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In any classical interior, in the form of the sumptuous baroque, or strict and clear lines of classicism, fail to appear excellent decorative elements. Earlier raised decoration done manually, and its aesthetic quality, uniqueness, plastic depended only on taste and professionalism wizard. For decorative use soft stone or plaster and alabaster.

In a modern design to create the visual effect to be impossible without decoration. But stucco decorations, columns, architecture, master, brackets, etc. fewer manufactured today of the classic material. Time gave manufacturers and designers of new materials : polystyrene foam and polyurethane (PU), glass and steklokompozit. Through these materials may super-precise copy best decoration of past centuries, as well as create new art forms. The quality of the product is not dependent on the skill of the craftsman, but only on the technology and quality of the materials, that is, Today a decoration put on an industrial scale. And, therefore, these elements have become more accessible in price, their use is not restricted to the elite palace interior decorations.

Compared to the price of plaster stucco classic and modern, such as polyurethane, the quality of the latter is close to the price performance of gypsum. But at the same time, the cost of installing plaster is virtually 100% of the cost of material, while polyurethane products are only 30-40%. The modern materials do not require any further treatment.

Note also that in addition to the aesthetic qualities of stucco decorations are also very functional : cornices, for example, are often used today for the installation of hidden lighting, various decorative details and profiles, to cloud the positive elements.

The decor of modern materials indistinguishable from the classic mould of visual material virtually impossible. But its elements easier, and at the same time, the same strong and solid, not yellowish over time, not deformed, they are not cracked, they simply mounted using the same tools that are used when working with wood.

Decorative elements can be painted. For example, the stucco of the same profile can be left white-on the walls, apply bronze color tinting on the door and under a tree in the furniture. It may also create various effects of ageing, rubbing, etc. Care products from modern materials very simple - they can be washed.

Modern excellent decorative elements leading distinguishes clear terrain, tonkoprorabotannye details and the exact size, which makes it easy to mount them. Installation is done on a dry and flat surface by bonding. very easily, which makes data products from parts of the plaster, wood, etc.

As mentioned above, for the manufacture of polyurethane decorative apply high-density polyurethane, and polystyrene.

Polyurethane compounds produced by chemicals that react with a gas (a foaming material, it is also referred to as polyurethane foam). The polyurethane decoration done by pressing forms.

Products can be used for both internal and external decoration, which is specified in the technical documentation for products.

Quality decorative largely depends on the material forms in which it otlivaetsya. Currently, the most common metal (of alloy steel or aluminium) or silicone forms. Metal forms more expensive (and therefore more expensive products), but they can be emulated decorations for a long time in large quantities to preserve their precise geometry.

The surface of the polyurethane decoration can be either laminated or primed. Laminate (thin film) slightly mitigated the terrain and used only indoors. You can paint chemically inactive paint. Primed same stucco more expensive and durable, it can be painted any color.

Products from polystyrene (decorative trim, moldings, etc.) are made by extruding (elongation) products from molten mass. This technology provides a fully automated continuous production of high quality, flexible and affordable materials for interior design.

The last novel in 2002 was a universal set of combined ceiling boards made of polystyrene, submitted by Belgian company NMC S.

More cheap cappings and outlet of polystyrene manufactured by foaming. The surface of such products usually Flesh and fuzzy image that is particularly noticeable after dyeing of elements. The range of products

Moldings have broad application. They can be used to decorate ceilings and furniture finishing, as well as frames for mirrors and cartridges. They can be constructed and in a flexible manner.

Gladkikh and stucco cornices revive walls, ceilings and give the finishing touches to a room. Often they apply to the use slack and Ceiling.

Cornices apply not only to decorate connections between the wall and ceiling, but also to hide the site of attachment curtains.

Issued as cornices and concealed lighting. They create the effect of 'wastes' ceiling, visually raise it. The curtain attached to the wall of the ceiling did not reach him at a distance 15 cm Band lights located inside cornice. On overheating cornices protected from the inside layer of foil.

Flexible cornices and moldings of flexible polyurethane or rubber to make modern curvilinear space.

Wall fixtures fit well in any interior. The material from which they are made, you can use bulb up to 60 W or halogen lamps up to 150 watts.

The wall decorations used medallions-smooth, in the vignette, cartridges or with a floral decoration inside. And oak, which are mounted under the cornices at the top of the walls.

Using framing and framing arched doorways, it is interesting to formalize doors, bookshelves, niches, and more.

Combining overhead panels and mouldings can be classic image most ordinary doors and walls.

Mounted in a wall niche and frames offered for sale separately, but they can be combined according to their own design. In light of their bottom place mat made of white Plexiglas, which is set fixture (maximum of 60 W).

Most models ceiling outlets, in the market, is an accurate reproduction of old samples. More recently, they are increasingly being used in conjunction with electric lighting for the medallion in the center for over-hole Electric.

Dome used to decorate the ceiling area, it often graffiti. Inside you can hang the fixture.

Besides decorative most companies working with the elements of decor, and offer such details as decoration, as a convoy, architecture, master and brackets.

Columns come in the form of halves of the plane of the wall, and fully-to install separately. They usually are made hollow designed in different styles - Ionic, Doric, korinfskom, Tuscan. Elements of columns (capitals, beams columns, base) delivered separately and can be manned at their discretion. Assembled model columns can apply for facilities with any height.

The material for the manufacture of support columns are reinforced fiberglass. They vlagoustoychivy, slightly coloured.

Despite its vast size, the interior can be easily transported and installed by one person.

Most convoys come as a decorative element (plumbing). But also developed and model, which is designed to withstand high loads (see technical information producer). There are also technology to increase the carrying capacity of the column.

Master and brackets are for decorative vases, statues, candlesticks and other accessories. Brackets can be used book shelves and a fireplace, windowsills, etc. They can be fastened as angular elements in the portals of doorways, in the attachment of the walls and ceiling.

Facade elements, window sills, frame profiles, facades, and the outlet cap of polyurethane for decorating facades on the same principle. Mounting mould

Before installation, decorative details of polyurethane be conditioned for several days in the same temperaturno-vlazhnostnyh conditions (in other words, in the same room), in which they will operate. For products made of polystyrene none was necessary.

Unlike complex technology installation and wooden decor plaster, stucco polyurethane and polystyrene simply attach. Most companies producing plastic decor, offer special adhesives products to connect with one another, filling gaps and to stick with decorating walls and the ceiling. Besides adhesives leading firms have a range of tools and kits that allow precise and accurate saw products for angles of any complexity. To better balance on the wall profiles of polyurethane to the decision of pins which are fitted with special openings at the ends of profiles.

Colouring mould to the full drying glue. It should be borne in mind that polyurethane can be painted any color, while polystyrene come only water-based paint. Manufacturers

The company, established in the 1950s of the last century in Belgium technology manufacturing decorative elements of the polymers were NMC S. (polystyrene, polyurethane) and OracDecor (polyurethane). They are now the main suppliers and 'fashion legislators' plastic decoration in the world.

More recently, products have to make polyurethane in Southeast Asia (Gaudi Decor, Malaysia), USA (FYPON), and the manufacture of polystyrene firms engaged in Germany and Poland.

Among domestic manufacturers are the company 'EVROPLAST'.

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