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Feng Shui in the home interior

Much is being said about Feng Shui. What is that? On the one hand, the science accommodation space. And, like any other science, it has its intricacies and laws. On the other hand, the magic of space that we face every day. It is essentially a hunch and your inner wisdom. But first and foremost, Feng Shui is still art.

The art of Feng Shui

Feng Shui explains the meaning of the dialogue that takes place every day between us and our home. While architecture and interior design relate to, Feng Shui focuses on how people perceive the environment in which they live. A harmonious environment makes life much more joyful, this assumption is the basis of art Feng Shui. They were born thousands of years ago in ancient China, but the truth remains the main attraction in any cultural tradition today. The Chinese word "stand" and "expansion" means "wind" and "water".

The essence of our interactions with them, it is loose translation Chinese proverb "As the top, the bottom." Feng Shui defines living conditions, we have a positive effect. According to traditional teachings, the situation tells us a story, and if we change the elements of the environment, it can mean life or death for this story.

We can control their own destiny by creating or altering habitat. As demonstrated the principles of Feng Shui and to help streamline our information about the world and organize it to be in harmony with the environment.

There are two schools of traditional Feng Shui-formal and compass, and a modern-pyramid. This latest period of Feng Shui, recognizing the universality of the art and enriching its modern discoveries in the fields of biology, psychology, architecture and urban planning. The school takes into account the changed conditions of life than ancient China. And now it is most prevalent.

Elements of art

So, in the heart of this exercise? Feng Shui is based on the three philosophical principle. The concept of Dao, in-yan and agencies is an integral part of Chinese culture.

We are closely linked with the outside world, and our lives can not be separated from the life forces around us

Dao is the path to unification. That word can be translated as the way. We are closely linked with the outside world, and our lives can not be separated from the life forces around us. Every part of life is dependent on other parts, creating a whole, even if we are not aware of this. When one is declining, there has been a failure throughout the system. Loss of connection makes our lives more flawed. How can we apply the concept of Dao to people's houses? Try to combine external to internal. Do you have plants, pictures or simply color schemes similar to the yard or garden around the house? Does your house feeling between floors or separate rooms? Color, style or type of environment works of art may be a thread linking parts of the house. When nature, people and their preferences are in a confined space, isolated from the whole, this is a sign of impending catastrophe.

Providing threads each family member in the overall picture of the house-compulsory element of Dufu home. Citizens seldom have a strong relationship with nature. However, people living in an environment of artificial landscapes, too, can achieve harmony. Dao means to stay strong links with the outside world. Do you live in the city, the suburbs or in rural areas, its deep sense of the situation in the house and around it to bring you a sense of deep satisfaction.

In-yan-achieving balance. They represent the two extremes-active and passive, male and the female. Unlike Western opposites, struggling with each other, they are complementary opposites. What can we say about the relationship in-yan relation to Feng Shui? The center characterize dark colors, subdued light, curved lines and low furniture with soft cushions, comfort and coolness. Energy yang is in light and bright colors and light flows freely lyuschihsya, loud sounds and noises.

For creativity and dynamic thinking your room, you may need more yang (active energy), which represents (passive). The bedroom is a perfect example of room, which should be geared towards the center. But in the bedroom we need a sense of comfort, reliability and safety. If the imbalance in a room, you feel out of place, add missing elements. The Cabinet can be bright light, use chairs, high back, finishing in the use of dense tissue or fabric with vertical stripes. Add to be through movement and sound, like tikayuschih hours or desktop toys. And in the bedroom, on the other hand, use less power lights, close the site by parsley pot of plants, as reduce noise, nabrosayte extra pillows and buy soft cozy blankets.

The third component of an agency-vitality. It should go home freely, comfortably and with dignity. It should not be to experience impediments or balloons. If the road to the main functions of the premises locked, your task is to remove the obstacles. If you have protiskivatsya between subjects, in order to sit down or leave the conference table, then be free agency, sliding out of the way of furniture. Give the agency enough room in the house, you will be rewarded by a sense of dignity, enthusiasm and confidence. A blank wall immediately in front of the doors can stop agencies, and claimed the agency staircase from the main living quarters. The distribution can affect the configuration of rooms and corridors and even the location of the individual items on the table.

Only agencies can change the essence of all things - from a home to the design of the decorative tray. If you come to the conclusion that your house is not enough energy agency, the release may be getting rid of redundant facilities furniture, labelling several items that are sensitive to air movement (such as kolokolchiki wind), providing access to daylight in the room. Blocked the way agencies closed doors and walls, dark rooms, lack of heat and discomfort in the room.

Author : Anastasia Frolov
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