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Apartment XXI century : what is it?

How will the future look flat? Artists, architects, interior designers and technical developers submit their most creative, extravagant or unusual projects.

Japanese Fiction

"Smart Style." He developed one of the leading Japanese companies. The "future home" relied heavily on the latest information technologies. For example, an in-built Internet microwave oven takes you to any site in the cooking area.

Драйв, трип и восточная эстетика

Indeed, the very propose kilobytes of information on products, recipes laid out in her memory. If you are in the supermarket, and the eyes of jawbone abundance of products, you have a golden opportunity to consult with refrigerator. Dial your home phone number, enter additional code deep freezer or, say, offices for vegetables. And you indicate that ended chicken teriyaki, garlic and remained one head. Next to speak refrigerator in the kitchen is the central console control of the house. The unit operates general kinds of information on current home, monitors all appliances, keeps in memory of numbers that correspond to your expenses, etc.

The bedroom "apartment future" is the control center, which monitors your physical condition. Built videophone can, for example, consult a doctor, not getting out of bed. Incidentally, the bed is not easy. To better spalos, it is a pleasure pokachivaet you, as if to cradle child, all night. A morning with the bed you do gymnastics imposed on its memory range of exercises. The computer, available in ancillary room, check the ventilation, heating, see to the ecology of the water source.

Space station in Russian

The Japanese work on the future home behind our projects. Russian interior designer Maxim Soroka developed its version of flat third millennium. For Maxim "future home" is a unique space station.

Interior closest to a spaceship : circularity forms okoshki-illyuminatory lack distinct angles; Colours consists of a combination of steel, blue, white and black.

"In the third millennium there will be" smart "building materials," says Maxim. - Poly, absorbing dirt walls, regulatory climate and the changing colour, a kitchen and easily in the form of the human body. The house will be "order" climate change interior colors, adjust the lighting, from the soft night to bright projector. "

Drive, trip and eastern aesthetics


No less interesting, and the so-called "emotional" design apartments future.

In general it continued "smart" style. However, in this case, is electronics and senses. For example, walk on the field and feel the grass under their feet. Occur on other parts of the floor - they soft like a water mattress. This is what the style architect Yuri Yurov said : "The idea behind the interior is absolute, unfettered freedom." The home is mnogofunktsionalno and easily modified. By moving the rollers walls can be given a housing completely unexpected kind : to cut corners, oval form, open or close the openings between rooms. In reality, a minimalist. Cafe mnogofunktsionalna : from the same set of parts that could be assembled table, the shelves, the chairs.

Another way of the future called "nomadic". It is designed for people who love travel and frequent visitors to the mission. Those who are constantly in flight need not just homes, and homes that can easily be walking with them and with the lifestyle. Mobile style design is flat, primarily furniture. She podvizhna because strengthened on wheels. A cabinet is to a normal book.

"Dzen-dom" is the house furnished to fen-shuy. Many people uvlekayuschiesya eastern traditions, trying to follow this style and in our day. Absolutely everyone is in the house should be in a specific place for him. Basically housing, any of which has its own significance.

"Disneyland" - style invented this, of course, the American designer. Their apartment is for those who want to live in a made peace within the frame or the famous favorite cartoon blockbuster. The house did not have exact boundaries between fact and fiction.

However, the time has not changed fashion for interior design, I think that the principal remains affection, which fills your house, making it attractive, cozy and comfortable not only for you but also for your families and friends.

Text : Polina Tesler
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