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House of the Rising Sun

Дом восходящего солнца

East was known to cause thin. Turkish same East-case so thin that vporu question : failed to disperse it in seams in the face of Russian "size"? In light of the growing interest in Japanese culture want to talk about the appropriateness of Japanese stilization in our homes.

Those who have visited, much less long lived in Japan, said that between our peoples is currently divide. Japanese are very different from other ideas and views on life in other relationships and the style of the agenda. And aesthetics of the interiors centuries born to the Japanese mentality. We can admire many of the design ideas Far East, but to carry them in our apartment should be very cautious.

Minimalism : open space and screen

Color them to be bright and terse (warm shades from white to light), natural materials and forms - is simple

If your head comes the idea to host the apartment of a Japanese living room without furniture, go for the start of the national Japanese restaurant. After three seats on pushing for low cushioned table you can soberly assess their capabilities, and at the same time reflect the strength of genetics that gave the Japanese special device bottom of the torso. In any case, sofa and normal height table are likely to be admitted into your mercy eastern vision. To those European "vestiges" not out from the style of color should be bright and terse (warm shades from white to light), natural materials and forms - is simple.

After that inevitably comes to the cabinet : the notion of Japanese interior either. Nevertheless, in the apparent absence in your planning for the traditional Japanese wall niches things need somewhere to store. Here to help you can reach already become accustomed Sliding doors today. If you apply to them the doors of white opaque glass with a thin binding of squares (with dark wood), you are quite achieve the desired colour. In support of the cabinet doors, you can install door instead mezhkomnatnoy resolved in the same design folding wall ( "く"), and the ensemble will be completed.

So, the Japanese housing is, first and foremost, a lot more space filled light and capable of transformation. Ideally, you should either have a very large room, or (if you have a standard apartment) free pair of walls. Do not worry, the wall when they need you to restore, at least at the time. Japanese are very fond of playing with space, using portable screens and sliding partitions. But please note : they also pose a trap for the Russian mentality. If the people of Japan and is itself thin screen (there was loud talk), we sometimes do not prevent double doors. So, before demolishing the wall for the sake of the Japanese exotic, you need to think 100 times.

Of course, this does not mean that you should do to prevent such a wonderful (and, incidentally, a very useful) detail, as a curtain. It can be an excellent change room visually and zonirovat space for each situation. Today, the Japanese prefer small screen of the strips and rice paper, and sometimes supplying light design its place.

Other rules : opaque cult of beauty

The main feature of Japanese aesthetics-shy, however nedoskazannaya ( "minimum" for the spent material) Beauty, which is literally all domestic appliances (in Japanese terms, this translates "Wabi," sibuy "and" yugen "). They have in the economy has a lot of moving (with abstruse for the Russian people) gizmos : some blyudechki, podstavochki, spatula, zakolochki, etc. All the same practical and decorative, another option is not given. This should erase, and no semblance of routine for us symmetry. Figures for the dish inside a "service" is not repeated, and this is not just ornaments, the pictures, graphic and fine.

Seriously enter the Japanese "Widgets" in their daily lives - exercise, not too good for the family, existing in the normal mode. His habit of "eyes" is alien to us, at least on a daily basis. But bear in shkafu-vitrine more elegant Japanese cups daily and occasionally enjoy their drink with the guests of Jasmine tea is a great way to demonstrate your own taste. Especially appreciated by the Japanese ancient objects in bloom time : potemnevshie, pozheltevshie at the edges, covered grid treschinok (or at least with effect Crackle). The precious "raid" they call the "usual" (rust), and in no case did not schischayut (also, incidentally, a controversial choice for all accustomed otdraivat Europeans).

Japanese accessories : smoke without fire

Executing a house in Japanese style, it is important to understand that, unlike other modes of decoration, this style requires total immersion "in order", and details are not otdelaeshsya. If you try to recreate the feeling of Japan destroyed by souvenir display on the walls, a collection of dubious netske dressed in kimonos puppet and poorly maintained copies bonsai tree, then nothing but joke in the Asian style, you fail. Turkish interior to be done from within, and not outside. It is not reluctant to buy into the entire range of Japanese shops, but rather as "open" space in your small home Japan (remove all doors "to the wall"), then give him described above screens and partitions (almost dark wood and rice paper) and then produmyvayte details. Let them be a little : one miniature table or varnished casket, a beautiful vase with ikebanoy, a traditional Japanese picture on the wall (it is better not bright), a few bamboo or straw mats on the floor, hanging on the front windows. The main characters in your same Japanese fairy tales should be light and air free of all the excess room. Believe : they become your home features Japanese minimalism without a razvesistyh Sakura, kimonos and sets for the land.

But there are a wand Russian food you did not make its guests : it is too tasty, and indeed, as we say-a large piece of mouth happy!

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