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It goes without saying that, regardless of the interior style you prefer, space and clarity are scouring every home. But this is easier said than done. Life continues, things have cropped with terrifying speed, raspolzayas in the corners and recesses shelves. And to hold them in a manner not komkat not remember, "utrambovyvaya", but not Ferret in multiple reservoirs should be allocated to store clothing special room. How do I do that? In small apartments to come through doors, and spacious housing owners can afford cloakroom. The most common size-square 6-8. m; cloakroom for a compact enough space in square 4. m, it is most commonly sought in the former chulanchika or pantry.

This can be a separate room, where you can keep things the whole family-parents and children. Or you can make a separate cloakroom room for parents alongside it with the bedroom, a room next to the child to make room for children's clothing.

If the owners can allocate to the room full room, the options are endless rehabilitation. In most cases cloakroom is located next to the bedroom or bathroom. Men's cloakroom often found outside of the office, and women closer to the bedroom. If your apartment minimum, it could be taken under the cloakroom created any angle or unused space. The wardrobe can be anywhere : the entrance hall and kitchen, the kitchen and living room, bedroom and between the child, even near the bathroom.

But even a small cloakroom psychologists advised divided into male and female parts.

Hostel good that, thanks to embedded system design allows for the use of 100% of any space any architectural complexity with inaccessible to the cabinet furniture corners, niches, walls, ceilings. Depending on the design of the wardrobe divided into two main types. In the first case, the frame-metal rods, which fits all nachinka are being held Raspor between the floor and ceiling. The design easily fits in any room configuration, if necessary knowledge and easily transported from place to place. The second option is the path of expansion classic wardrobe cabinet : along the wall shelving system is being installed and mini-komodov or wall with their belts and relingami shelves.

The doors are usually set when cloakroom is a separate enclosed space. If cloakroom just otgorazhivaetsya in an existing facility, set walls. But in any case, you must consider the appearance of a cloakroom and withstand it in a style that it harmoniously into the interior of the house as a whole. In the design of doors and walls, among the components of modern models of mono-dominated, white lacquer, frosted glass, handles "handed" design, surrounded by thin wooden frame translucent glass, etc. But other than aesthetic characteristics, we must be aware of the importance of quality, all the details must be stable and long-lasting, because they are often exploited.

Complete set

As a cloakroom so that we can get rid of the constant shifting of things to find a plan for its size, select the necessary components and parts it needs to be filled with special care. Organize space so that those things that you use most frequently, always at hand, and less popular, that you use from time to time, and can accommodate more remote locations. The number of shelves, boxes, hooks and coat racks should reflect the amount of things you want to keep, otherwise avoid zahlamle-tsiya. Consider carefully where you place a small objects (for example, handkerchiefs), shoes, which put up night and day dresses, ties and trousers, which put a big winter clothes, furs. If possible here to make room for unused mattresses, pillows and other bedding.

Standard equipped interior wardrobe, usually includes a sliding mesh basket on simple and roller skids, boom boxes, built on individual dimensions. Traditional components are complemented drawer accessories to a qualitatively new level : Section for trousers, ties to the bracket, regiment, according to the cell number to their underwear, small items of clothing, knitwear platform for storage (the bottom of the shelf Made of aluminum mesh that allows things to breathe). Even lift-podemnik to delete highly placed rack with things you directly in the hands of, and containers on wheels. To keep things from the moth, in cabinets used box of cedar, sappy aroma which discourages not only those insects, but wood bugs and other "wild".

Finishing cloakroom

Cloakroom is one of the most intimate space in an apartment : outsiders here, as a rule, do not enter. And so, at first glance, to care for its aesthetics of the enclosure is not necessarily. But this view is wrong because you cloakroom is one of the most visited rooms of your house. This room should reduce Neurotic voltage and offer a "zone of discharge, which can reflect calmly and dream to own things, to devote themselves a few minutes. Psychologists, for example, believe that the room is mobilizing, and even helped focus their peace of mind.

In finishing modern wardrobe room used as an array of wood, and laminate, natural veneer, frosted glass, black figure, colored glass, mirrors, plastic, glass, fabric. There are also some original solutions, such cloakroom, the construction of which is almost entirely made of glass elements cloakroom with transparent facade and the special night illumination.

In the room is well placed-out ironing board, make clothing and blankets for someone special to get to the top "floor". Often many caregivers prefer to move here from the bedroom mirror, which can be installed at joints; Here is indeed soft and comfortable beds. The comfortable room is not only clothing store, but to change clothes, choosing not rushed to the handbag or dress in red shirt. Note that in a large room cloakroom ratio private and public surfaces to be approximately 50x50-then it will look brighter and hearty. If cloakroom modest size, it will have an open shallow shelves. Not satisfied Board of shelves, far exceeding the necessary observations, psychologists, the fewer shelves and coat racks, and the more room, the less willingness to spend money on unnecessary things.

Cloakroom is not a passing fad, and not only a sign of respectability.

Pros cloakroom

And just think-what the pros will give you even a tiny room reserved for cloakroom.

First, a cloakroom let you get rid of anger, which is always long to find the right things.

Secondly, that you can get rid of bulky cabinets and more organized structure space, which, in turn, increases the usability of housing, saves your time and money.

Third, properly housed clothing and shoes do not lose form, and pulled out less mnutsya, slowly wears (studies have shown that the lifetime of belongings stored in the robing room at 15-20% higher than those stored in conventional ovens). The key is to properly plan and build the space.


If space allows flat, the robing room is not a problem, we only need to consider its optimal location and "from a". And if the apartment is small?

Mini-garderobnuyu could organize even a small bedroom, with separate rooms for storing things. And it does not necessarily have high Square. For example, you can put a high wall in bedside beds. Of course, room to lose part of its "visible" space, but given that so you have spared themselves from the installation of the bedroom closet for bulky clothing in a loss will be small.

The partition can be colored, but the color should be in harmony with the overall color of bedrooms or, alternatively, be contrasting in this case bulkhead will be a good spot for interior decoration. The partitions can be used mobile screens on rollers, a thin frame of metal, which preceded translucent fabric. It can be wall of opaque glass in a wooden frame, a bulkhead itself will serve as interior decorations.

The components for a "related" cloakroom come mobile lightweight metal racks on rollers, their mobility will provide a means of making them, or, alternatively, move to a more compact design. Another option : Attach to the wall metal rails, and they naveste shelves, racks, sliding baskets, etc. in any combination best for you. Various types of now shelving and coat racks for clothes to find the most suitable option, corresponding to an adequate size and cost. The undeniable merit equipment wardrobe include ease of assembly, the possibility of changing the location and height of shelves, baskets, pole to move furniture, etc.


Another important detail is a cloakroom door.

They can be raspahivayuschimisya, sliding, "harmonica", but all these types offered one general requirement : first, they must be easy to use in your room. For raspahivayuschiesya doors are much space, so little space preferable sliding (back to the wall or moving within the aperture), but require a more complex installation.

Inner walls

In terms of interior decoration walls robing room, then there is no strict rules-it all depends on your tastes and habits. In this case, required no special training : according to your liking walls can be painted, coated or laminated glass tiles.


Coverage of this part of your home must be sufficiently clear. One of the great strengths robing room is a box, as compiled clothing better with normal artificial lighting-often played us dirty joke, distorting the color and preventing assess make or color of clothing. It is better if this room will be natural and artificial lighting.

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