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How do interior warm and wonderful

Как сделать интерьер теплым и душевным

Life in the Metropolis keeps people under stress. The only place where we can hide from the relentless man-machine world is our own apartment.

Doctors and psychologists advised serious about home interior design, particularly in large cities. Concepts such as warmth, comfort and face-to-interior is not popular. The wealth of metal and machinery in the world around us a strong psychological tests and requires an adequate counterweight. Of course, like to buy in the store have succeeded, but some recipes a "warm" homes still exist.

Use the "emotional" materials

In finishing flat avoid synthetics. Walls can thaw (both figuratively and literally), a wooden panel or cork cover, but if this is your price-choose simple paper instead of fashionable vinyl wallpaper. For the atmosphere and create a rough white plaster (with the possible effect Crackle, imitate potreskavshuyusya clay), and gray slabs of natural stone (or brown - on-wood bark "). The field will be perfect Yesaul boards or unvarnisheda parquet stowed "deck". If you are accustomed to the textile field, predpochtite min natural sisal, wool carpets, mats.

Select interior styles "for the soul"

Some styles have a special interior psychological comfort and the ability to create an atmosphere of coziness and warmth. These include :

Environmental style

Экологический стиль

Formerly, any lake has been a model of what we today call the environmental style. In this same time ekostil in flat-sign taste, "advancement" and solid purse its owner. Razvesistye silks and velvets gone, replaced they have fabric, unbleached linen and sisal. Porcelain and replaced by a simple hollow ceramic circles without drawing. Fans of "style" natyurel confident that the "environmental" enhancements are particularly energy, and if you walk on the wooden boards, sit at the wooden table in a wooden chair, store food in a basket, lying on calfskin, rather than synthetic carpet is beneficial spillover effects on not only your body but also the soul.

Country style

This was somewhat similar to the environmental, but more dekorativen and, in fact, the stylization. It requires a special flavour : antique kitchen furniture (bars, chests of drawers, slides), wooden dining table with benches, open shelves, zastelennye lace napkins, cotton curtains in tsvetochek. Since most rustic comfort suited to the kitchen, the picture could add bunches of dried herbs, "spit" of onions or garlic, bundles of dried red pepper, and parsley beautifully razlozhenny to harvest on a long storage (squash, pumpkins, zucchini, apples, nuts, etc.).

1970s - with the world on string

Addiction elegance mixed varied each other styles went even from the British colonialists to a "cocktail" of two cultures have created a line called Colonial style. A emerged in the late 20th century, fashionable style hot Eclecticism made even more unconventional. Apartments in this style can be a "gift shop" brought in from around the edges. Here "get" all countries and continents : a Japanese curtain Chinese box seats, African masks, Turkish and Vietnamese Kalyan hat… All these items collected in a modern urban apartment, give her a sense of fulfilment.

Home hand-made : all in your hands

Домашний hand-made: все в ваших руках

Excellent and, in fact, very fashionable nowadays means "soul" flat-used in interior design various makeshift facilities. This can be manually embroidered pillows or towels, pictures or curtains in Technology "Battle", authors candles, hand written bouquets of suhotsvetov, etc. If you do not have the time or skills to do the traditional thing, you can borrow the beauty of wildlife. Bring forests of this tree with branches (or dry) and use that as a matter of design. Let the roots, trunks and entire koryagi "work" you hangers in the entryway, decorative vases, lamps. The main thing is that you can put a hand in their manufacture. Manual work so well and appreciated all over the world, which, unlike the trade name "stamping", it embodies the true energize wizard.

A breeze for any home

There are things that can be absolutely any interior face-even in the style of India. The key is not to be afraid Eclecticism and use them at least a "therapeutic" purposes. These things are true : home textiles, curtains, blankets, fabric pitchers (especially things from the natural and upholstery fabrics), woven products (cakes, zhalyuzi-tsinovki, rattan furniture), ceramic or wooden figures, as well as various gifts of nature (ivory and horn, shells, koryagi, swellings, etc.).

House-live collection

This house is a house, which is reflected in the interior lives of several generations, the house where things settle on the shelves, without asking the designer. This residential apartments differ from comfortable hotel rooms, which is why a small room in a hostel again be pleasant luxurious mansion. If you vselyaetes into a new apartment with "clean" Euro, not hurry exempt from the old "barahla". Retroveschitsy, family pictures, family trinkets, virtual chest of drawers and an old sewing machine, can all help you give cold house human warmth and spirit of your identity. If added to all this pet-fixed satellite home (especially those famous cats), the smell of cakes and spify very gracious hostess - portrait cosy home will be completed.

Author : Marina Voronezhskaya
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