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Fairy tale festive interior

Сказка праздничного интерьера

Christmas and New Year is a pleasant, though suetlivye holidays. And all necessarily want to embellish their appearance or apartment, do something with them edakoe. That do on New Year's intelligent, we will talk later. In the meantime, let's think how to revitalize their home and make a note of the long holiday in their apartment.

December-month fast, so it's best to decide in advance what to do and how you will handle in its cozy nest. Most importantly, catch buy everything for this, because of the magic of the holidays of the year we are only three weekend! We advise you not to delay the trip to the supermarket in search of gifts for friends and loved ones and all kinds veschichek New furnishings for her home.

So, starting conjure. The strong desire by the New Year of the rooms of your apartment can do anything. Forget for a moment the functionality and efficiency-making in the bedroom Boudoir, Zaltzman in mini-gostinuyu and bathroom in mini-spa luxury. Has fantasy?

New details are important!

All simply brilliant. Certainly, make their home in the Christmas story-easily. This will not necessarily spent on expensive jewellery and design things. Here are some simple, inexpensive, but very stylish ideas :

1. Different sizes and colors candles artistic rasstav fireside. In the absence of a furnace cleaned stand for a television set.

2. Baked version. The creative chaos razbrosay box gift packs. The packages that were committed by different colours and desirable for the texture. They also then can be hidden and gifts for the guests and relatives.

Сказка праздничного интерьера Сказка праздничного интерьера

3. For fans of minimalism. Room monochrome style "blow up" bright spot (sofa pillow, a huge box gift packs).

4. Beef toes spruce twigs TV (for the fireplace is also nice), and beautify vegetation small mandarinchikami, stars, gold band.

5. The ideal solution would have been to find shade curtains, pillows cushions and other interior stuff in tone along your beauty-Christmas trees. But you can go the opposite tack Add-in furniture decorate fir, oak and festive ribbons in tone curtains cushions and pillows.

Сказка праздничного интерьера Сказка праздничного интерьера

6. Zavyazhi on a kitchen fixture large flap drugs.

7. Your dining table also wants to be spify in December. Small and bright elochny ball and candle amidst white napkin-exactly what he is missing.

8. Do not forget about the bathroom! Large square candles, silver necklaces and some gold balls and cones. Incidentally, all this incredible looks at the background of dark blue towels.

Сказка праздничного интерьера Сказка праздничного интерьера

9. What you associate New Year? Right from the scents of oranges, cinnamon and vanilla. Enable these Halloween decorations aromas in his home. The use of candles with the smell of cinnamon, vanilla and citrus. An easy and inexpensive option is stuck wand cinnamon twigs and needles in mandarin.

Decking tree

Now turn to the Chief, Technology decorate a Christmas tree. Apparently lost cause, and has its twists, such as :

1. Try as decorative use large balloons and stars, and nothing more. It can cost a bit more expensive, but looks very, very delighted. In addition, the composition does not need additional decorations. If you love rukodelnichat-Star, hit a gold silk and handmade silver shary- very important and original version of the small words.

2. Play with texture. Golden balls can harmoniously coexist with tapes of tafty, metal stars and even zasushennymi colors.

Золотые шары могут гармонично соседствовать с лентами из тафты Попробуй в качестве украшения использовать крупные шары и звезды

3. Glamurny izysk-electric branch and large polished. Elegant and pour variation, the most important thing is not to come it too strong.

4. Again one type of decorations to the tree. For example, red ornaments different padding, shape and size.

5. Be izskatu and can be as follows : decorate one colour, but different sizes and colours are necessarily opaque. Plus thin crosswise across the golden oak trees, and golden shinier add so-called vertical element.

Сказка праздничного интерьера Сказка праздничного интерьера

If you prefer ready-made solutions are six design options Christmas beauties in a variety of styles and directions :

Option "Brilliantovaya spruce." Simvolichno-sofistichnaya compositions proposed designers magazine House and Garden ", it will need a serebryano-belye balls and stars of various sizes.

Option "The Garden". Ornaments of butterflies, dragonflies and artificial leaves and flowers. Many ornaments are necessary. Designers Creative Home magazine offer the following account for about 24 jewelry enough to polutorametrovuyu spruce. Good looks in the living rooms, decorated in warm colors.

Садовая тема Домашний

Option Home. " Jewelry-Little brilliant home furniture chaynichki, kofeynichki, zerkaltsa. Culmination really unique composition tiny fixture.

Kutyurno : Version "Monohromnost." Silver's Christmas party with the same silver balls. However, ideally, and the interior has to be conditioned white colors.

Монохромность Сказка праздничного интерьера

Manager in the Chinese style : strips of red tafty, paper Chinese flashlight, a little ball in dark colors and crown-Chinese umbrella.

The last option is for amateurs a very extreme model of the original trees - up tormashkami. This is not only unusual, but very functional. Advantages : babies and household pets were not sshibut decorations in the festive rush.

In short, variations - Sea. Includes fantasy, imagination, zakatyvay sleeves and prepare for the most magically, a fabulous holiday in the holiday interior.

Author : Evelina Zozulia
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