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5 steps to trim your home

5 шагов к хай-теку в вашей квартире Many of the style seems too cold and empty. Others (especially young people) are its most fashionable and suitable for modern living. In any event, nothing prevents you give your strong Indian accents living. "" Write it more buyno-zelenyh plants in pots, arrange for a room products coloured glass… After all, you can always apply a few strips of paper fan and listening riffle "leaves", as Professor of Snaut lemovskogo "Solaris". The complex is to begin.

The easiest way to imagine a room designed in the style of India, is to remember the old fantastic films, the effect of which is to the space station or submarine. What you are likely to see there?

  • white walls with a lot of metal
  • silver sliding doors and ventilation pipes under the corrugated roof
  • assembled in the ceiling, walls and even in the field of light sources
  • furniture with light from chrome-plated metal and glass
  • glass and metal table on wheels
  • round okna-illyuminatory
  • circular or bright silver glitter sofas and chairs on metal legs
  • dishes strict geometrical shapes of metal and transparent steklav
  • Many technology wherever possible-only panel, Word, etc. tumblery

All of this could not have been better part of the modern high-tech "style". Some go further and restore the atmosphere at home, factory or warehouse facilities (if space allows). All of this is a fashionable word "industrial" and also applies to India. Rather, it initially appeared as interior times at the premises, and from there he moved to our apartment, "Itombwe" with a series of spectacular details, such as :

  • metal stairs,
  • naked concrete walls,
  • Open masonry,
  • plastic panels,
  • lighting on metal cages on a wall.

First step : releasing place

It does not matter whether you create your portal from scratch in a completely empty apartment or a repair to the old "den" where lived for many years.

Because if you want to call "Indian", you still have to not only get rid of old furniture, but most of the small things dear to you. It is not necessary that all of this release : a remarkable way - order white, the color of walls, sofa and simply delete all these things out of sight. Major same things - furniture, carpets, curtains, the best move to make or sell. Another option : not open to all Indian-style apartment (which, incidentally, is not required) and placed somewhere special komnatu-muzey where live esprit antique furniture and filled with relics of all times.

Second step : doing background

Decide what your room apartment you want to see in high-tech style. It is best suited for this purpose kitchen, bath, office and living room. To begin, your task is to create a "portal". All you do finishing materials such as painted, tiles : white, gray, with the effect of metal or silver finishes, modern synthetic materials (plastic panels, paint, wallpaper moyuschiesya, laminate, etc.) as well as slack or gypsum ceilings with integrated light and natural wood.

Third step : choosing furniture

The selection of furniture, on the one hand, limit your choice, on the other hand, give room for creativity.

To create a portal you will need as many white things, silver, gray, the color of wet asphalt, and to black. Never use furniture classics "- windows, wardrobes, slides, etc., furniture should be simple in form and structure, without decoration. If you do need cabinets and chests of drawers, it can only be made of metal or plastic. Gree glass tabletops, shelving of steel pipes and all that creates a sense of air. It is very important to be plastic chairs with colored seats (available in various colours). If possible, the furniture must be mobile.

In other words, you come to almost everything that is sold at the "office furniture, but solid desk items in the classical style (large leather chair, desk overwhelming array of oak, etc.). Another option-light wooden furniture in Scandinavian style (everything from simple screens, almost without finishing), which is perfectly matched with accessories of metal.

Step Four : buy equipment

India would not be India, if not foresee flat devices equipped with the latest technology.

If your arsenal if something is missing, look in the style of India is an excellent opportunity to correct the situation. Make sure that the kitchen was dishwasher and other embedded technology, newfangled ventilation, blinds automatic mechanism, a lot of kitchen appliances and harvesters. Replace all stainless steel pipe and leave them without painting. In the living room to the latest home theater with a huge screen and the ability to listen to any music formats. Some rooms can allocate to the computer corner, separating its shelves, full of equipment.

Step Five : stuff

However, for a style of technology is not fundamentally. More importantly, properly chosen accessories. This is particularly important for India because this style is nothing like accidental. Alien objects (for example, to a basket middle shining metal kitchen) is rather surprising exception, not the rule. In the rest of India in the same precise, and led his high technology :

  • odnotonnye light blinds or curtains role,
  • from the leather upholstery or dense tissue without drawing,
  • Dishes from opaque white or coloured glass (without pictures)
  • glass or metal objects utensils simple geometric forms (drum hemisphere, etc.)
  • on the walls is a modern image or black-and-white photographs (by the glass), or modern painting,
  • as a jewelry-installation of metal and glass.

Author : Marina Voronezhskaya
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