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Experiments with wallpaper

First wallpaper appeared in Europe in the late XVIII century. Today they are an integral part of the interior. However, the "possibility" of wallpaper is not fully disclosed. Just need to look at this thing ourselves anew.

The unity of opposites

For those who like all unusual, propose a bold decision : okleyte room wallpaper few. In our case odnotonnye sheets alternate with boxes and flower painting. The most important thing here - balanced sound mix colors : white, in addition, only one basic color, preferably not very bright (eg pink). And if you want to hang on a wall painting perfected it in a large white paspartu. The wallpaper in a room in tune blankets and pillows to deny : cage again, and then plant pattern in belo-rozovoy scheme with green glass.

Create your own wallpaper

Usually kerbs used as a final focus. And we offer okleit of one of the walls of the best, which is a window (to execute this way the room long, expensive, and hardly you want to live in such a diverse environment). In this case, used five types of curbing width 10-15 see Should I say that the combination of flowers and ornaments must be thought through carefully.

Unusual paintings

Published today wallpaper sometimes look so beautifully that they can apply for fresh carton and hang on the wall as paintings. In this case, this flower ornaments, nasturtium bright blue background and a white roses. But remember : at least one of the colors present in the "art" should be repeated in colour carpet, bedding or curtains.

Paul on fabulous

Wallpaper with bright, cheerful figure certainly enjoy your baby. He looks fantastic funny animal, chelovechkov, toys, which often become "heroes" wallpaper for children's rooms. And sochinit about lots of funny stories. But not handle such wallpaper the room : it will seem rich and troubled. It is quite okleit wall at the height sill.

Of one collection

Often manufacturers offer a collection of wallpaper and border. Incidentally, it does not need to be on top. Interestingly, for example, the version presented on the film : kerb with plant ornamentation interrupts the monotony of vertical lines at a height of about one metre from the floor.

Framework of wallpaper

Photo label directly on the wall, and just a spectacular setting of wallpaper. The green bedroom astonishing game with color. In one scheme conditioned different picture wallpaper. As can be seen, wallpaper can be used as a setting for the picture or wall decorations.

Roses everywhere

Wallpapers with beige and white stripes in harmony with colored pink color in the upper part of the walls. The border between covered with wallpaper and painted part of the wall is expressive images with bright roses. He looks well and as a decorative furniture. The system is transferred to plywood and cut, after which it is stacked paper kerbs.

Together kerb

  There are cases where the only wall decorations can be only one kerb. The white walls adorning the pink border, which is several inches below the ceiling. It is very important, what are the kerb, which is to "solo" on the wall. Ground - with the image of the alien-looking soft watercolor. Below are the main focus - kerb, but at the tone-blue background. Swiss lies at the junction of walls and ceiling and is made with bright colors and fun-patterned textiles and accessories this funny and Kaganov room.

Color and Structure

Finishing walls largely determines the style of interior : structural wallpaper ornamented attached note delicacy. Around mid-walls were pokleeny structural wallpaper to flizelinovoy basis, and then painted. The upper walls are covered with the same paint, only more diluted with water. Remaining top 20 centimetres unpainted walls make room visually above, in addition, this color and pattern wall is becoming dominant colour values in the room.

Ninth shaft

The most familiar to us from the wallpaper above-direct. Maybe it makes sense to give them to other contours? Suffice it, as in the case below, make top wallpaper undulating as interior "school" manner.

The author of the article : R. Shevchenko
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