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Furniture and accessories of plastic

The law of our time : wood and stone-always good, but plastic and is not as simple as it seems. To win our current recognition, it was a difficult and long journey.

In the 1960s a boy easily and fearlessly. The multicolored, slippery, elastic plastic naryadilas whole new Europe, living in the rhythm of rock and roll, in the image of Twiggy and the slogan "Make love, not war". Plastic then everything from clothing to sofas, appliances and decoration to the movies. The reasons for this vary very simple : in countries ravaged by the Second World had to quickly build sales, build a new, bright and cheerful material world, and who better polymers can handle this task? And they have proven themselves excellent, showing the two main qualities : EEG and democracy. People have become available not just a table and chair, and interesting design things for good reason the notion of "design" has always been related to the 1960s last century (although it appeared much earlier).

Only two decades, and the plastic was accused of all sorts of evils. And it is too costly, and aging is ugly, as opposed to, say, wood, and the air passes through it, and their waste pollutes the planet, but the worst - when it burns : from asphyxiating fumes kill all life. The allegations were serious and plastic at the time lost heavily in popularity, but only temporarily, because we are so accustomed to it that no longer represent their lives without plastic bags, polypropylene bottles of water and polycarbonate CDs.

What has happened in recent years? Scientists have taken care of polymers, and those of strangers become aggressive, but we… not good friends, but good friends. Now many of them can "breathe", providing minimum carcinogens combustion and trained to "resaylingu", that is to recycling. The most peaceful and safe recognized mentioned polyethylene, polypropylene and polycarbonate. But not only security is once again growing interest in plastic. Plastic items suddenly become their own aesthetic value. Instead of a "cheap" form, designers have two ways : first, began to imitate using synthetic fabrics expensive wood, marble, granite, and then proved that the plastic itself can be extremely beautiful, very bright, textured, silky, transparent, with the surface, which tempted to touch… The second way is the best : in 2005 no longer plastic prikidyvaetsya natural, always valuable, and wood or metal paint under it, or cover them in an effort to combine the reliability of old material and new clothes. Incidentally, in the rehabilitation of plastic huge role played by well-known Philippe Starck (where f without it!) : He produced a set of chairs and chairs of transparent polycarbonate, established on the grounds of old models XVIII and XIX centuries. Success and our, and your : fans find a familiar silhouette classics, contemporary lovers enjoy new content.

Family plastics added very worthy specimens, it is no secret that no one invents chemical formulas for original pieces in the interior, all new and promising polymers came in furniture from other, more reputable area, which had spent large amounts of money. Thus, the intriguing tehnogel way to a seat and dining chairs (soft, warm, and retains some time to mark your body), originally used in medicine. Defense shared layers grid, created in 1965 by DuPont, it makes flak jackets, as it hundreds of times stronger than steel plate. Auto industry donated interior polycarbonate (it makes automotive lamps), as well as getting (or acrylic or perspeks). The building, the designer Arik Levy, has thermal and fire alyukobond consisting of polyethylene composite panels and aluminum foil. Finally, the designers themselves in extreme sports and made away uglevolokno (Carboniferous) and neoprene. Without first could not do Jänner and pilots, but without the second-divers. The producers of furniture and other useful things (airplanes, vehicles and ships) is highly competitive. For fans of designer Marcel Vandersa in 2005 standing in line to chair, wreathed of carboxylic fiber : splesti-to his hat again, this is only a private Airlines bought all European stocks carbon… However, the true lovers of this chair willing to wait as long as necessary, and this is one illustration that the plastic and lively all living now? !

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