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Braided fantasy

Плетеная мебель Wattled furniture-air, sunny, warm, with the strength and durability compared to the normal wood. Openwork chair or stool with back of the bent rods appear unreliable, but they iznosostoyki impressive and capable of withstanding pressure. When the 1920s entered the fashion flights on aeroplanes, as a seat for passengers to use it lightly wicker chairs.

In Russia has long passed from willow basketry. Yourselfers turned flexible rods in the cradle, children's sledges and rails, boxes and baskets. Some of the furniture originated in the late XVIII century after Prince Golitsyn DV brought to its name several foreign products work to educate serfs weave exactly the same. Since then stick Headsets associated with the atmosphere of quiet and soft-culture farms and can talk about the creation of Russian style villa, the dining room furniture and NSI.

However, use of weaving furniture and other materials : cane, bamboo, a "non-traditional" blooms, but most interesting of them is probably a rattan. In tropical areas have historically used rattan. Lianovidnaya Palm Island Southeast Asia, Calamus Rotan, quite common in the world of raw materials for weaving. Rituals have historically used it to build huts, but with the conquest of the islands Europeans local craftsmen had to "go" at Genres their chairs, chairs, chests and tables. Indeed, so far most of these lagging manually.

In medieval Europe Tropical fancy hit the trendy lounge, and then in the world enjoys the same success with the fans of "natural" style environment. It is a long list of her suitors. It is reported that it valued in the courtyard of French King Louis Philippe. George Washington liked the furniture in colonial style, which he and his wife obstavil house; Inimitable Greta Garbo preferred elegant wicker armchairs massive wooden.

Furniture rattan well Postpones weather is not rassyhaetsya and fractures, it is terrible and humidity variations. Such a result of tropical origin plants and porous structure of its wood fibre. Rattan products quite elastic : for example, when you sit back chairs, it is slightly Forest, pruzhinya pleasure.

Плетеная мебель Rattan benefit in the production of furniture, as it goes all-waste little remains : from the entire stem lianas manufactured parts skeleton of their heart behind front lines, sliced in long strips bark opletayut joints, walls and angles, average, the soft part of the trunk split into separate fibers, which makes decorative wicker plate designs to decorate various rooms.

Each manufacturer has its own secrets, but a single technology : the stems peeled from the bark, vymachivayut or process steam, and then create individual parts. Thick harvesting bend to achieve the necessary forms, and from thin strips of wood dried figure. The number of joints in the plywood construction is minimal, so the finished product is produced strong enough.

Then came the usual furniture production processes : drying, polishing, assembly, honing and lacquered. True color zolotisto-zhelty rattan wood, but after the dyes can buy any shade. The harmonious tone, natural look of amber to dark walnut.

Look for wicker furniture is easy : a sometimes brush aside dust brush or use a vacuum. Dirty places you can wipe the sponge moistened with soap in fines. After a wet cleaning furniture should be dried in the sun or using a conventional dryer, and excellent cause thin furniture wax.

Fans rattan can pick interior to its taste, choice is not limited. Bedroom can be resettled in tropical style : gold lace band bedside beds, just by the wayside lurks toilet table, it Abdominous-lamp, through the bars that lampshade on the walls and the ceiling blinking light, and the corner of 16th big closet with braided line at the door or chest of drawers with sliding wicker basket instead of heavy boxes. The living room can be arranged set of furniture with braided on the classic rocker arm or leg on patterns of rattan stalks, and the dining table (not necessarily wicker-many models Indonesian producers inside a wooden wall mounted glass) surround Singapore chairs smoothly vygnutymi back.

Manufacturers are not limited to the standard objects, and you can add interior wicker screen, pufikami, tabouret foot, bar chairs, decorative boxes and vases for plants. Braided fantasy give some charm and entryway : wall panel with hooks for clothing veshalki-stoyki in a tree, bookcases and shoe shelf of rattan stalks or grey bars.

Indeed, the variations on a theme rattan endless, and create a unique atmosphere of a home-easy, pleasant and comfortable. Surround themselves beautiful furniture! Believe it or not, you will be comfortable.

Author : Ulyana Volkova
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