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Hall : unusual way of looking at things

Прихожая Perhaps, engaged in interior flat, the least we recall the entrance hall. And quite needlessly. For us, the children of Soviet times, it has a long way corridor with many doors.

Or, rather, "" square metre per metre, which barely razminutsya two. Narrow, dark, and it does not intend to place furniture, it seems that we talk about interior…

Unfortunately, not many modern planning retreated from the idea прихожей-«прямоугольника». But whatever its source data, only owner to keep forces in Zaltzman traditsionno-skuchnom form or turned into one of the most interesting areas of flat, executed with skill and with love.

May there be light!

In sunny day optimism is not leaving us in all situations

You may have noticed that the abundance of long raises the mood light. In sunny day optimism does not leave us in any situation, and a gray sky and a mood. This is not only natural but artificial lighting.

Cool long corridor - negative character influence on the state of health and active tenant. So the first thing to do is advised specialists interior-corridor light at Zaltzman. The light must be seen as a form designer thought, playing with him.

The ideal "mobile" lighting, direction and height which can be changed depending on the mood. They help to define zoning (a bright light indicates a common room, and more subdued, with the bedroom doors or Cabinet). It looks light "cascade" : bright lighting reduced by the end of the entrance hall.

Another idea for "irregular" antechamber-dressed in a recess. Their original form (shells, Greek amphoras, and so on) can itself set the tone interior as a whole. However, if you do not plan to change the terrain of walls, you can enjoy no less intriguing decision-svetilniki- "picture", the idea being that comes from the street "laytboksov".

These could be personal photos of your loved ones. A can and does provide for the replacement of images and change them on the situation (for example, a family holiday or theme party).

The stained entrances become Gothic romance mystery

Of course, artificial light offers lots of possibilities. But it's hardly confined to them? Typically, in hallways no windows, but the associated rooms can be sealed off with the sun. Some use them falling into the sunlight to door with glass inserts. But apart from the traditional version can be windows of the rooms in Zaltzman.

If you can depart from the classical interior is in the window glass in various colours. And thanks stained entrances become Gothic romance mystery. These windows can not only refined interior, but also play the role of shelving, if inserted glass shelves.

Of course, you can go Zaltzman and poorly lighted room. But even strong daylight not replace artificial. The winner will be only their skill mix. Even if you make the window of the entrance to the room, natural light will skradyvatsya. It used more transparent glass in the windows desirable : not all visitors must see what happens outside the entrance hall.

Adding Space

Unfortunately, little illumination, which, as we have learned, can suddenly turn in the original light decision is not the only problem entryway. Overcrowding, lack of space, which highlighted can be fixed only visually, not less annoying dark. However, this feature can be corrected, "adding" the air in a narrow Zaltzman.

First of all you need Zaltzman of the total surplus from clothes to furniture and

First of all, to rid itself of all the excess, starting with warm clothing and furniture finishing with a dubious meaning load. Even these simple changes can be easier and Zaltzman "druzhestvennee" to the host and guests. More importantly, the owner will be able to see clearly on the front of its upcoming transformation.

Secondly, priznaytes honest : Are you not irritated abundance of doors, go in close koridorchik? Especially if they do not open interior rooms and corridors. You can replace them with the door or drawer is removed by issuing a doorway arches or zadrapirovav curtains with a heavy hand, as prompted by fantasy. If you prefer classic wooden doors, select bright wood. Dark doors do Zaltzman more dark and close.

Incidentally, the light and dark colors. Recall that the first visually expanding the "space" and the second "limit". Obviously, the dark colors are not suited to the antechamber. Instead, bright shades can not only expand it, but to do more "square".

And finally, the most dramatic way to change Zaltzman, remove it. Kvartiry-studii that front door leads directly into the living room, especially popular among young people and artists. And no doors per se does not mean that guests nowhere to undress and put their umbrellas.

Reserved for the zone designated special design techniques. The "entry" can be lifted above the floor, and its walls are different in colour and the texture of the walls of the room.

Furniture : precise selection

Встроенные шкафы с зеркальными дверьми Extend Zaltzman not only optical and design techniques, but also furniture. Her character, shape and color can bring to Zaltzman "trick" and, most importantly, to make it functional.

Probably, the most popular furniture in the entrance hall is a built-in cabinets with glass doors. The maximum seats they fit everything. As for the mirrors, their use is one of the most ancient ways of expanding space.

No less functional suspended shelves. The higher they are, the more free space remains in the entrance hall. This includes all klyuchnits, coat racks for hats, umbrellas stands for. They can not only be faithful custodians favorite things, but interesting interior details.

Incidentally, these details are often inspired designers. Yet there is one little nuance in their use : items on racks are becoming part of the interior. There is no need to organize an exhibition in the entrance hall of his wardrobe, remove unnecessary. But stylish cap or umbrella only beautify Zaltzman.

Actually, it's more for clothing. Of course, conveniently, when the exit without hanging coats and in the event of frost, and clothing, if it rained, and easy to walk kurtochka a sunny day… But with the aesthetic point of view all these clothes only zagromozhdaet Zaltzman, skradyvaya space.

The better simply one thing, a current weather conditions, hiding in closets in the other bedrooms.

In the case of furniture, as pufik, bedside for shoes, a table for the phone, and so on, their presence depends solely on the entrance area. On the one hand, the furniture on which you spotykaetes each time returning home, was not pleased. On the other hand, not to equate the emptiness and space. If the first is bordered by discomfort (nowhere to sit or hang consciousness), any designer fantasy will be in vain.

In other words, giving the interior doors, we need to bear in mind its convenience and functionality of just jump in your guest house. And if kept councils to develop the zone to the "comfort plus light plus space" is perhaps the main role is left for your comfort.

Author : Maria Petrus
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