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The partition of transformer space

folding and stationary wall, screen Перегородка как трансформер пространства

More air, more light, more space, so now the idea of a modern interior. Do not even be an ardent follower of the teachings of Ancient Fen-Shuy to realize that in the pursuit of technologically sophisticated people too have progressed from nature and avenge his own way, primarily diseases. Psychologists have long found that the narrow stone walls and things zagromozhdenny home world is not so much a feeling of security, but provokes a sense of isolation from the outside world, which means some inadequacy. Sometimes people oscillates at home, as in the cell, and did not know how to change this. A solution exists today, and quite simple. We must begin by harmonizing the surrounding space available, but, as the saying goes, and soul podtyanetsya. You can, for example, reprogrammed their homes by modern walls. Wall, folding, fixed and even minor shirmochki solve the problems of human existence in stone bag. When necessary, they will close you of foreign opinion, and when not have to reveal to you the space, not as an ordinary door, which seeks a raspahnutom condition of the wall, but simply and naturally, almost где to eye.

Sliding wall, overlapping passage of the wall to wall, placed on a wall closet door, only they are not to hide the things necessary in the home, pigeonholes them for the convenience of the box and its place, and to be able to play with space for mood or depending on the circumstances. Metal construction, which occupies aperture from floor to ceiling, allowing mobile roll door panels on rollers on rails running directly on the ceiling. When a large space is required to separate, for example, without interference watch TV, the movable panel trippers. And when the need disappears, and instead there is a desire to communicate, go bar, is slipping silently along the stationary panels attached to the wall, and fill them themselves. Even easier, if the apartments are already having aperture, while the fixed wing role played by the wall. However, it will not rest, but simply sliding door rail is placed on top of the aperture wall. On the floor, usually rails are set on the basis of security to make sure we do not trip.

Better working and effektnee looks sliding partition, the outgoing whole in the wall, and not just its naezzhayuschaya. Installing such a non-standard design is a very time-consuming. The existing or specially built for this wall must be cut "pocket", in which, if necessary, will go off the passage panel. Another option is disappearing wall-more fun. If you take aluminum design with vertical mobility, the bulkhead at the click of the special buttons as kinoshnom ancient castle will go up and hide in falsh-potolok or, rather, gently descend down, cutting off part of the premises.

Even in small apartments, with proper planning sliding wall from floor to ceiling to visually enhance the area. For instance, when the door between the kitchen and dining room go, a real sense of a larger space in which owners and coming to light at the guests feel much more comfortable. As we talk of large rooms where such sliding easily transform your space, connecting, for example, sitting in a winter garden or making every part of the vast hall in a cozy room for domestic work or private meetings.

Making sliding walls of what pleases materials. They can be light plastic, decorated with metal or wood, a more robust DSP with laminated surfaces, simulating usually invoice precious woods, or covered with natural veneer. Applied and the entire wooden panel. The most important thing is that in the closed position they fit the style rooms, which serve. Particularly good appearance wall, which many glass or mirrors. Mirrors are known to pull space, and glass, in addition to the usual decorative functions, can play a pivotal role in the organization and transform space.

To achieve economies of the conservation area and the world, even in closed wall, preferably in the aluminum frame Sliding System (mat, khaki or obkleennuyu veneer), insert a large glass directly from floor to ceiling. "This hay-tekovsky" elegant reception in the best possible light, fill the house, otgorodit, uedinit but not break the unity of space and make it as a peretekayuschim. Incidentally, the glass panel in the wall can be very different. For instance, triplex noise and provide a good protection. Fashionable now stained glass mat combination of transparent elements and create an elegant decorative effects and tinted, mat, silver or bronze coating will beautify or fit into any environment, while hiding the walls of the premises from curious eyes. There is a very interesting version of the glass walls, zapolnyayuscheysya gas. The remote control station, it can cloud over, cloud up a light haze, then again become transparent.

Sliding walls, panels that bump each other in the opening, not the only way to transform the space. Very unique and stylish looks another option when small slats walls consist of a "bunching". The performance standard is best used for small gaps, and design inputs. But combined with sliding of "bunching" where slats, sealed between them is going to guide attached to the ceiling, can override the distance from wall to wall in 8 or more meters. Manufactured their mostly from DSP, decorated melamine or natural veneer, combine with glass or glass inserts, but the fun that frame slats can stoning and cloth that unusually empowers interior solutions.

Fixed walls, as opposed to sliding fellow, not entirely overlap passage, and only refer to different areas of the same premises. In modern homes separated by a wall (glass, wood, composite, gypsum) kitchen from the dining room. This is great because it allows landlady not run with dishes, and while not as angry nepribrannogo desktop. And from the kitchen wall used as a fixed additional wall, where a good appearance breads beautiful boards, pot and other things needed for cooking. Nice work stationary wall to separate the computer desktop, which many love to set even bedrooms. And toilets through decorative walls, say, tinted glass mat can be nicely divided into the bathroom and toilet, shower and dissociate a special place for cosmetic procedures. The choice of material, form, finishing wall is a matter of taste. It can be figured, mirror, adorned with stained-glass windows, traditional ceramics finally.

There are also nearly all sliding partitions rather mediocrity soundproofing. Exceptions are heavy modular system suitable for installation in a vast area and facing very expensive. In other cases should not delude ourselves. Sleep outside wall, "when in a nearby bay" television-it is unlikely. As far as the "harmonica", we would not have to face this kind of quality. Even with the most careful installation and upgrading, "bunching" in the operation, and continuously perekashivaet podklinivaet.

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