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Photo-part of the interior

Фотография – часть интерьера

Photography in Russia appeared in the 19th century and soon became fashionable. In terms of per capita photoshop our country then sorevnovalas with France and Germany. Russian photographers took prizes at international exhibitions, and the royal house was an active buyer. The second Nikolay typical photo. We hear his wonderful collection of family photos.

The Soviet pictures almost never interior decorations. It was rather an official document memories of holidays at sea, zapechatlevala growing children or loved one. The wall "cards" were attached mouse. And only sensitive, like weddings, bestowed frame. But in the "big market" in Paris, with candlesticks, lamps, table silver has always sold and old photographs. Fingerprint made in the early 20th century, and even more so at the end of the 19th, in the eyes of the Western public is valuable in itself, regardless of who it represents, your relatives or even strangers.

Fashion Trends

Модные тенденции

The authors prints were sold in the world's most prestigious auctions and the price of some works equal to the prices of paintings and graphics. Recently, even a record-photo copyright 1904 American classic photos Edward Shtayhena "Proud of lunar light" was bought at an auction Sotheby's in New York for $ 2928000.

In the wake of general interest in photography abroad in Russia and the trend of copyright fingerprints in the house interior. Professional contemporary photography and photo vintazhnoe excellent appearance in any interior. These photos can become part of the image of respectable office, such as expensive furniture or exclusive personal accessories. Unfortunately, wishing to invest in antique photographs are scarce. More often than not, in seeking high style interiors can be seen mediocre work of contemporary artists.

Modern office and new accommodations generally have large space and high ceilings. In this case, and photographs of a significant size. Small "lost" in space. The most advantageous then watched huge abstract pictures. A recent innovation-designers put pictures on the floor in rooms with more space.

Interior Design

Оформление интерьера

Very interesting material for the design of interiors can be prints obtained by the use of digital photographic technology. This design allows a unique style and a special mood for any room. It is important to adhere to the necessary requirements. Photos should be selected on issues raised at the plotters or inserted under glass.

If you choose a frame for photos, then pay particular attention to its colors : there must be combined with some of the interior. For example, black-and-white photos in a thin black frame will give strict clarity and grafichnost premises, furnished in the style of Modernist furniture. Try to find some interesting compositional solutions to the overall interior design of your apartment. Of course, all these boards is not a dogma, but only general principles. The guide your imagination. Indeed, post pictures, choosing a framework for accounting and compositions, is the exciting and creative, and sometimes unexpected.

The interior can be used not only professional, but also amateur picture, it is on any subject. Above all, remember that the interior photograph is a philosophy, rather than a quick message. Let it, you should feel the suspense, capture video and write a novel on that immediately come to the person who clicked his camera button.

Author : Polina Tesler
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