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Unusual approaches to the design of walls

Modern, minimalist, India, country-all at your disposal, in modern apartments not meet unless the Gothic and baroque in its purest form. But most, it is clear that our compatriots love good old classics. And mean by that word is not so much a classic style and features, and even trees, which particularly inclined Muscovites.

Classic material, which is associated with respectability, reliability and quality of a tree. When it comes to the tree, primarily meant massive wooden furniture, tables or cabinets for the library, then the doors and windows, sometimes remember stairs.

However, the tree is an excellent material for walls. Earlier this decoration met almost exclusively in buildings, but also in the apartment, he looks great. And, environmentally tree.

Properties tree

Свойства дерева Wooden panels, perhaps the best way to finish if not the entire home, at least part-living room, dining room or library. This is typical of the front rooms : it is important feature tree, but, unlike many modern materials, is expensive.

It is a unique material : if wallpaper or fabric to buy manufactured image, pattern, ornament, a tree-like clean sheet, you can treat it with mastic, ordered thread met paint and to be sure that no one will not find exactly the same panels "brothers". In today's maquila sector is a large plus.

Experiments with style

The design of experiments, the first wooden panels associated with the English style : dark wood, solid furniture. Finishing tree in this case the most logical, while carving on the door cabinets, chairs back and legs and can be repeated on the walls as a single ensemble in a room.

But it is modern and give the material that : complex lines inherent in that style, it is easy to put it in the tree; Country and its wooden beamed ceiling may involve trimming the tree, for example, the bottom of the wall.

With the addition of the laser openwork carving, works in the eastern interior motives.

The wood paneling easily concealed radiators, and a warm winter that they have entered into a room better than continuous sheet and pasting - with the usual array or grid of rattan and other natural materials. Incidentally, the change of seasons : as a winter and summer home kits textile-blinds, curtains, furniture covers, tablecloths, and the like, so there are seasonal variations replacement wooden panels. The British are the same practices with the XVII century.


How much fun is processed wood apartment or house? Everything depends on the material and design. Mahogany, of course, differ in price from the nut, and a simple straight-bar of the author's hand in gold thread. But the average inhabitant of the capital could be 140 units per square metre flat panel fanerovannoy veneer of mahogany, oak or beech. The so-called filenchataya panel of the same material cost is higher, 250 units. If there was a desire to make the wall array tree, and not his idea, get paid for every square metre of $ 400. Grid to sink with rattan boxes will cost about $ 100, in the case of pine, or $ 200, on the oak. Oak panel radiator with decorative lattice cost $ 350-400.

The price to pay attention to a couple of points. First : the cost of installation provides separately, it could be between ten to twenty% of the total order. Second : carving art can be evaluated not on meters, and top-care that is not a surprise.

Good wood panels are not a dozen years, so we are investing time, though, and after more than a generation front room will remain "optimistic".

Author : Anna Shesternina
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