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Life style. Playing Baroque

Игра в барокко

So how many times told the world that luxury forever left items, that if you want to keep pace with the times, it will be good-take for granted kingdom minimalist, simple forms and colors, but if they want to shine, let it shine cold metal and glass. But human beings are irrational. Sooner or later it becomes uncomfortable to direct the correct angles and lines.

If you encounter such nezadacha, you direct road to the embrace of classical styles. And Ekecheiria exotic luxury linking nesoedinimoe combining opposites, which creates the illusion of perpetual movement is, of course, the baroque.

Heavy stone pretends fine cloth, painting, sculpture, architecture, as never meets the definition - "frozen music." Baroque is ornamental, cosmetic, zamyslovatost, yield, momentum, while Artistry - greatness.

Twisted columns, cornices prichudlivo izlomannye, furniture quality wood with a curved surface, beyond measure distance threads, carat silver, copper, mother of pearl, red turtle, dive silk and velvets. Walls, draped in expensive fabrics and finished Venetian plaster. Smooth curved lines, saturated colors and Gilding. The "law" imposed by the baroque aesthetic, can be described as follows : no straight lines than prichudlivee the better. There is nothing static, ROMs, undetectable.

A little imagination will now make the whole house Baroque, and for this experiment, say explicitly, it is far from all : it is by definition a high-style, to demonstrate the wealth and prestige of the owner. However, the speed and Baroque beauty, it more than any other style, have to play. Suffice it to a large mirror in exotic frame, a fireplace with baroque portal okleit Wall wallpaper with a typical figure, or zadrapirovat window portieres of heavy jacquard fabric with brushes and fringe that your house went spirit of Baroque. But he is quietly uzhivetsya and with the elements of Indian and ethnic strife. No wonder.

Popular offspring of the historic Baroque-Kunstkamera : assembly of strange quirks, and human and natural. So why not rasshitomu silk coexist with glass and metal, a chest of drawers turned to minimalist lighting?

Producers of goods and materials for interior sensitive reaction to a general fatigue with straightness and poverty form. It is revealing in this regard have large interiors and construction exhibition held earlier this year in Paris, Frankfurt, Cologne : almost every factory, which manufactures furniture, textiles, wallpaper and even tile, appeared collection, under the stylized baroque.

And this artsy style was unusual interpretation, it is appropriate to the spirit. What do you, for example, say on bathroom tiles, decorated Baroque pattern done in deep, but temperate language, which is similar to Bath Boudoir velikosvetskoy PRUDE? That is the collection presented STEULER German company. A collection of wallpaper Scala ULF MORITZ, where ROMs field saturated colours put tremendous all-around wall-image, the visible, the gold? To get started Baroque furniture, in which the most expensive and time-consuming element-carving, some factories have been producing furniture from wood pulp. Of course, strong supporters of true antiques such substitution is not to your taste. While noting it can only connoisseurs, and then upon closer scrutiny. Therefore, if such "ideological" prejudice foreign to you, and you want to create a mood in the house, daring play stylization. However, for true beer style are products such as factories CHELINI : No surrogates-only array tree. To achieve the end result, master-rezchik makes more than twenty "approaches", this being born is baroque furniture.

As you know, there was a flourishing baroque reign at the French Korolya-Solntsa-Louis XIV. It was his Finance Minister Kolber described as a "sovereign, not recognizing borders other than one's own will." Absolute monarchy long thing of the past, life's circumstances described to us a wide variety of borders. But if you want even go home, to feel control of, play loose with space as he pleases, without looking at other people's opinions and fashion, play Baroque.

Maria Govorova
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