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Features bedroom design

Дизайн спальни Not so long ago, had to hear from the people involved in the repair of his new apartment : "A rationale for a design for the house. I only sleep there, and I am quite sure that it was comfortable bed. " Naturally, I disagreed with him and tried to explain just what points should be taken into account when designing the interior bedrooms.

Most importantly, if you really want to live in a comfortable and stylish homes, the bedroom design needs to be addressed in the same manner as in the whole flat. Mixing elements of different historical styles in one house can be successful only if this results in your sole and unique style. So when selecting styling solutions bedrooms should be remembered that it is part of your house, not quite a place that has no relationship to the rest room.

If your house is a good deal of room, it is necessary to take into account several factors in the selection room, which will become bedrooms. First, it should be as removed from the noisy places, the kitchen, dining room and living room. If you want to settle in the two-house, the bedroom to be on the second floor, as a rule, the first floor is always wet, and the majority of facilities and general office supplies : entrance hall, kitchen, and kladovki ʼ.

Most important in the design bedrooms for you

Very important, which will go bedroom window. Account should be taken of your personal preference. If you "taste", it would be better to select a bedroom room with windows on the east : then you will enjoy the rising sun rays. If you "Education", the windows should go to the west. Then the sun can make you stand "is not light-not the dawn, and on the morning of the bedroom is Stygian.

The bedroom is only your personal preference :-want to choose a small room, and you will most spacious apartment. The main thing is that the bedroom is conveniently accommodated there. So, if you want to sleep in the room only and do not intend to put a lot of furniture in it, it was logical to choose for a small bedroom apartment. But if the flat can, it is better if the bedroom is a spacious room.

The bedroom of places to sleep can be a place to rest. It can be stored in this case, and bar and a small library with a bookcase, coffee table and two soft comfortable chairs, as read at night, it is better to sit and not lying. If the flat is not allowed to withdraw a separate room under the gymnasium, the simulation can also take a corner bedroom. If you sleep helps calm music, it is appropriate to the bedroom of a small music center. A morning will help you make charging everybody, rhythmic music. Here are just a television set in his bedroom is not : its radiation is harmful to health, so it better be in a room where you spend less time, and lying watch television, too bad.

Each of the zones more spacious multi-bedroom clear. Naturally, this does not mean that we should put inside walls or rooms plank in every area of your floor coverings, wall should not be colored. Draw each zone may help multilevel ceiling and lighting. In mini-biblioteke ceiling could be slightly lower than in the rest room, just in a bar, a sports corner, on the contrary, it would be better to raise raising. Above the chair or coffee table, it is placed lamps and bulbs in a bar can be mounted in the wall locker.

The bedroom is the size and amount of furniture, you have a place. Say no protiskivatsya comfortably in a small bedroom between the bed and a huge bulky wardrobe cabinet. A large tiny bedroom furniture may simply become almost invisible, and create a sense of empty comfortless rooms.

The birds bedrooms certainly bed. The first step is to choose a place for it. If the bedroom is designed for one person, the bed can be turned sideways to the wall, but double beds, it needs to be put to the wall bedside, so that - it can be approached from two sides and there would be no need perelazit each other or getting putting. In any case, it must be closer to the window : happy, yes, watch, see the sky and landscape in the window and not a wall opposite.

So, what will the bed depends on the overall styling solutions apartment. In classic style flat bed can be wooden, with carved ornaments on the backside, whenever Rugs and embroidered blankets. The modern interior can accommodate a bed in a simple rectangle made of modern materials. The home of my friend uvlekayuschegosya contemporary trends in art, I really like your bed, no matter how stubborn in the air. This has been done through the high and thin feet, located deep under the bed.

The bed is a matter that has attracted the attention of the bedroom in the first place, is to think about how to frame the wall above it. It just-it is not customary to hang so many flat carpet factories manufacturing. This element of decoration is indeed a style decision. The "classical" interior can accommodate anyone can reproduce pictures of illustrious artists past and turned mural of natural wood. The style of "Indian" - an abstract picture with smooth lines. This is only possible examples - professional designer always find your sole and unique conception of your bedroom.

Another important detail : in the city will be very useful, if you have a bedroom air conditioner, or, otherwise, klimat-sistemu. Arrange conditioner, for better bedside beds. Not necessarily directly overhead, it just right or left, so that while sleeping he was on their heads. In any other location, you run the risk of a chronic colds.

It said a few words about the color processing bedrooms. Here, too, a lot depends on your individual preferences. Some otdyhaetsya better in a bright room, someone in the dark walls, creating a sense of shadow. Remember only that the dark colors visually narrow space, so they are not very desirable in a small bedroom, but in a large room they are more than welcome. Designers, in fact, in most cases, recommend the use of the bedroom dark tone, and that is another argument in favour of choice for a large space.

In the bedroom it can be used yellow is a color of joy, is a green-soothing, if at night you like to reflect or read, is a blue-and it is believed that it stimulates intellectual activity. Home-Avoid sharp and bright color. Walls bedrooms should relax.

Paul bedroom in the best of fortune. Ideal parquet or parquet board : they "breathe". Can bed and min, as it is to walk barefoot feet, but it requires careful and frequent care : it is very unlikely that you will want to sleep in the dusty room, and manufactured from synthetic materials. Better put on the parquet rug Natural wool or small mats near the bed and between the bed and a wardrobe closet.

To make better use of cotton wall covering. They recently appeared in the range finishes, but won strong sympathy secured apartment owners. They are both strong and flexible polymeric and "breathe" as emulsion. In addition, they can give all kinds of wall surfaces invoice.

It is, and the presentation of the bedroom ceiling. If lying on the bed, you do not want to contemplate a flat white surface, you can ask a designer to invent something unconventional. It may be a style typical of past times and stucco, even art paintings. For modern design can be implemented with multi-ceiling folding curved lines. It is important that it fits harmoniously into the overall style bedrooms. Remember only that the ceilings greatly reduce the height of the room, so they would not be used in rooms with already low ceilings. For any bedrooms very good to be suspended ceiling. It can be not only flat, but curved, and even the corrugated-and reduce the height of the room by an average of 3 cm.

Дизайн спальни The bedroom is very important and light solution. To be most open to natural light, is not available beside wardrobe, he better find a seat in the corner or niche. A deck, on the contrary, a better place near the window.

Lighting bedrooms should be multifunctional and diverse. The light must be sufficiently strong, but blurred. This can be achieved through opaque glass on the chandelier and can be altogether from the chandeliers and lamps arranged on the walls so that the light reflected from the ceiling, unless the ceiling but will be colored light blue color, there is the illusion of the sky over their heads. Lighting reflected light and good position at the junction of ceilings. The light does not need to be as bright, so the switch should be relays, allowing smooth control brightness light.

It should be quiet and local coverage. One fixture should be located next to the bed, so that he got up at night, you would not have bresti in darkness to switch to the opposite end of the room. It would be very helpful if you would pass switch to include light, entered the room and switched off already lying on the bed. The same lamp can be used in reading at night. If the bedroom is designed for two, then these fixtures, of course, would be two. Individual coverage in the bedroom for two to be a wardrobe and cabinet that, disguised, you did not have to be bright light of another person. Lighting near the deck or toilet seats may not be very bright, but the light from them to be targeted and sharp : theatre artists, grimiruyas enjoy the bare light bulb, as with a sharp light more visible all the details of the person.

These are just common things to consider coming to the processing room. In order to achieve maximum harmony and comfort, I would turn to a professional designer. Then you need only to list their wishes, he would come up to you several options for the conception, and you choose the most feel.

The author of the article : AV Smirnov
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