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Podium-home "scenes"

Подиум If the interior designer is going to send you a "stage" is not reluctant to relinquish. Maybe your house will benefit from this in terms of originality, practicality and expressiveness. Indeed, the podium (and we are talking about these fittings!) One of the most important decisions of interior. It has come to us with the fashion in the Japanese style. The Rising Sun Country has long taken part to enhance floor, increasing the useful area of the home.

However, if you remember, back in Soviet times, when we are on the Japanese style had not thought similar to the same challenges offered magazines like "do-it-yourself"… No podium draws us not only to keep in the Subsoil Thereof different things. The construction of both figuratively and literally "RUSTU" us, has made a beauty, who okruzhayuschie- "viewers" look upwards. It is gratifying, even if we have no sense of emotional awareness ...

Divide and Conquer

One of the main functions of the podium-zoning area. Ironically, that the rights of any change in the level of violence seems peculiar border. The facility, located above, we are perceived as the most significant dominant. It is for this reason that all that is at home "scene", Earns primacy of the interior. And you can prove anything, especially in the case of kvartire-studii or "multi-room". Working in the joint zone kuhne-stolovoy, dining table or corner rooms with upholstered furniture in the living room, a bed in the bedroom, a desk in the office, toys for children, in the bathroom toilet block-options not count. And every corner of the apartment, where he "pripodnyat" the general level of violence appears to be attractive, comfortable, inviting. They understand how good you can use this feature!

Подиум Through the platform can adjust the proportions of poor facilities. For example, too narrow and elongated room "scene" established between the long wall, do the maximum. Standard rooms will square angular momentum podium. Of course, while the ceiling height should be sufficient. To a person standing on higher ground and can feel Atlant, a supporting sky. The more designers often focuses on the podium and even lowering the ceiling above it.

The podium needs its own lighting system, as a relatively autonomous "land" in the apartment. Neutral option-point lighting on the ceiling. Bright and expressive decision-designed lights or hanging from the ceiling sources. For a more intimate environment-dence on the walls and lighting fixtures, furniture or assembled in the straight to the podium. In short, everything depends on the kind of atmosphere you want to create. A separate state podium, which lie near major routes your house. They need to be equipped with a night-light "signal lights" that are not household fell and dropped them in the dark.

Nobody sees

Подиум Practicality is another major characteristic of the podium. The space under the "scenes" can and should be used. For small rooms are simply saving, as usual cabinets occupy too much space, reduce the level of illumination and create a feeling cramped. The slide boxes podium convenient store bedding, pillows, spare mattresses, blankets, linen.

You can make the side wall of the "scenes" will be no "korobkoobraznaya" bed : extra bed never stop! The child under the podium could hide the toys. In the entryway, shoes. In the bathroom, under the construction could hide communications, household tools, and the kitchen, and even winter canning.

If the depth of the stage is too big to make sliding boxes the same size is not very convenient and practical : to get them back to the wall will not be easy. Better make it a standard depth, and the empty space "slots" to take possession of, access to which is the top. It covers such boxes may not even speak above the podium. A specific "secret" that could be more "obscure" furniture or carpets.

However, if precious secrets and you have a secure repository, "pulling" at the podium box can be the basis for making decorative. For example, it can accommodate fine furniture, colored stones, a collection of butterflies and even an aquarium, tree top special tempered glass, which can walk. Believe it or not, this is very stylishly.

Once home "scene" screen, a sliding walls or curtains impressive, you can easily transform it into a separate room, virtually invisible from the outside. This is especially true if the higher ground before bed, a job or private place for relaxation. Partly hidden from the eye area can be gained by traditional methods : electric resistant - in the kitchen-cabinet unit which is resistant to climbing plants, in the living room, shifonerom furniture or wall-to child. "Poluizolyatsiya" make the space more comfortable at the podium.

Of course, "Ready" it is impossible to get the podium. The product always so individually, which produced only on demand. This is a beauty, because you can be sure that your home "scene" is the only and unique. Work on the construction of the platform may assume firms involved in construction, repair and finishing work, as well as some cabinet furniture manufacturers. Depending on the height, depth, and the appointment of "filled" design professionals choosing the material and calculate designed so that podium served you well for many years.

Author : Anna Lazareva
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