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Tips designers : how to interior

Интерьер How do nice apartments, stylish and functional? How to pay for it encountered pockets of anger? And what pereplaniruya apartment is not worth doing in any case? Here are some design tips and antisovetov. " - Try to help!

1. Zoniruem large space

This overwhelming fashion for the free plan, and combined kvartiry-studii grass has its pitfalls. Any architect will tell you that simply is not enough to demolish the wall. There divided in different zones large area could quickly begin to dominate. Remove the walls between rooms, a pool with lanes and a kitchen - and you have a totally new premises, where will we find you not like to live. Why?

Because purely psychological, we need several different places for different classes.

We need to be separate, albeit conditionally otgranichennye zone where we can sit quietly and lunch without any sense of twenty metres behind empty space that was sushi corner where we can seclude themselves with books, and so forth.

The first rule of open space planning-at least visually separate zones of different functional purpose-cooking, eat, watch television, work, recreation, communication ... This can be done by :
a) different texture floor;
b) differential ceiling heights or arches between the living room and kitchen area;
c) multiple columns;
g) Light Curtain (usually canteen covers more brightly, and food is to study where only the illuminated surface);
e) "massive rack or some other interior acting as a barrier.

2. Driving smells, sounds enclosing

The studio is, of course, fantastic, but there is a "but". When we are preparing, we prigorayut croquettes, runs milk, etc. situation, as in advertising, only the other way around : "A smell! The smell! .. " Know you-know, provetrili-and forget. A upholstered furniture? A carpets? A portieres? Fabrics shed smells like sponge. If you train home, a sliding wall between the kitchen and living room area at any time food will be cut off. The wall is a screen and the sound.

3. Obstavlyaem rooms

In very large spaces not assign furniture exclusively on the perimeter.

Why would you want to room resembled a military parade ground or tantsklass? Fill center can be "a lunch group or simply guest sofa.

4. "Extending" small room

You have a model apartment with a tiny kitchen and a spacious room? Visually increase space by :
a) longitudinal direction Polowitz or design parquet;
b) doors with windows, mirrored closet door and simply mirrors;
c) of diffuse illumination.

It is often believed that bright tone visually expand the space. But in very small rooms, such as 8 square m, white wall will not solve the problem. On the contrary, many small bright room are dismally, causing association with dispensaries or priest.

Little room to make clear how casket.

And if you are afraid of color, trans, leave one wall and bright ROMs.

5. "Lifting the cap

If you want to visually increase the height of the ceiling, you can make it multi-instance, in the corridors below, and the rooms above. Low ceiling at the entrance to the illusion of a higher ceiling in a residential zone.

Another way to visually "lifted the ceiling, select wallpaper with a vertical cut figure-for example, in classic stripes.

6. Again elements

If you use the plastic interior elements-arched, curved walls, curvilinear Rostra or upright necessarily somewhere repeat these lines again. Golden Rule interior designer : all of the expressive details should be a reflection of neighbouring simultaneously visible elements.

But it does not build too many arches, you have a modern apartment, rather than courtly halls.

7. Choosing the doors and windows

If you like sliding-door coupe to select two rails, top and bottom. Doors with one top bracket is very fluid : slightest Wumpus, and "walking". This coupe is the point you will wake up at night on the contrary pins.

Whatever you choose, all the doors, which can be seen at the same time should be the same style.

"Door mixed" very muddled overall impression.

The same applies to windows. Incidentally, the best seen from the windows-symmetrical covers not seek asymmetry windows that can be avoided.

8. What is worth doing in the kitchen

Kitchen is a scene where you can see "unity and struggle" three-pole panels, and kitchen refrigerator. Each of these components must be a minimum space of their own, but it could not defend far apart. And placing among the obstacles impeding the move is to make your kitchen a permanent source of annoyance (that is our frequent cause of "cooking" family quarrels!) .

If you decide to put on a headset with a separate kitchen facing "an island", rasplaniruyte his place so that on all four sides remained passages no less metre-otherwise they will be difficult to use and you are guaranteed another source of irritation.

The walls of the kitchen can close the so-called Kitchen "apron".

The council is relevant primarily to older homes, which often Bieszczady utilities, change the wiring, batteries, gas pipes ... When installing kitchen sets zadelyvayte not quite accessible to those in the communication. Note that the lift-in "aprons" of plastic than a split tiles tiles.

9. So if you are looking for the podium?

This seems to be beautiful pieces of the podium often leads vyvihnutymi joints and broken children's knees. Many people at home staging a "step", complaining that it was very uncomfortable.

If possible zonirovat space otherwise, floor better left turns.

Moreover, higher than the floor, the ceiling below. And, therefore, the air is so valuable in urban settings, less.

10. We fight the floods

Do not lift the floor of the bathroom and toilet rooms : water tends to run down. And if you are not, God forbid, burst pipe or valve may suffer parquet floors, laminate, the furniture, neighbours bottom ... To prevent this problem is better than the solution : Make a small Fender. If the incident light (for example, potek valve), and joins perimeter hermetically sealed, a "reservoir" fills earlier than 12 hours, a man comes in the same bathroom on average every 4-6 hours, so it is likely to flood case will not take place.

One last thing : do not forget that the toilet is not just you.

If you got into redevelopment, to see that the bedroom is not close to the neighbouring bathroom. Noise lander water will be a very nice little ships. While one my friend, remember, comfort themselves that this is the live "natural" sound technical among urban noises.

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The author of the article : Elena Sukhareva

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