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Often women who maintain cordial relations long married to a question, as they did, the answer is : "I just try to always be different". The same applies to the secret home : that it was comfortable to be loved, space must not oppress uniformity, but on the contrary, be mobile and ready for change.

Change space in different ways : changing parts and accessories, transpose, or room upgrade plants again filling contents shkafy-vitriny glass. The most spectacular, by the creation of new zones with mobile partitions. In this method, you can achieve various interior of the same premises, and can use them in almost every room of your home, up to the bathroom.

Method One : parting or suspension

Раздвигаем пространство

Invented in the previous century mechanism dverey-kupe offers us a great opportunity to change the space through zoning. The broad double doors you can create a movement based on the large gostinoy-holla cozy isolated room-say, at night time, someone from the guests. The same way you get suspended a closed cabinet with a PC in a place where there is usually seen only plain white plate. Stunning effects occur when conventional book cupboard suddenly "boy" in the side, opening the eyes of passage in the other room. The examples are many-all will depend on your imagination and needs.

Still, with a sliding partition is used not only dveri-kupe on rails. This may be folding screens, relying on blinds, folding peregorodki-garmoshki, peregorodki-paneli slid into several sections, etc. You can use the space to change even ordinary curtains if placed on the ceiling special ceiling CT76, visually confluent coated. In normal times'S holder with beautiful curtains will decorate the interior, and at the right moment, just launched its otgorodite and what is required - bed, corner of reading or study. By the way, posting rails on the ceiling, you can supplement his fashionable interior parts, the so-called Japanese panel. They are either canvas, stretched on aluminum or wooden frame to hang CT76 or direct line with the dense tissue utyazhelitelem bottom, which can not only move on the ceiling, and, if necessary, but rolled in a roll and recorded at any desired height with decorative cords and tape.

Method Two : relocated

Раздвигаем пространство

When folding or hanging wall still limited in their transformation, it

object, as a curtain (in its various guises), virtually unlimited in movements throughout the house. The folded as it is compact and can not participate in the interior, modestly waiting for its reach from kladovki or balcony. Inventor screen in China many centuries ago, after which she moved smoothly in the interiors of the various peoples, including the European territory. Traditionally screen serves two purposes : functional and decorative. However, in rich and spacious houses curtain is part of the game rather than the real zoning. For example, in the bedroom will not necessarily use the screen, as adopted, "for the voyage," especially in these times. But this unusually beautiful (on the one hand) and carries out erotica (on the other hand).

Of course, if your apartment is not always comprises those who wish it the night : this case you can, as a slender, get a hidden corner krasavitsu-shirmu and it will protect small spalenku directly to the guests in the living room. Typically, stock away, away for a long time and are considering patterns Then, if your screen is made in old or traditional Oriental (Chinese painting, silk Japanese colonial wicker rattan, famous or Indian rubies, etc.).

Раздвигаем пространство

Incidentally, today, in addition klassiki-novodela designers offer and more modern screens built using other materials : windows (including windows), or acrylic plastic, leather, Battle, etc. are very popular Forged smokescreen to simulate the atmosphere of a country house (often decorate vyuschimisya plants). Thanks to the abundance of options you can choose to cover any style of interior, not just an ethnic or klassike-rokoko, where she was a frequent feature.

However, the screen can be quite modest and concise : a wooden frame, white dense tissue (or rice paper), wheels. As such, it still exists as a compulsory part to the Japanese interior, as well as its contemporary minimalist variations.

An interesting idea : the wall "with fillings"

Раздвигаем пространство

Normal screen (or wall on wheels) can be even more useful if you load it (literally) additional functions. Even the Japanese think to be able to use the screen in a false cabinet : it is designed as a rack for their traditional kimono. If it starts to develop this idea of a module is easy to come to believe mobile cabinet or rack, which, thanks to the system spots it's time to deploy at its discretion. For instance, would you put together - end cabinet to the wall, and you produced mini-kabinet. Finished work, and can relieve the space (cabinet again becomes a wall along). You can create using a mobile cloakroom wall with mirrors, clothes hooks, its place for small accessories. A particularly good shirma-shkaf power for a children's room : there you can accommodate not only shelves, but boxes, loads of varying size for toys and stuff. A move designed to wheels can even three baby!

Another option mobile rack-some semblance of home Trellis. You manufactures wooden (or metal) wall shelves (or flower), originally planning to deploy its many indoor plants. Through it you can change periodically interior, daguerreotypes his "Garden" as a room, and all over the apartment.

And remember : even if, in documenting the apartment, you had not thought of the screen or wall, it is never too late to incorporate them in the interior. Take a closer look at the options available or think of a project for manufacturing of custom - that you choose, in any case make your life much-vaunted diversity.

Author : Marina Voronezhskaya
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