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Cloakroom for modnikov

Гардероб для модников

The French word "wardrobe" literally translates as "store clothes". In ancient wardrobe regarded as a huge chest of clothing, otpravlyayuscheysya together with the owner to follow. In the courtyard of the French kings wardrobe has been renamed and komnaty-hranilischa, and a state court in clothing king.

Usually cloakroom was uveshana mirrors, toilet tables everywhere were innumerable bottles. The room resembled least storehouse for clothes. It was a mixture of buduarom rooms and the living room. There can be a close friend or put marafet.

Modern cloakroom

Today, old traditions wardrobe suddenly burst into modern life. Even small apartments can be built premises to store things, and it does not necessarily entail a high cost. For example, you can put a high wall in bedside beds. Room certainly lose some of its "visible" space. But given that this should not make big double bed, the loss is negligible. Incidentally, this wall can be colored, finding harmony with the overall tone color room, or, alternatively, make it erratic. Then it will be a bright spot in interior decoration. If space allows flat course, a better room to store clothing. Psychologists believe that the room raises helps focus and even regain mental equilibrium. They are advised to split them into men's and women's half.


In terms of design shelving in the cloakroom, a modern producer of mono-dominated, white lacquer, frosted glass, translucent glass, surrounded by thin wooden frame. Wall should be beautiful and light, but strong and durable because otkryvayut-zakryvayut them quite often.


The new equipment robing room can be made for any taste. For example, there can be containers for household goods, children's toys, shoes and other accessories to make optimal use of every square meter. Generally, the look of the interior of the robing room depends on your habits. Most importantly, all neatly spread in its place, putting on cabinets. Boxes, hooks, coat racks in the cloakroom to be as much as things will keep you there. Add to, and, even better, otrepetiruyte in a place where are shawls, shoes. Where to hang daily, and where evening dresses with ties and trousers, which will "hide" voluminous winter clothes, furs.



Strategically aligning all things, you make a routine exercise of dress in everyday pleasure. Additional comfort and even provide comfort in the direction rack system miniature spotlights. Details discover all things, the right choice of a combination, as well as objectively see your reflection in the mirror will halogen lamps or fluorescent lights (fluorescent). The light bulbs from other color distortion, and sometimes simply violate color balance. Therefore, the garments that looked at in a cloakroom, it seemed perfectly suited to each other in normal daylight can be quite nesochetaemoy. The spacious cloakroom can find a place for ironing, and for sports simulators.

The cloakroom is not haphazard fashion tribute, not a luxury, but a very useful and even necessary space in any apartment. It removes pain from seeking necessary item, a way to keep clothes neatly. With the possibility of looking around your entire wardrobe, you can accurately determine which items or accessory lack of a well. Designers say that now, thanks to modern technology, the possibility of having a cloakroom not only from owners of large buildings, but also to the owners of a small apartment.

Author : Polina Tesler
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