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Interior studio flat

Интерьер однокомнатной квартиры Studio apartments often fitted as a living room, a place of the day, a room where guests are. This is a "business card" masters. At the same time remain valid and human needs such as sleep, work, work. Hence, the room should also play a role and bedrooms, a cabinet. Therefore, whatever the planning and decision designer, a professional will always come from a range of rooms. Today we give you some innovative solutions for the interior, leading to the studio flat beautiful, convenient and comfortable.

For furnishing one-room apartments tend to take upholstered furniture for recreational racks or cabinets for books and clothing, video and audio. Couch preferable fold. A job is an escritoire or small folding table. This is the traditional "gentleman's collection." But there are creative solutions, utilizing design elements such as color, lighting, decoration, gardening, furniture. First of all, consider the uniform style, which should be integrated and a small bar, and a mobile coffee table, and convertible dining table, bookshelves and cabinets. Perhaps it is your chosen style is directly related to the profession or occupation, will not overload room furniture and decorative objects, and select only the essential ones.

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Consider the option of gostinaya-kabinet. It certainly looks upholstered furniture, written or computer desk, shelves and cabinets. Better install them on the perimeter walls, and make the highest possible, thus making the most of vertical space of the room. Section cabinets can be diverse in purpose : to make a book, in other video and audio equipment and a small bar. In this room will still compact desktop and turning chair. Even if the room is small, you can divide it into two zones by installing racks perpendicular to the wall. And then a sofa-bed can be installed in the darker parts of the room and replaced by brighter job.

Интерьер однокомнатной квартиры In the case of "stylish" as preferable to create two zones for recreation and dining. The center dining area is conveniently delivered and well-designed desktop. Universal is a table that is regulated height to help save the place, and serves both as coffee table. Next to him better place easy chairs and light chairs.

The other most common type of room-gostinaya-muzykalnaya room. In a room focuses music equipment or musical instruments, therefore, all other details of the main subject-music. Most of our equipment will be in one place. The room is arranged tsvetomuzyku special racks for storage tapes, discs, books, music

Defining the functional space, think that could be drawn from the rooms in Zaltzman, ready room, corridor. Properly built mezzanine, sectional furniture help you significantly reduce the main room.

Интерьер однокомнатной квартиры Even in the narrow room holds reserves space in mind when using homemade shelves. If little room windows, better take shelves without rear wall, or to give preference to low shelves. Mobile racks comfortable in a typical situation for the studio flat when open kitchen bordered by residential premises. They then created a special comfort. Multifunctional and accessible from both sides of mobile racks can be connected with each other and with the joints need to emerge, thereby helping to save space. The studio apartment is justified as a replacement for the massive wall modules furniture or shelving mobile komodov.Mozhno install shelving system to the entire height of space and it does not need any belt. Her record stands between the floor and ceiling with rotating disk clamp.

Generally zoning for space professionals offer many innovative solutions, such as the use of light curtains, background, carpets. It can be equipped with a convenient cover контейнерами-карманами. The curtain will not only provide for the sharing of space, but also for storage of small items. A simple way to quickly organize an isolated corner of recreational-use screen of DSP boards linked together Twin loop. Pre-slab on both sides can okleit wallpaper. Okleivayutsya edge of the same wallpaper or covered in blue tone paint.

As for colors, the designers recommend a preferred colours. Of course, and there could be options. The zones can emphasize different shades of one color. Lovers of exotic modern materials allowed even in one apartment to create the desired style from the east to the royal apartments.

It should be given to the combination of wallpaper to cover the floor. For small rooms to choose ROMs covering light shade, a spacious room would make a lovely small carpet intense tones. The ceiling is also essential. In selecting floor coverings, designers are advised to refer to traditional or modern ROMs parquet parquet board.

Интерьер однокомнатной квартиры Return ROMs for a brighter and the ceiling. If the spacious room and high, and there is divided into several functional areas, the researchers see fit to the ceiling in different levels, which will underline the existence of zones in a room. The same function can meet your or rods, which can be placed around the perimeter of the premises, or in bits and pieces.

A special role in a room attached lighting. Are any lights. Home-rule to be one style and that the style of harmony with the general spirit of the flat. If zoned room, the lights can be successfully used to estimate each zone. Lighting fixture for such facilities is not good enough, better lighting point.

The selection of furnishings, décor multifunctional studio flats start from the principle of "better less so better-nothing more, mongrel. Many large bulky items that do not decorate a room. If you love fresh flowers, a better place in the house hanging plants with beautiful decorative leaves.

The only general recommendations, workable solutions for studio apartments. In each case, the premises would require additional efforts and case management. The desired comfort and completeness of such facilities will provide professionals.

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