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Дизайн и интерьер квартиры    Кабинет: ретро или современность? design and interior flat Cabinet : retro or modern?

Cabinet : retro or modern?


During the previous century, there was a house or apartment, one room of which has not been given by the owner or occupant of the Cabinet. The office worked uedinyalis for thought, read, take guests, throw literary. Then came a time of communal apartments and small-office and safely "disappeared" in the house, spontaneously occurring in the part of the living room, the bedroom part, if not in the kitchen or storehouse. Today flat again gradually take decent form, and many flat, planning living space, firmly determine a room of her apartment as a future cabinet.

Ideal picture

What we envisage the traditional home office? The massive table with press and nozhichkami to cut pages, shelving books from floor to ceiling and, of course, deep leather chairs, which sits in the beach master gown, thoughtfully tiny sip of cognac drinks. Now, all that is not obsolete, however, the Cabinet, as a space that connects to their area of work and recreation area has become more multifunctional.

The technological revolution has added to our lives sources, and all of them take their rightful place in this citadel of intelligence.

What will be the current cabinet? First, it's a work area or home office. Second, a place for recreation and reading. Thirdly, room to store books and other sources of information. And finally, a place that houses collections and archives.

Style is the prerogative of the employer

Depending on the destination will be your office, what are your habits and secret plans for this room, this should be his style.

Man solid, the Cabinet which is the element of prestige, is a classical style with all the cabinet paraphernalia. Wood or upholstered fabric panels on the walls, expensive furniture from the array, heavy portieres, high shelves on the walls, staircase to use the library, Ottoman, and over the Persian carpet placed stuffed birds and antique weapons.

For another master cabinet-it's just a job, so all of it must be reasonable and "sterile", as in the office. Nothing yet : closed racks of glass mat, easy user desktop, which provides computer and all the equipment, comfortable working chair, shutters on the windows-word, modern India.

Well, someone should execute their long-held dream, creating komnatu-muzey where, in addition to comfortably accommodate Cabinet shkafy-vitriny with collections, souvenirs, learned traveling or hunting trophies.

The success-planning area

To accurately subject to his Cabinet, should not begin with opening of furniture catalogs, and with a sample list of things that you want to "settle" in the new space.

Almost likely to restrict the list to be one or two computers, printer, photocopier and scanner, a number of small and large office, some books and magazines, many different brac, you have long wanted to gather in one place, mountains of old photographs and negatives, so little that I have?

For every detail should be given a place. Purely functional things can hide away from the eyes (in the boxes and doors for the deaf), and decorative items, those you want to show your guests should be comfortable "home" for the glass. With a list, you have to admit that your office is the place where the common era, boldly select Eclecticism, search for a compromise between classic and modern design. If you have a solid classic closer, and bury vstraivayte computer equipment in the wood constructions. If heavy "hunting" aesthetic architecture cabinet you disgusted, leave the classics in the form of emphasis, for example, stop from silver furniture in the style of India in favour of wood, but light shade.

Furniture for the Modern Cabinet

Major items just a few : work (written) table, computer table, wardrobes and securities chair and safe.

On the desk, she got a choice. Shops offer a variety of options : from classical dvuhtumbovyh tables from the array of natural wood with leather kitchen to the stone, marble or glass surface of contemporary designers.

Computer desk : do better to order a whole block along with a desk and cabinets for the securities, given the size of your room and the number of applications that must be conveniently located and connected (ie, the angular design desktop with the opportunity to dissociate it from the rest rooms sliding curtains).

Armchair should be saving, which can be transformed by the individual user : the seat should be regulated in height and the back of another and depth, the new model provides special support for the lower back.

Wardrobes for books and papers : Here too there is a selection for you. This can be open or glazed racks, "or" coupe built cabinets, wood or metal, depending on the customer's taste.

Safe storage of securities, cash or jewellery can stand alone or be integrated into one of the furniture.

If you intend to use your office is somewhat broader than just the home office, the list could join sofa or Ottoman (perhaps with a capacity for bedding, to be able to stay if you want to work "directly"), Bench for musical instruments and radio.

The Cabinet on all the rules

The device Cabinet some points should be considered only for reasons of health.

For example, should not have the job back to a door or a window (especially if a small room), it is believed that in this case, seated feel psychologically uncomfortable, as if "waiting to strike back". If you can not sit down face-to-door, hang a mirror opposite, putting it in a way that secure the necessary review.

Sunlight necessarily want in the room : Unlike electrical properties, it has to raise productivity. But it does not pose a nuisance, should regulate the brightness using curtains and blinds, and a computer so that the monitor does not get glare. Working zone can be identified by stellazha-peregorodki and recreation area to the soft furniture and coffee table. In both zones desirable "settle" the plant room.

Author : Marina Voronezhskaya
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