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Interior small flat

Интерьер хрущевки Wishing to change the interior of their small apartment, you do not necessarily disrupt the internal walls and build new curved walls. Of course, such a method could significantly expand "space flats, but they are not suited to everyone. One shortcoming of this architectural solution on the surface, demolition of old walls and building new activity is not simple, requiring skills, significant investment in time, effort and money.

Before you break any of the walls in your home, you will certainly agree. In order to get to or go to the great number of instances, with all its consequences, or zapalit money that is made for your company, dealing with the professional. Let us assume that you do not have to wrestle and build anew, it is much easier to plan everything so that it was a place for work and for leisure.

First of all, you need a detailed plan for existing facilities and its furniture. Make a thorough dimensioning height, length and width of all available space in the house with tape. Check all niches, projections and incorrect angles. Because most apartments wall is not too smooth, you need to make four points on each wall. First measurements of its width near the floor, then near the ceiling. Then determine the height near the junction with the nearby wall, the corners. To get a total area of walls throughout the room, take long length and width, peremnozhte them, and then put the value of each wall.

We stand ceiling obmerte him on the perimeter and try again only large one.

We stand windows should obmerit window aperture top, bottom, determine the height windows on two sides and calculate the sill area.

The Plan your flat at millimetre paper, asking some extent, which allow for the whole process. The most prevalent and convenient size are 1:50 and 100. For example, in scale 1:50 every metre dimensions will be 0.5 at term. It is useful to note the height of walls, doors and windows. To be easier to navigate, name exterior walls double line thickness 0.5 mm and the inside walls of double lines, but twice thinner. Windows on the plan known as limited to the two parties boxes the size (of course, nahodyaschi6sya "inside" Wall), with two additional lines (windows) inside. Doors shown the door looks like an oblique line (end it looks to the other side, where it was called).

Then in the same way Measure furniture. To do it on the plan, imagine that you see a sofa, chair or table top. And you can do simple geometric forms. For example, bed portrayed as a rectangle with a size of the image pillows (one or two, depending on what is bed-single or double). All svetilnye devices thwarted dagger, and the contours of objects overlapping each other, is the dotted line.

If you own a designer program, you can easily make all you size it, and vychertiv plan as a three-dimensional image, and the possibility of moving furniture easily and immediately see the results. If you only intend to develop such a program, I buy something simple, such as House Beautiful (unless you want to design professionally). Be sure to buy a self or a manual for the program, or use the help, which is already in the program.

If you do not have that opportunity, we offer two options, as you can move your furniture on the plan. The easiest way is to "cut the existing furniture from heavy paper or cardboard (better color). In this case, you can move all these squares and rectangles on your plan, seeking his best location. Do not want to use the cut-vellum-impose it on your plan and encircling its new location of you every time you get a new interior. Then simply select the best.

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