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Interior room

Гостиная Hall can rightly be called "heart" at home, because it is on holiday and take guests. Unlike bedrooms and Cabinet in place that according to the tastes of one or two owners, its interior must be considered taking into account the views of all family members. This is the main problem. Under one roof are often people with different interests and tastes, so subject to the living room, without compromising the integrity of the entire composition, and so it was all easy and comfortable, is no easy task. On the one hand, requires patience and meticulous, and on the other, creativity.

In living rooms, especially the multiple, often do not have enough space. Therefore, in advance a list of all the work to be done in this room, and look forward to possible changes that might occur in the home.

There is no need to rush to buy furniture or moved already. First, in a detailed plan for the living room, following a scale are the following dimensions : height and length of walls, arches and windows. Then cut from colored cardboard mock-ups of furniture move on the plan, which will help to choose the best location of all. In this fascinating session will be open to participation by all family members, including children, it brings nothing better than working together.

Of particular comfort to the living room fireplace. If it is not possible to establish this, it is fitting artificial. Modern Electric fireplaces have a great variety of models, it is absolutely safe, aesthetic and easy to treatment. Apart from the purely decorative, they can serve as heating, the temperature can be easily regulate themselves. Fireplace immediately attracts attention. He becomes the focal point of composition and groups around the remaining items.

The dominant object in the processing room-box. He quickly wear and bad, therefore, must be made of the most durable materials in order to avoid rebuilds for the future. However, keep in mind that bold and vivid picture stifles floor, and too bright tone impractical. If the room has multiple functions, combines a quiet room to room and dining room, the bottom and made of different materials will be an excellent field of zoning. For example, in the center of the room, at the podium, it can reach volleyball (sofa, several chairs and coffee table), -stolovaya below, and a small rise somewhere in the corner mini-kabinet. As for floor coverings, a dining area, which should be easily removed, is a tree or polivinolohlorid, cork and linoleum. Separating it from recreational areas using vertical blinds, doors are easier and take less space. Another option is fashionable bar next, which not only shares a room in the zone, but is purely functional. The bar can be electric kettle, turkey and other appliances to cut without leaving the living room. It can get a little refrigerator with personal bar, and on the back of the small equip its place to store utensils.

The ceiling as part of the decoration often painted white. The shops offer a variety of decorative elements for the ceiling, stucco, sockets. But they are all visually reduce the height of the room, especially when the color of the ceiling coincides with a color box. If you "lifted the roof" should be the ceiling onto the same shade as the walls, but lighten the tone or send light up with a floor or wall fixtures. You can also hide the lamp for curtain walls and arches, with their high around the entire perimeter of the room.

Гостиная To cap room did not seem too high, the better to hide from the light. If, however, preferred pendant lamps, choose such a level easily accessible.

For optimal lighting room come several types of lighting. In places where the family spends most of the time, a total coverage of the ceiling or wall fixtures, as well as lighting, which are table lamps and floor. If the low ceiling in the living room, to choose lighting or wall assembly, which is not recommended mounted close to the ceiling, not to be baffled by heat.

A large number of decorations, paintings on the walls and all kinds of bric make room below and visually attractive. But the picture should not hang below the eye standing rights, and the most well-winning accessories for light stain. In choosing decorative items for the living room not forget the style in which it was implemented. Of course, you can turn the room into a museum, and it will be interesting, but if it was translated it more and more objects of a kind kunstkamery become a graveyard of all things. Even if you suddenly collector or traveller, we can not forget that, the room should be a clear space, allowing the move without risking further divide the ancient amphora.

The living room can be a place for working mini-kabineta. The best place to install the Cabinet, sitting as irregularly shaped, as well as protuberances or indentations. Purely psychological sense of insulation can be achieved by placing a desk so that sit behind the back to the main room. The wall between the working area and a leisure use shelving height of half the height of the room. Do not overload their subjects. The living room area visually the same, but racks will be completely separate space. For the same purposes fitting folding screen, which can always be removed and re-integrate functional areas rooms.

If the room is a bedroom, it should be subject to its maximum mobile furniture. It must be either very easy or with special rollers to move. Incidentally, it is very convenient modern beds, as they are easy to fold elastic cushion. The built-in furniture-another option for multi-room accommodation. Its use has led to a room and a cloakroom. The closets should be well-lit, but particularly suitable lighting, which are lit at the time of opening the doors.

Combine with a child sitting only recommended first year of a child's life when he needed constant presence of parents. It dissociate baby bed cover or a rack, the soft scattered light in the event that he is afraid to sleep in the dark. However, this option does not fully relax neither child nor the mother.

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