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Дизайн и интерьер квартиры    Как обустроить однокомнатную квартиру? design and interior flat as a special studio flat?

As a special studio flat?

Comfort in odnushke "?

Дизайн однокомнатной квартиры Today, many pages of specialized journals are full of design proposals designed to mnogometrovyh apartments and apartments and houses. Yes, indeed, there is a space where they can "break" the artist, designer, architect. A legitimate question arises : how to equip Wednesday space for smaller houses? Where every square centimeter checked up and, unfortunately, for human happiness is not the place ...

What is a studio apartment in a standard house, which was built on the model of past years? "Odnushka consists of a small antechamber (3-4 square. m), which deploy and provide any chef is not possible, kitchen-7 square. m incorporated toilets (2.3 square. m) and the living room (18-20 square metres. m). At such a difficult area to create a modern comforts and planning to have something "creative".

Yet life practices, as well as simple design allows universal furniture masters "odnushki" a reasonable comfort and convenience by which small apartment seem larger.

The limited size of the premises to use the bright light tone, which is not visually "trample" on people, but conditionally extend the wall space. The construction market is replete with a variety of building and decorative materials, which can be used to repair or rebuild an apartment or house.


Perhaps readers should be reminded that theatre begins with racks and apartment entrances. The convenience of a small entrance hall is the hallmark of your home. Naturally, the question arose as a small-sized space to create functionally convenient and attractive finishing Hall. In the entrance hall, which is a gateway between the streets and living room, a person is changing, withdrew coats and clothing home. To keep clothes hangers are needed, a small cabinet, mirror, good lighting and a convenient cover the walls, which can be easily washed and cleansed of stains and dust. For this purpose, there are various finishing materials such as bayramiks, petramiks, wall painting under various wall panels, etc. Slick Bill material varied colors make the entryway wall is not only beautiful but also practical. The restricted area makes use of overhead equipment (furniture, wardrobe, vanity) minimum size.

Дизайн однокомнатной квартиры The short and simple version of hangers of two horizontal dosok-planok, fortified directly on the wall. Upper provides for hooks, as it protects the bottom wall of clothing. Between them, left or right, is a mirror cut entirely to the size of the individual squares based, which can be pasted on a consolidated basis or directly on a wall with glue or mastic ceramic tile. Expand design P-obraznaya frame, a reinforced at the bottom planke-doske under a mirror, and for umbrellas stand-floor flat box or a sack, along with framed. If necessary, replace part may be small, its place glove or phone.

Planck and frame made of the board or laminated plate thickness of 20 mm and a width of 150 mm : the length of the main elements will depend on the seats allotted hangers, but the best option for the general balance of 1500 mm. Height suspension upper bar is about at eye level, about 1600-1700 mm from the floor; The distance between the ground-about 800 mm. If there are children in the family, their clothes on the bottom of the bar can be set hooks.


The studio apartment kitchen is a great functional load. It is not only a place for cooking, but also room for its admission. Here, for a cup of coffee can talk close friends and acquaintances masters. The extent of the purchase of furniture and equipment is convenience and comfort of the "warm" place your home.

In domestic practice is most common single working front. Given the processing of food, beginning with the placement of equipment for location of the refrigerator. Then establish a working stol-shkaf, where the different dishes and products, wash, a gas or electric stove. If the size of the kitchen, the sink can be separated desktop with a capacity to store cleaning materials, etc. Due to the increased people-to ergonomic height of the surface is 85 cm, the distance from it to the bottom of the wall cabinets for dishes and products - 40-50 cm, distance from the floor to the top of a 210-see if height suspension cabinets increase, the reach upper shelves will be difficult.

There is work to be at hand : over-drying of washing dishes, washing with a bucket-all for garbage collection in a closet-products, spices. For ease act, table, stove and washing place so that the surface of a single plane, which merged kitchen.

Customization interior cuisine is largely determined by placement of furniture in the dining area. The creation of the interior of the home also affect the nature and finishing equipment company in the working area. In recent years, increased production and sales of various types of kitchens and hardware. The most popular stamped recently became a kitchenette, in a small space to create comfort and basic comfort. The seats are installed at an angle, provides bulk storage of household goods.

Дизайн однокомнатной квартиры In recent years, considerable attention is given to solving internal color space cuisine. Soft tranquil colors of walls can successfully combined with saturated color surface equipment. For example, if the outside finish cabinets, sinks, stoves and fridges are white, the walls, floor and furniture rest can be calm light fixtures. When the walls are bright finishing equipment for surface furniture, floor and wall trying to find bright and white colours. Be comfortable if the kitchen wall thick paper or moisture moyuschimisya wallpaper that extend to the ceiling, or water-colored paint expressive nuances. By the way, and the ceiling does not have to be white, it can be colored, like wallpaper or a little lighter. Good use shades of the same color or contrasting color combination. That part of the wall, which is adjacent to the stove, washer, kitchen table, usually oblitsovyvayutsya ceramic tiles from the working plane tables to kitchen cabinets overhead. Color Tile can be the same as the color of walls, but it can be and in tune with him. Regarding floor, the best material for a light-coloured tiles, ROMs or small mottled figure.

