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Psychological interior design

Using Design Psychology to develop intereerov

Психологический дизайн интерьеров Psychologists would have one example, when people come to him to complain that they were not satisfied with their own homes, they feel uncomfortable and it nekomfortno. Sometimes, customers complain even magnificent new repairs made by designers, but not take, unfortunately, the desired joy and satisfaction stay home. The fact is that not only do "good", it is also necessary to take into account the psychological impact, which are a major component design.

What is the psychological interior design? Psychological interior design is the development of the interior, which could match the psychological characteristics and needs of individual rights (the child), or used in different kinds of spaces to meet certain goals.

Psychologist long established that the elements around us space as color, shape, line, texture, sounds, smells, as well as various images and symbols are having an impact on the emotional state of people, the mood and psychological characteristics. The various components of the situation, the atmosphere in a combined influence on decision-making, especially communication between people, the psychological mood and behavior. Furthermore, all of these elements can contribute to the development of specific skills, qualities and skills that can be used in the developing environment for children.

If you want to own a home that will best match your personality, your needs and desires, in the development of its interior must be guided by the following important principles.

The diversity of structures

Variety Rights surrounding structures determined by the four major human perception (fifth-taste-system excluded us because of the absence of scientific evidence of its application of this concept), which, in one way or another, shape a physiological and psychological processes :

- Seeing (effect : color, shape, line). The visual perception is one of the most powerful factors in the human psyche. From the early hours of the child begins to explore the world, for their visual feelings and impressions. Any visual image penetrates the minds of people, leaving an experience, creating the prerequisites for further development. Color, shape, line and texture of perceived or had a great impact on the psychological characteristics of the formation of consciousness, mood, attention, memory, and others. The interior is above all what we have seen ourselves. The most important is the information we get from our eyes. Develop and the right choice of colors and geometric interior of your decision is paramount.

- Taktilnye (impact : shape, texture). Tactile sensations are also very important factor in shaping the rights to peace, a meaningful basis worldview, particularly in the early stages of development. On what shapes and textures, working people, opening the world may depend, however, what personal qualities and physical attributes he would have in the future. For example, nervous and aggressive person or a hyperactive child and erratic round will be the most favourable form and soft texture. And for mankind braked rights or sluggish, sedentary children come angular shape, uneven and rough surface, which through Sex level will bring the nervous system, a physical activity action and psychological condition.

- Hearing (impact : noise, sound, music). Peace sounds for special rights is a reality that shaped his mind, and that depends on the perception of his emotional status, mood, the energy charge. Tempo, rhythm, tone, frequency sounds and tones in the surrounding area, all of which are unquestionable impact on the psychology of people. So never forget the sound accompanied by his interior : different tunes, natural noises, esoteric items, the sale of sounds, all of which will help you create an appropriate atmosphere and mood. And for infants and young children are very important noises and the sounds of their toys.

- Obonyatelnye (influences : the smell). Different odors also play a role in shaping attitudes and emotional states. There is a great variety of different odors, which can cause euphoria and excitement, or vice versa, relax and undermine, something smells raise appetite, others contributed to the rapid fall asleep, others understand the physical tone, etc. So you can make your choice of the environment they need you at the moment, with aromatic lamps, sticks, pads, oil.


This is extremely useful for applications in small, small spaces. The environment in which you spend a great portion of their time to share a certain zone. This characteristic is very important because it helps to enrich the environment, a diverse and streamline human life. Zoniruya its interior, you will easily be able to combine in one room beautiful design with functional convenience. This is especially important for children, because in this case you will most grouped in each area of the components and objects, which are responsible for development in a particular area. For example, children should be playing space, a place to do homework, exercise periods, mink purely personal place for a child to spend one to hide and wishful thinking.

Imagery and symbolism.

The space around us, there are many characters. Some of them are universal to all mankind, while others belong to a specific culture or social class. Characters are congenital and acquired. Congenital characters made from one generation to another at the genetic level, they are certain stereotypical responses from everyone. Purchased characters person receives from the recording, and they become driving forces in certain reactions and behavior, as are etched in the psyche of the model. Characters are as automatic buttons that cause the reaction, and then send it to a certain point. By rebuking the required information within a certain character can get from her perception, recording, vnutripsihicheskoy development and learning. Therefore, using various characters in the design of its interior, you can pursue your goal necessary. In addition, each person is an individual and symbols. Forbid it, you can include in its interior elements, and fine-tuning that will cause you the necessary emotions and moods, persuade you to your actions and deeds, bring comfort and satisfaction.

Mobility interior

The rights it is sometimes important to change the situation, so he gets new experiences and emotions. The always good when you have an opportunity to even slightly modify its space in the color and material performance. Trying to do this is by using mebel-transformer, mobile covers, screens, plotters, oboi-hameleony and other solutions.

With these principles, people can create for itself a unique harmonious interior according to their own needs and desires, and also in the light of certain goals.

But such an approach can be applied not only in residential interiors. Psychology can be used for different purposes in the design of any kind of premises.

  • Centres-raising achievement, better learning, memory and attention mobilization.
  • Shops-increasing purchasing power, interest to the buyer is a place for this product.
  • Restaurants, cafes, bars, increased appetite, relaxing experience.
  • Casino gambling clubs-raising mood, excitement.
  • Operating rooms, increasing efficiency, physical vitality.
  • Rooms negotiations, the establishment of a climate of trust, enhancing communication.

Author : Maria Pugacheva
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