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Дизайн и интерьер квартиры    Кованная мебель в интерьере interior design and furniture in the flat Kovannaya interior

NÄSSJA furniture in interior

Metal furniture, the secret of eternal youth

Кованная мебель в интерьере If a stylistic change the classification, it found large quantities of reflection and variations on the theme classics, Death, Rome and Greece, Lyubovanie patina of time and sometimes intentional "ancient" new antiques. Release round fantasy is not all. But reference to Bauhauzu, Macintosh, or even Daley can be found.

The beauty of the metal-in remarkable combination of strength and fineness. "Conversations", "classic", "Yes" and "lace" ask not only beautiful line, but left the air around him. The noble simplicity and aristocratic turn half attached metal fantasy material itself. The metal is not egoist. He is friendly to the fabric. The contrast between two such dissimilar materials stresses better quality of each. Shallower and claw over beds, soft blankets and pillows tied to chairs or put on chairs, shawl and other "clothing" for metal elements add courageous material romance and femininity.

Glass furniture has none today is not surprising, metal framing glass-is not news. But if the proposed blast metal gross invoices and multiple or large bronze sculpture, rather than simply relying tea table, both material gain avant-garde, and the table becomes a piece of art.

Stone entered through metal even in the back bed. Just clever light-thin slices of the alabaster walls. Bed with built-eating is a fun and convenient. Unexpected interesting perspectives in dealing with forged metal, had a leather, wood and even plastic.

And sometimes forged metal plays music and does so modestly and decently. Maintenance and armrests upholstered furniture and decorations in the traditional wooden furniture, not to mention the historical connection with the crystal, candles, clocks, fireplaces. It seems already know all about cornices and their completion, but painted steel wool, violent head, flowers, reminiscent of medieval romance, are established in the form of a new dimension. Metal does not deliver its position and lighting, an invention of new materials.

Кованная мебель в интерьере

Fashion wicker furniture can also serve as a metal cage or positive basis and not lose from this cooperation. Metal is the sustainability and credibility - wicker Bill adds warmth and comfort. Metal can imagine painted brooches or metal boxes in the back bed. Sometimes it is the presence of small fragments and cautious line, but stressed the invoice-wood, cloth. And by itself it can be a dialogue at different voices. Greenish bronze platinum, gold shine, blackness iron-all today simulates very convincingly, in the nuances, adds interior paints.

The conversation was multi-metallic texture of Gilding under varnish to simulate the effects of space accident. Printing, got, casting retain a sense of touch to the surface of many hands. The combination of "inappropriate" and "texture" to the current high technological and computer-assembly feature forged furniture. The balance of these components may vary : from expensive furniture, incomplete manual sculptors and designers in order to inexpensive, ready-made from bent profiles, but not losing its identity.

Metal surprisingly relevant in the seemingly contradictory styles. In a double it suitable for "industrial" interior, in the face of "ancient" lining for traditional rustovannoy furniture. He avangarden and klassichen comfortable with the requirements of any shape and design. He is a huge part of the scale and size, from tiny details to a headset. Small queen beds, small lamps, hooks and hangers umilitelny and miraculously fit into any environment. Metal obediently complied with all the wishes of the artist, umudryayas remain itself. And this is a strength.

Overall, barely even rachitelnye owners get rid of the last of "rock" galvanized steel beds and tables as neugomonnye designers again raised this kind of furniture to shield. They are not! But we are not lacking many qualities, which are our interior of the metal. Poluzatonuvshy ship, the wreckage Photo lats, fossilized jet of water or a static figure, cast in bronze, can be observed not only trinkets, but also practical load - such as a table leg. Forged "curtains" is not marked on chandeliers, posters stroke metal thread is off.The not break.

Forged metal is embodied stability and longevity. This fashionable and prestigious, but this is just beautiful. The properties of products transferred interiors, their vmestivshim. It is a long way home and community programs, the risks admit metal guests are in their images plasticity, reliability and eternal youth.

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