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Room tales : child in interior

Even before birth we are building plans for the future, reflect on the education, mental obstavlyaem room, which he will begin his life. But finally, a small miracle homes. And we know how difficult it grow rights. Of course, childhood is a critical period in life : just a taste, a habit, it character. Infants learn peace from the surrounding objects. It is therefore essential children's room interiors. According to the designers, they educate and teach children literally taste with nappies.

First of all, one should take into account the important thing. If an adult can receive from the aesthetic enjoyment of decoration, not performing any function, the child does not understand. Home for him - free space. The children's bedrooms, each item must be purely functional and compact as possible. There is ample attractive, fresh design solutions that are available. For example, buy your child korabl-krovat. This is absolute originality forms combined with new features. I think bees in the bed, your child will see sweet dreams and wake up in a good mood.

Comfort and peace

Appointment infant furniture is that it will allow kids to feel at home among them proportionate things. Indeed, if ordinary ceilings higher growth adult about one and a half times, the children are above the label. Psychologically, children felt uncomfortable in the "adult" subjects, and many of them start to build a house of their own chairs and your favorite flowers. That is why not buy children's furniture "at the center", although many think it is good.

The marine theme

Probably not, and instead of some overly fashionable trends. For example, children's furniture styles this season popular marine-related issues. Sometimes, however, it seems rather trite : it seems that the sea is the main focus of modern children. Nobody knew why that was. The marine easier to translate pattern back in bed and gear boxes, designed designers, remind beach bungalows on the beachfront. We must remember that such a cluster child can quickly tire your child, and even begin to annoy.


Last time in children's homes has won the popular avant-garde compositional decision. Bed located in the cabinet or wall niche. The professional designer trying this type of placement called "bridges". However, many designers believe that the compositions rather cumbersome, and psychologists say that overhanging bedside shelves to subconsciously perceived negatively. If the child small size, the furniture niche much better position desk. Large windowsills can also be used. For example, arrange the window seat to read or study. Generally, the child is welcomed any ingenious solution. They will thus become the master of not just his own room, but reasonably organized by the space in which it will be easier to feel their identity and autonomy to the fullest.


Now some of the color decisions child interior. It is important to know that a child is no notion too bright. However, bright colors can act upon it happened, but almost never irritating. Special studies have shown that children like bright green, and especially in the Modernist style headset with inserts of bright laminate. Supermodny white used for children's furniture designers performed in the classic tradition. This furniture is designed primarily for girls' Little Princess.

The child is always happy. We live as if in a parallel universe, full of miracles, it returns us to childhood, where it's common things take shape and are perceived differently. Children's car, for example, could easily become a huge kovrom-samoletom, chair-bridge, and seat-space shuttle. Parents same for baby-manage this, which is why, even transform the world around.

Author : Polina Tesler
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