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Interiors for a family with a child

What can show to parents than to watch developments as their kids? My son, eight-slider "experience" - has already made the first steps. And each time with the joy comes some concern : whether nearby risk? Sockets, wires, doors, lockers, which are so easy to pinch your child Tzibulya gentle, and many other everyday items for adults are somewhat frightening to parents if a child in the house. Fortunately, today makes room "sterile", leaving only child in bed, a rug and toys. Just take excellent "assistants" to make every corner of your house safe for crumbs-researcher.

Space Constraints

Интерьер для семьи с ребенком

There are those who believe that the baby needed complete freedom of movement and the whole apartment is turning into a game room. Other parents, however, preferred to dictate an individual, personalized place where he could "divide and rule", and turn it into an island of security. But those and other permanently or occasionally there is a need to limit the area in which the child moves. The task excellent job and our parents, constructing barriers from local funds, chairs, pillows and blackboards. But such barricades are unlikely to be entirely safe. In addition, cost them appear in the child, as the word "interior" could even forget.

Fortunately, the majority of producers of goods for children offers parents a lot приспособлений-ограничителей. Most are in the course gates, which are set in doors or across the room, like zaborchika. Attached to a wall, they can be opened and closed when there is a need. Incidentally, with regard to retention, not drill holes in the walls and doors. There is a gate, which is mounted on the supports, like the curtains in the bathroom. This option would cost more expensive, but can be easily moved and the gates zaborchiki throughout the apartment. The ogorodit any space and do not drill holes especially to those who are renting apartments. The materials, colors, shape grills are many and varied : from metal, painted in any color suits you, and wooden gates with nice threads. So be sure : the design of such "flat" assistants will benefit!

The shopping can go to Mothercare, where gates are from 1400 (in the loop) until 2300 (on the supports) rubles, or at IKEA, where an additional section would cost about $ 2,000 rubles. Doing purchase specify whether there were any additional sections (they need to expand limiter) in value. For example, in addition to Mothercare pay about 350 rubles.

Cherish our fingertips

Интерьер для семьи с ребенком

Often, the young mother can be heard stories about prischemlennom fingers in a multitude of options. Because special fixtures for a variety of furniture are so popular. Even if little fingers remain intact, it could get to dangerous objects lying in a cupboard or refrigerator that is not desirable. Here come to the aid of such devices, such as :

  • braces for boxes and cabinets doors. Present room without a cabinet or chest of drawers impossible. Please be assured restless baby necessarily interested in their content. Do not wait for this moment. It is better to prevent special labelling tabs. Conveniently all the universal elements, suitable for doors, and for the extended box. The average cost of such devices is 150 roubles. Separately, it makes sense to buy braces for double cabinets.
  • braces for windows very similar to the tabs for cabinets. Handy if your apartment fitted plastic offered in different directions.
  • The brackets at the outlet, probably are the most popular "protectors", since, reflecting on security at home, parents especially remembers the outlet.
  • locks for storage attached to lipuchkah and help mom feel more comfortable in the kitchen : Baby will not be able to open the refrigerator and roll into sudochki by eating mud banks with jam. In Mothercare can find GALERIJA for 160 rubles.
However, the need to buy separate models tabs on each type of furniture offered. There is a universal model, which is ideally suited to the refrigerator, folding doors, etc., but their price is several times greater than the value of "specialized" (150 rubles. At IKEA, and 200 in Mothercare per unit).

The most dangerous

Интерьер для семьи с ребенком

Whatever happens heart great joy out cabinets and windows, almost every house has sites that pose a much greater danger to the baby. The thing that they do, fireplaces, mirrored surfaces, stairs, and set the tone for the whole interior. But there are magic, easy to use things that can protect children from unwanted injuries and to maintain the special charm that extends your home.

Often grandmothers advised young mothers wrap corners foam furniture or towels. Modern response unreliable way to negate all the efforts to create an atmosphere of comfort, special-lining at corners, in the range from almost any "child" brand at a price of 130 rubles. for a set of 6 to 12 pieces. Doors with glass inserts, windows, tables with a wall of glass and windows can be obkleit protective film. Even if a small swing destroying glass, the pieces remain in the film and will not affect baby.

Significantly ease the lives of parents and anti-violence to cover (about the price of 150 rubles.) . Scope of application, stairs and rooms with stopping the floores. In the kitchen, they are indispensable, especially around the table : slipping, dictate tablecloths can grasp and pull it themselves with the task of dishes on the table.

Another thing to the kitchen, which many mothers and fathers feel indispensable, it screens for the slab (steel or glass cost about 400 rubles.) . They deny access to the pans, pots and hob. That is an inquisitive explorer better believe parents on the floor : oven-dangerous place. The same function is performed and protective grills for the fireplace. On the other hand, they can be an excellent design element, especially when decorated with whimsical in old-bashing.

Author : Maria Petrus
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