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Environmental style

In any sphere of human activity that involves no mechanical and artistic relevance, they want to find a "trick" to be shown : Yes, indeed, the man and his house-ekstraordinarny even now that seems to impress the most sophisticated public incredible flight designer thought impossible. In the late 20th century, people feeling aggravated nature. Charter deal with environmental problems (and not only in Russia-man issue of poverty, there is wealth of : the better lives, the more waste it leaves), some citizens have decided to establish an advanced own, "clean" peace in the home, freeing them from any himiko-fizicheskogo debris. And breathe a full chest.

The environmental-style interior began when it was time to record in the Red Book of individual species of flora and fauna, and the whole of nature entirely. The design, created not by man but by nature is what ekostil values. Frankly natural materials, comfortable warm color palette, sand and cows, simple and cozy furniture from the modest wood with expressive lines on the games spile board grubovato-lnyanoy textile, yarn lyubuyuschiysya hump, woven into gunny is what is exquisite simplicity of the interior environmental style. People living in the interior, have become calmer, kinder and they begin to see the beauty of the most ordinary things, because they are close man by nature, neagressivny and Romantic. And environmental interior can teach sincerity : it is not material and that pretending something (plastic-stone veneer, natural oak, komodik from a nearby shop-ntikvariatom). A TV or computer normally coexist in one room with carved th Babushkin sunduchkom. After all, nature is always so : past, present and future well go well together.

Зов природы

In houses built on the principle ekostilya, spacious and light. Here, little furniture, clothes and utensils hiding in niches and kids cabinets. Style leaves home owners great free space for creativity and the ability to fill a variety of house plants. "It is expanding" rather than "fill". Nothing in the interior can be minor, unimportant. Every element is decorative as well as constructive, important in its own way, but it has been chosen with love. At first glance bednovat style. But it is only at first glance. Environmental style requires a creator of sufficient wealth (which is not only spiritual), to pay for the pregnancy. Furniture and home accessories to eco-style found predominantly in the most expensive shops, where the products are renowned design firms.

Latest furniture exhibitions displayed at its podium is not some furniture and accessories, they represent a lifestyle. Everything in the house-from teaspoon to the sofa, is a soul-soul, family man. Clothes for furniture and windows white and beige dominate, holschovo-serye. They "flourish" bouquets and fruit trees. Stylized flower ornaments remain conservative classics lovers, and small-tsvetochek loyal fans "Country". Fine design fabrics blend in beautifully with asketichnymi forms of furniture done in a very bright or very dark wood. The fashion bleached poplar and dark wenge with its beautiful texture. Now even bowls and bathtubs made of wood, they complement cabinets, pigtail from what can be thousands. Dining tables decorated with lyrical dishes simple forms of green glass and white clay, wicker boxes of fruit and wooden castor, in napkins and tablecloths with lace and homespun elements reshele rukotvornost is obvious.

Here reasonably recall the famous words of Coco Shanel that fashion and style is eternal. Moreover, if the style is dictated by nature.

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