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Lesson space savings

When it comes to furniture, space-saving, first of all, I remembered a cabinet - coupe or raskaladyvayuschiesya sofas. While these objects have long become the prose of life, ergonomic solutions are not restricted. Today there is virtually no subject furniture, which would be its "ergonom-version".

Furniture in the wall

Урок пространственной экономии

Why is the idea of ergonomic enjoy such popularity? In addition to limited space, there are a number of other equally important reasons. For example, apartment-studio during the day, several times changed his appointment. The bedroom, living room, office, dining room, the venue of the party and re-bedroom. And to one room could play all these roles, a furniture that "traffic light" turns up, getting new meaning and purpose.

It is in such cases come to the aid of the emerging furniture. For example, the wall privinchenny table barely took a seat folded. But it is open and replace him bright, light-chairs (by the way, also folding), in a charming room mini-cafeteria. This option is very fitting for a small kitchen. Incidentally, it can play the role of desktop and wide, long arc. And part of the wall can be not only smaller furniture, but a bed, driven to the wall. Should it pull on the handle and the employee based in razlozhennom form, and the bed is ready.

Two in one

After contacting the obvious usability furniture ordinary objects seem extremely dysfunctional. For example, even a small pufik half in diameter, fit only for the seat, not particularly practical. Then, as if it is hollow inside and snimayuschiysya top, it can be used as the logo for clothes, household clothes, etc. If hidden under the padded wooden surface, which in turn has a cavity to keep things pufik could be used as a coffee table.

Incidentally, again back to the tables. Your kitchen can not support traditional foot, but a small bedside with a few boxes of stuff or storage tanks, newspapers and magazines. The place under the table, the top operational use by children's games in the "house" - is the owner of the new version.

The long-awaited guests

Урок пространственной экономии

However, maximizing the functionality of each item of furniture is not concerned about flat owners. But the additional berths field periodically arises in every home. Again, it's best to resolve it through usability furniture.

Excellent idea for a case-seat-beds. As pleased to enter into long conversation after midnight, resting in a comfortable, upholstered chair! And it has spread, and dream your guest will be profound and serene.

Another option is a modern alternative to the good old bed : inflatable sofas and beds. Using the pump in a matter of minutes can be subject to mild room furniture. And, you can take a rest and "savage". The big tent will become quite fit comfortable house.

Usability child

Урок пространственной экономии

Children's room is a place where open space is essential. It is through play a child learns and once there are new skills and have a place to play. In close, even if equipped with the basic necessities, placing baby will not fit. The parents especially appreciate ergonomically furniture.

A classic example is the two-bed, which can also sport. Indeed ladder, it already has. Joy children will not limit, if it is staffed and a water slide, swings and rings.

Parents tiny baby will appreciate bed with a built-chest of drawers and Café Bench. This version of "three-in-one" in size not much more than normal children's beds, but one purchase immediately solve many problems. And, you can use the bed until the crumbs are not of three.

Bath : there's an idea!

Урок пространственной экономии

Yet often there is a shortage of storage space in the bathroom. Standard planning more capable of claustrophobia than a sense of spac 9ebf iousness. But oddly, it is a place obdeleno attention designer, "ergonomov".

Most often for free bath replace shower, washbasin and buy, or accessories in your kitchen cupboard. Another option-niches in the walls, officials shelves for cosmetics, or special rack in a sofa basis with transparent pockets.

However, if your bathroom has a window that will zanavesheno in any case, it can insert light, glass shelves. Appear to have jars of creams and shampoos, as well as figurines make me comfort in the idea of a refined interior.

This and many other examples prove that the ergonomic furniture is not only functional but also beautiful. So necessarily choose between practicality and style. Suffice it to discover the flavors of Ergonomic design and make their lives more comfortable.

Author : Maria Petrus
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