупают такую дорогую мебель

Recently accidentally heard conversation in a restaurant three executives to relax for a neighbouring table. Two of them discussed the situation of their new apartments, and to be extremely erudition in the dispute over the merits of a tile manufacturer (which Italian firm "eksklyuzivnee" and which produces tiles "as all"; Quality, by the way, was a word, implying that it is certainly the best). In describing the furniture they comfortable in operating terms "amenities", "luxurious" and the third, unworthy of mention in the magazine, while accurately reflecting the excitement of new residents palace interiors (turned to the fact that the decisive factor in the purchase of furniture was not the size of a purse CEO, and showing his wife). Third same boasted its svezhekuplennym, "just out" Tourists, G 500. The conversation revealed that the holder is happy so decent car all in the same simple house in a sleeping areas Petersburg. He muttered something to embarrass them : "comfortable sofa", "good bed", "large" cabinet, "I normally", but "comfortable". In the end, once again vypav of conversation, which continues to reappear fancy name manufacturers of modern furniture (we all know them well, but in this case, delete, you will find this advertising), he said : "But still see what I go car a home for themselves, I did not cry ".

I thought it was gone forever, which is not very rich, and more recently exposed plenty of preferred normal hours for $ 500-600 (quite afford them) stodollarovuyu forgery under "Patek Philippe". Funny, when birochka outwards when the label discreetly visible when the conversation "inadvertently" vvorachivaetsya phrase about "boutique at Bond-strit where I always buy ..." moral suffering from the perception of their own inferiority not offset happy demonstration personal vanities. Apartment attach not from a desire to impress the neighbours, and for their own convenience.

Speaking of people seeking luxury (rather than trying to APE, imitates the typical rich man), we must understand two fundamental reason : the joy of possession of money (here, and the joy of spending, and the pride of spent) and the desire for complete comfort.

Usually when buying anything into account the following factors : taste, price, brand.

For example, a conditional manager, called the Peter, said : "I bought the thing because I like the shape and colour". Another conditional manager, called the Paul, said : "I bought this thing NNN-super-puper brand because I liked the shape and colour". A third manager, Vasily, said : "I paid for NNN-super-puper brand NNN dollars because I liked the shape and colour". Clearly, yes? When we know that Peter paid the same, but if this thing goes in times cheaper, it would not even watched it : probably a poor, or would not be confident in its taste, nor on the status. That is the price and it is an indication of the level and quality of the product. For Paul this brand-rate level and quality. The brand name here is only a euphemism for price, but perhaps Paul is a fan sectarian NNN-super-puper brand. Basil in the same conversation wants to be a member of Peter and Paul.

Manager at home

There are owners of companies with a combined turnover, managers are not prepared to buy things really expensive (like a football club "Chelsea"), but can choose things luxurious. Because the budget is limited, they formed a system of preferences, depending on many factors : life priorities of spending, education, hobbies. Automobilist will never save for a car collector can travel by car simpler, but would not miss the opportunity to join a new collection of paintings. Sportsman mark in the Alps in the clothing of the latest fashion, although it is not built suburban home. Gurman generously pays for dinner with his wife in the most expensive restaurant, and the sum is greater than the value of his gift for a wedding anniversary. Mobile phone bank clerk can be twice as expensive phone banker, but a young man gets only one. Traveler travels to the French Chateau and Spanish paradoram and back, intercepts tysyachu-druguyu euros from a friend. People stop to save themselves, they want to feel rich. So often pay for their apartments even a little more than can afford.

Less risk-averse than entrepreneurs, managers reliably provide their rear. Apartments simpler, but interior and furniture footprint (still have to take). Secondary homes less, but look and comfortable. This category of buyers prestigious companies more tied to their favorite things, unlike priveredlivyh new rich who can completely change the style and atmosphere of his home. Manager carefully selects thing to the interior, he is a staunch defender of their choice and the best advocate for your favorite brand. He is educated and attract the buyer, carefully tournament obezdivshy Europe and vysmotrevshy what really liked him. He drew attention to the public (as opposed to 19th, and the capitalist oligarchs, which focus exclusively on), so he is not doing analysis and thoughtless choice. And by choosing willing to pay for it. Indeed, managers had already earned enough to buy expensive things. And ready to take loans to buy luxury items. Indeed, a good manager, as opposed to owner may not collapse. Even in the event of loss of high professional much easier to find a new location, as a bankrupt businessman arrange for a new source of income.

Senior managers of major companies are accustomed to a good standard of living. And want them to the house was all in accordance with their aspirations, rather than simply "no worse than others". Indeed, the owner of the company feels to work at home. A manager who was forced to work for someone else's uncle, but wants to feel like home ownership. And get a life of pleasure that he had earned.

Why pay more? First and foremost is a conscious choice. If the corner is the same fixture in your living room is about a third cheaper, it really does, (assuming that all other components of the same purchase, such as Service). But if you want it is a sofa, so that you it had long hoped, and the phone number is like no worse and much cheaper? And suppose (different people, anything can happen), pocket money that you do not burn and you do not have tasks as soon as possible to get rid of as many currency, as parents leave children's affairs has long been an increased child.

With this wish, but inevitable and luxury items will show around his thick wallet? Many thirst for luxury, in many ways, with some gray and a litany of childhood and adolescence during Soviet rule. Desire, and then compensate nedokuplennoe nedozhitoe in comfort parents grows to be in the best way, luxurious. And now, because I can afford it. The growing needs expand, a study of peace and understanding their place in it. And it appears that during dinner with the business of the neighbouring country ordered an expensive wine from a desire not to "strike shikanut", but because "we always buy it" (this is true), and "we can save at fault, that somehow indecent" (Finns in horror bent over calculators). Most importantly, in the pursuit of luxury does have a unique style. The ability to express themselves through things, its terms, their knowledge, their tastes and their values.

Big or small bed? Library or transparent book its place, which has two vases? Huge oven with a capacity of about hundreds of skeletons, or a buffet with "antique" kapustinskim service? What do you close? Chippendeyl or Louis Sixteenth? Bidermayer or famous?

So what, you say, tile better?

Author : Daniel Alexandrov
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