Not excluded in the modern kitchen gear suspended ceilings can be perforated, which set lighting. Electrical, lighting, decorative elements should also decorate their premises. Customized kitchen equipment "mitigated" by curtains, joined their cotton, or linen fabric staple. Their colour and pattern based on the overall colour space. If the color of the walls and kitchens met in a coherent manner, it can be used decorative fabric with a clear picture if, on the contrary, walls and furniture EHE or brightly painted, cozy kitchen make cautious, uninspiring curtains. Rule is applied to tablecloths, towels.

Kitchen should be publicized so that it more convenient. It can be only one top light (spotlights mounted in the ceiling overhead). Often wall dishes placed on dining table. In addition, the lighting in the kitchen desktop use additional lighting, UV lamp.

Living room

Putting to build studio apartments should be given to the residential hall, which is in charge not only bedrooms and the living room, but also your office. The simplicity and sense of proportion. Nothing yet in the room is not a warehouse and not a museum. Yet all that is necessary for comfort and coziness to be present in the room. It is in the interior design of the rooms in the most vivid personality can be seen family and its interests and creative ingenuity.

Дизайн однокомнатной квартиры The problem is that the furniture and equipment were universal, that is responsible for many functions. This will not overload the only living space furnished apartments redundant and unnecessary equipment. One option-built cabinets, which are usually mounted in the front room. Naturally, the question arises : where table, chairs, beds? At that can sit where relax? But, the cabinet is separated from the plane, a table; Opened the side door-now and chairs are on the ground. So living room, both in urban apartments, and in the house, you can make a request for a cabinet to study or, conversely, to dismiss the child floor games.

How do I do that? First of all, universal shkaf-stenku mount, which can remove furniture and equipment. The cupboard should be for four or five separate sections, which would "hide" two beds, working or dining table, bookshelves and other items. It also has space for clothing and personal belongings. The cabinet allows the old sectional furniture, shifonery and individual boards. If you do not, you can use the frame of wooden sticks section 25h50 mm. Bricks adjacent to the walls, ceiling and floor mounted rigidly on the dowels. The front panel of all branches made of plywood thickness of 10 mm extra ribs stiffness. Instead plywood fine wood stoves, obkleennye decorative film, furniture pads with fanerovannoy surface.

The area has a vertical wall folding bed. The main bed, requiring special care performers manufacturing is the design of the joint. From his work is easily sliding shell bed and return it to its original position. For permanent or shield cabinet bed joints connected with the ball. To facilitate the lifting and lowering the bed features a contrast of the metal plate attached to the back of the short beds (at bedside). Her legs are two folding boards. When they go down sliding bed in a vertical position, the legs are, and when a lot of bed in a cupboard, took her place at the bottom, forming a unit with them.

Can another of the bed-spring shock absorber. He slow-down bed in a horizontal position. Its design consists of a tube within which moves in spring attached to the end of the rod. The rod is connected to the end wall of the bed using staples and screws.

There is a decision of folding beds. Shell beds attached to the side wall length. The floor area occupied by a double bed, decreases. To speed beds apply bar or pipe, as was said earlier.

Дизайн однокомнатной квартиры When removed bed, a living room transformed into the living room. The outer surface of the cabinet (to the bottom bed), furniture pads attached to sliding to become dinner table. Basic to serve two feet, coming from the plane wall cabinet. In extreme cabinet sections can be stored normal or folding chairs.

The cabinet wall is removed and working space. It arranged for one of the inner surfaces of the doors. The panel desktop kept on metal hinges. Table recorded special console. The table may have to be increased by 2 times. For this, you tilt the second board left and consolidate its second console.

The simple design of a universal kombayna-shkafa. Between the two vertical wooden pegs secured sofa. Arms linked by a horizontal plate. Behind them attached sheets of plywood or orgalita : they attach rigidity and stability of the design. At the top of the lockers provided for storing books, textbooks and other school supplies. To compound mattress frames and racks used steel bolts with nuts. The motion is based on the sofa of two hinged legs. Their stability is ensured by the fact that the top of the stalk is turning into a groove side boards mattress frame.

Working surface folding table is a laminated board or a smooth screens, or covered with plastic strugannyh connected to the boards and recorded. The horizontal surface are two turning metal bracket.

The next version shkaf-sekreter, mutating into bed. The main feature of it is that the table is a longitudinal wall bed in her flat. Joints are the nuts and bolts with round pin, which is placed in a metal cylinder, strengthened in the side wall of the cabinet.

Setting beds in the elevated position with a folding metal latches emerging from the groove walls. At the side of the bed for the reinforced metal lining.

The first and second options cabinet must strengthen itself to the wall with metal hooks or planok-petel. The outer surface finish cabinet should be the same in colour and the texture.

It would handle mounts and outer ends of the beds paper, and then several times to cover furniture varnish. This universal equipment in the room can be easily put not only chair, but a small sofa.

Another positive opportunity, which can save space in the apartment, is that the sliding doors. Doors can be constructed not only in a living room, but the kitchen, which will create certain advantages and liveability. These "secrets" universal embedded equipment can be used not only in residential rooms, but also in other areas smaller houses.

The authors are : Victor Strashnov, Olga Strashnova
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