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Дизайн и интерьер квартиры    Шкафы становятся стенами design and interior walls are flat Cabinets

The cabinets are wall

Today, many newly-a life in a new apartment, desirously said : "A furniture, I would not! Only clean and spacious… "At this point, they do not think about where they put their belongings. Meanwhile, in our time and this is almost utopian option is a device housing.

Dislike for the furniture of our population as such often can be attributed to two reasons : the first is cramped and zahlamlennost model apartments recent history, and the second is to housewives easier cleaning process (getting rid of the horizontal surface, collecting dust). In addition, the current spread in the interior-style minimalism, and although alien to us by nature, but the younger generation has some popularity.

Apartment unfurnished

How to kill two birds with one stone : rid the apartment of furniture and at the same time to make all things necessary for life? Exit incredibly simple : All storage systems must be put directly into the wall (and, if necessary, in the field). Just as you produmyvaete of things in items of furniture, before you buy it, you can contemplate "from a" built-in cabinets and shkafov-peregorodok which, in essence, is no worse (and in many ways even better) than the usual furniture.

Particularly suitable for such projects flat with a free design, in which interior walls still to be built, and you may well make them in the way you want. Specialists calculated : taking turns, first steny-peregorodki normal, and then to furnish all the rooms, you spend 2-3 times more money than is the case if you apply cabinet walls, which you replace all the furniture is not only intended for storage of things, but some of the furniture. The main room space will be free for any of your design imagination.

Chest wall instead

The idea is simple, as all ingenious. The wall between the two rooms was a closet somewhere, going door to one room, and somewhere in another. What and where it is stored, you decide, based on the layout of rooms, your needs and aesthetic demands. For example, you erect "a wall" between the living room and child : half her wardrobe will be a wardrobe for the child, the other half will be a housing estate for things that are normally stored in the living room : books, photos, souvenirs, beautiful dishes, "extra" blankets and pillows, which are used for guests, etc. The acoustic problems addressed in due course, as if it were a wall (ie rear wall cabinets "enhanced" special material).

At a shkaf-stena may look like you want. He might "pretend" simple wall : using wallpaper or cover identical to the rest of the room (in this case, a system-door coupe "). A can be glazed or even open section with shelves, or niches komodami- "files, sliding and folding elements-working and dining tables, beds, ironing boards, etc. It all depends on your imagination and lifestyles. You need only present their well wishes firms serving such orders and ensure that specialist made for your cabinet wall correct figure. It also gives you advice on "what can and can not be." However, the basic rules devices such cabinets is simple : shkafa-garderoba thickness corresponds to the length of "hat" for clothing (55-60 cm) for the same books, clothes, dishes and other things, sufficient thickness of the cabinet will see 35-45

Cabinets zoniruyut space

Most do not necessarily stenu-shkaf blank-the full length of the room. Through it is clear in a cozy corner of the room (read, work, music, etc.). The inside improvised "rooms" will go easy and big sofa, but from the outside it will be just an ordinary wall. Another option-stena-stellazh. Light, clean-looking wall, which gives the room a creative studio at the same time distinguishes it a functional area. The cabinet walls are conveniently divided into two parts child, for two children, working part of the kitchen and dining room. If from time to time to share space should strictly (for example, at bedtime), you can extend shkaf-stenu Sliding Doors, "going" from the back wall. With additional stenok-shkafov can successfully correct dimensions of the room : to make it less stretched, filled pockets and niches, etc.

Storage : nothing is impossible

Regardless of our perceptions about what to keep things necessarily need furniture, it is easy to reach the conclusion that all our belongings with success can be placed inside the walls and floors. Indeed, well, what difference where you take things the main thing is that it was convenient! Today Moscow architects seriously discussing the idea of an updated plan apartments with cabinet walls. In their view, the new apartments must immediately provide for maximum storage systems : all bearing walls must have a multimedia pristennye Sliding doors, interior walls and there must be cabinet and the floor, instead of the usual cover, it could be pushed wooden yaschichkami-plitkami varying sizes (for the storage of infrequently used items or large). Honcho in a flat, you might not fill half of its capacity, but you will reserve for the inevitable "interface" things. You may not use the built storage systems, preferring the traditional furniture, in any case, such a flat device is certainly a step towards a new life and a more rational use of internal space.

Author : Marina Voronezhskaya
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