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Passenger furniture

Надувная мебель Light, plastic, clean, not loses the years form a colorful and unusual and, above all, very cheap ... But who among us would dream of such furniture? Meanwhile, a miracle has invented and used the frenzied popularity in the West. Because inflatable furniture these stylishly and well, democratic.

Have you thought about that?

However, I do not confuse this with the designer izysk inflatable model for giving, picnics and the beach. Polyethylene storage (for the most part of China), which can be found in some of our stores, impractical, short-lived and do not have anything to do with the furniture, to which reference is made.

The sofas, beds and chairs are made of durable surface and air units, which are harmless to humans and environmentally friendly. The air in the same comfortable furniture and durable in operation, and its predecessor normal. It was easy, easy to care for children is safe and has many advantages in terms of the environment. Replacing blankets, which are transforming the appearance of your interior, the same primitive, as a replacement for the curtains. And it is cheap (about indecency!) An opportunity to spend the money saved on the other useful things.

All simply brilliant

Actually, the idea of sofas and chairs fill the air was born more than 100 years ago, but realize this ingenious idea, in practice it was very difficult. Back in 1895 tried to pump a couple of mattresses in sleeping cars trains. Unfortunately, the couple quickly walked out of fragile mattresses, and the passengers soon discovered that sleep on the hard seats.

In the 1970s XX century designers tried to apply for the production of plastic furniture, but it was not functional. The price was high, and as low : seams apart easily. In short, and the draft and were far from perfect. Only in 1993, we see a soft, high-tech materials and the necessary technology for the production of inflatable furniture. The plastic now one of the most stable, clean and comfortable materials. And air furniture created from it, has many wonderful qualities.

While hair, but a vacuum cleaner

Детали мебели

  • Inflatable parts, which comprise the furniture, no welds, preventing pollution and constructed as a unit with a waterproof flap. They are very strong guaranteed lifetime of 10 years. They can be easily replaced in case of damage or close with a special glue.
  • Details of furniture can inflate any air flow from the dryer while, but from a vacuum cleaner.
  • Couch naduvaetsya and about half an hour.
  • Adding air in this furniture is not more often than once every three years.
  • By changing the number of air units can choose the degree of elasticity beds, chairs and sofa.

Cat claws are not podtochit

  • All coatings (blankets) can be removed and laundered as often as is required. Even the very air units can be washed in warm soapy water. What could be simpler, faster and more hygienic? !
  • Plastic material and the design of new furniture carefully checked for quality and functionality. Vozdushka "durable" and meet the high standards of furniture for public spaces intensive, "that is, for schools, hospitals and hotels.
  • Air Component furniture soft plastic blocks one of the cleanest existing plastics. In case of fire, they do not emit toxic fumes, and the plastic to burn slowly and with few smoke.
  • Experiment with different temperaments and cats rocks showed that they are insensitive to the air and furniture for podtachivaniya claws are more solid surface.

Up in the air

  • A large number of units in each of furniture (up to 14 in the sofa, for example!) Creates additional comfort for sitting and, despite its extremely light weight, are firmly on the floor.
  • The air inside the inflatable furniture allows it to "comfortably" oblegat us repeat the body.
  • Another important nuance : furniture entirely of inexhaustible, environmentally friendly and completely free resource air! The mattress in the bed of conventional wooden frame hygienists within six to seven years advised necessarily change. It was during this time long enough mattress and partially vaporize absorb up to 3000 litres of our sweat, get microflora side, it is undesirable for us, and, alas, lose elasticity. Air solution is the challenge. Passenger bed equally suitable and healthy and the sick. It is useful for people suffering from diseases locomotive, for the bed-ridden patients and the elderly, for people with allergies or simply for those who value their time and prefers a deep, healthy sleep.
  • The packaged double couch are two cartons 58h37h27 cm each.

Zhdem-s ...

Well, forget everything you ever knew about bulky, unwieldy, dusty sofas, chairs and beds. Air furniture is much more than just a new collection of furniture for rest and sleep. This new thinking, new technology, which uses neistoschimy, environmentally friendly and completely free natural resource. This is a simple, flexible and dynamic way of life that is ideal for all ages.

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