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Stylish Interiors : how to pick elektrokamin.

Today it is difficult to imagine the exquisite interior without a furnace. Want to install a fireplace at home? Zadumyvaetes how to choose? If you do not want to deal with the inevitable soot and debris furnace fuel, and agree promenyat to foment trouble and maintaining the flame to relax and rest from the artificial habitat, beach-electric fireplace.

Additional bonus electric version that the choice model can concentrate solely on practicing designer's dream : Unlike wood fireplaces, elektrokaminy require no engineering studies for good traction. In terms of design, electric fireplace also has considerable advantages. In particular, the choice of materials, you are virtually unlimited. Because of the heat elektrokamina easily manage and dispatch "in presentation can be successfully used artificial marble and wood where wood for the fireplace alternative natural stone not.

If you are still not convinced by the arguments put forward, is the main instrument of fire : automatic temperature in a room, the option of remote control, and finally, to bring comfort to the house burning home in the off heat! So, electric fireplace. Proceed to study options. First point, what they are, elektrokaminy?

In terms of the cost, above all, must decide whether to frame a fireplace or without (the so-called compact elektrokamin).

Compact elektrokaminy.

Choosing a elektrokamina will save considerable money, since framing is not less than $ 200 (and often, and more than $ 400!) , and the compact elektrokaminov framing is absent or is very simplified. Indeed, as the electrical source, including a simulation of flame and functionality, not depend on whether bought with a fireplace frame or not. The effect of flame and then a magnificent! Often elektrokaminy styled on top and is seen in the wall recess or suspended Regiment. Also widely auxiliary elektrokaminy compact, which are to the wall, but can be easily moved to another location (picture right). It is to draw attention to models with small wooden frame, often without "furniture" style, for example, with its place, or even a bar with glass doors.

Another way to reduce costs is to buy only ochag-vstavku elektrokamin and get into the wall. Now most of the frame and built from falshstena giproka, then all decorated in the style of ambient interior. Of course, they have to work and for the designer, and dizaynera-dekoratora. Otherwise, we can not do without external assistance, and the economy could not happen ...

Elektrokaminy style Hi Tech.

Электрокамины в стиле Hi Tech The electric fireplaces, podveshivaemye the wall, the so-called kaminy-kartiny. They also do not have chairs in the usual sense, but quite expensive, as are special hi design and special heating. Such models are good everywhere, but especially suited to the apartment, executed in the modern style. Among this group apart fireplaces are models that fireplace and a fully transparent, edakie "interior Widgets. Instead of coal or firewood from them - white or multicolored pebbles, in a frame is often used toned glass mirror, and the flames could be the most unexpected colors, until the blue or green. Nevertheless, these models are very decorative, and can bring a special dimension to your interiors.

Elektrokaminy in the classical style.

The most expensive, but continuing, and a win-win situation - a classic fireplace. If you have a fireplace or not constitute, in the case of classical thought to be following.

In the first place, how to be home : standard size (approximately linear in height and
Labels in width) or wide. If the installation is scheduled in a lounge, a look at the big homes (some Optiflame - Symphony or Cambridge-Limoge), otherwise hotbed standard sizes will be quite appropriate.

In choosing not forming Keep in mind corner options. The corner fireplace allows it to save a seat, and looked very comfortable. The only minus-choice options significantly less angular. Corner framing options almost all exclusively made of wood.

Design of wood framing extremely diverse. It is a model in the back of marble or plastic under the stone, ceramic tiles artificially sostarennoy or using metal and casting. And finally, the last thing you have to choose when forming the wood is green. The range is pretty wide, so do not worry, you will usually be able to find something close to the color of your furniture!

If you are interested in marble portal, it would still pristenny classic version. Angle marble portal it is hard to find. The marble portals interesting in terms of price option artificial marble or combined, with the bulk P-obraznaya part of cast marble, a backboard-natural.

Successful you choose!

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