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Glass History

Hardly a man Mikhail Fyodorovich, and the distant time-tsar-gosudar All Russia, to imagine that povelev in 1635 arranged the first glass factory and cheque to direct portal Eliseya Kohta from Sweden, thus mark the beginning of a great industry. Nevertheless, not overnight, but it happened. And not just because it required for the glass case serious investment that competitors Kochta of steklopromyshlennikov do not hurry. Waited royal promotion, as well as the company would be called the grants. Waiting only ascension to the throne of Peter I, which has not only helped enterprises, but also personally sent masters in Europe for training Glassmaking. The public expense, he opened two plants, after obtaining the consent of the Germans : saying that they would charge them, as well as train master craftsmen in the field. With the emergence of people of all technology clearly glassblowing was, flourish : Maltsevskie plants, plant Bahmeteva in the Penza province, the Imperial glass factory under Petersburg… worked often with fuelwood; Equipment was at a low level, as opposed to manual handling, even then almost brought to the artistic. In general, ripe for what we call "art glass," that is, when alcohol at the artful invention, and therefore makes things creative, talented, bright and are sometimes surprised by their more technologically equipped colleagues.

But, of course, this is not about the day. That is the specific skills and we are the same, but technology are not particularly short. Now, we run very many options to communicate with the light oduhotvorenno-esteticheskoy substance called glass, and modern glue, splavki, ways of handling edges and the surface can make it virtually any object interior. Interior doors and walls; Separate glass cells and completely made of glass "wall" that existed independently of any rigid structures; Office furniture, resistant weight equipment; Stairs with transparent level, rejecting entrenched stereotypes fragility and unreliability of the material; Bar counters; Chairs and even chairs, no fancy designers numbers as a means of processing and material. Easy and clean lines, elegant form and functional diversity, it is very difficult to overestimate the role of glass in a sleek modern interior. Everyone knows that the choice of material in the manufacture of any of the subject depends on the functional and aesthetic loads last. Often, the question arises : Is the glass, traditionally viewed as such frangible withstand? Of course, for the manufacture of furniture, it is commonly used thickness of 6 to 19 mm. In any case, fears that the surface may "folding", not because the material, though fragile, but has great resistance to pressure. Thus, the glass square 100x100 (1.5 cm quietly inclined to load up to 100 kilograms.

Glass can be transparent and can be frosted, patterns and images, including color; Figure can be processed edges, which avoids the necessity of a framework, or be manufactured in technology "CRASH" ( "broken" effect). Your home, decorated glass parts, prevent any confusion with any other : napoenny light decoration emphasize its uniqueness and originality. Not to use the best and expensive materials, sometimes just a touch to completely transform create its own world, and the use of glass in the interior - this is the case. But in the hierarchy of glass are particularly valuable things, "executed" gutnym way. They are usually thick and weighty enough, as if to life in a free space. They were little two measurements, it is supposed by its form, to assess the invoice and rich saturated color.

But not only aesthetic quality distinguished glassware. This clean material, as a molten-sand, absolutely innocent life. There is another large and full "for" : namely, the unique transparency of the glass. Try to focus on a piece of glass. Very soon, you have a sense of freedom, ethereality, cleanliness. The same combination with mirrors, glass creates a wonderful effect of increasing space. However, the mirrors themselves are also from… What if there could be a "trick" home your home, messengers different styles and commanders of the interior parade.

It's amazing how much fragile material can take a thousand forms. However, the molten glass becomes a rolling, easily taking bends, the wizard fantasy pictures, almost always adding something and of itself, and then falls asleep. Mirrors is a type of "glass" design. Contrary to popular perception, rectangles time has passed. A large, longer in length mirror that hangs in the living room, is a dynamic, even kinematografichny portrait in the interior. A vertical mirror-canonical superficial portrait, a very static and representative. The combination of statics and dynamics can be achieved by a number of two or even three large mirrors in the absence of distortion svetoprelomleniya and color. We recommend this solution emotional, intense and creative types. Please note the frame - they must be light, almost transparent. Often, instead of a dull edge of the frame just otdelyvayut fatsetom, beautiful patterns, application of the pieces of glass and light. Incidentally, they also can be used to simulate lighting. And there is no need for large numbers of mirrors, one needs to reflect the light box in the shadow of the room. Lights revives its glass, creating shapes glares, as understood : without the proper lighting, no part will not feel easy and unpretentiously. One need artificial lighting and dark background, while others prefer the bright sun, especially located in multiple light-stained glass compositions amazing.

Their fragile soul is the soul of the artist, it can not be repeated, be cheap or encourage replication. The stained-glass windows are unmatched dial, colorful paint life, and together with prelomlyayuschimisya sunlight improves interior. Mix of colored glass, grouped according to the brain and fingers born creator, able to play only one color filling space. Glass art as a unique and durable roads as durable glass. But not only can boast of his window to favored : interesting watched glass composition and glass roofs atriums and decoration internal doors. By the way, the use of glass in the interior doors - is not a novelty, just in the past few years it has become more expressive, pulling on a fashion to the solid glass doors, and often, even the entrance.

Glass in the interior is the best combined with the principles of future housing-visual openness, the inextricable connection to nature and ecology. Humanity has become increasingly fond of light. Transparent space soluble in the air furnishings, multidimensional are fashionable, and it is certainly true. Although slow, but our architecture is becoming more "European". Planck claims not only to the internal decoration of our homes, but also to the facades of buildings, access nodes, the first floors of the central processing line comes above all, trying not to fall below the concept of "quality". Glass rotary satisfy ideally mounted at the windows, mirror fronts, which reflect the sky, and they are to be found not only in Western magazines and advertising brochures. Glass is no longer shy, it gained strength and looking far ahead.

Author : Kadrina Aysitulina
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