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How to choose the wall

Стенка Wall-and the most common form of the first modern multifunctional storage systems. In our country there are walls in the 1970s and immediately gained universal acceptance. Different kinds of walls can be found in the lounge and children, halls and offices. The dignity wall-its capacity and storing virtually any belongings. Almost all of your property, but the most important items may "get" like a big wall.

Wall consists of several shkafov-sektsy various purposes, pridvinutyh close to each other. These sections may be of varying widths : single (40-50 cm) and double (80-100 cm). Depending upon the length of the wall you want to take a side, to choose and the number of sections. Moreover, the choice of elements depending on the thickness and composition of the things you want in the store, as well as the amount of money you have decided to allocate to buy wall.

Each section of the wall (the so-called module, or component) is designed to keep certain things or objects. There are TV-sektsii, Section of the bar, all sorts of windows and glass panels to store books, as well as utensils and other items toiling, single and double shkafy-sektsii with mezzanine and without, etc. Many sections of the wall at various altitudes are open shelves for books, magazines and souvenirs, as well as sliding boxes of clothes and miscellaneous items. The doors closed shelves, cabinets and lockers can swing and slide (like shkafa-kupe c500 ). Glass and glazed panels are part transparent or opaque.

Firmy-prodavtsy offer both options ready sets, and automated assembly walls. Configuring the wall may be different : the direct (or linear), and even angular P-obraznaya. Standard wall, which is located along one wall of the room, usually consists of fewer elements than Mr. or P-obraznaya, although, of course, exceptions. If the wall must take into account the configuration of the size and shape of the premises in which she will be. The small rectangular room usually only linear layout sections. In cubicles square is appropriate both direct and angular distribution of components. The spacious rooms with large, good for any type of layout wall, from linear to the U. In addition to the wall of the premises can be purchased individual subjects sitting headset.

Physically corner variety walls differ from their fellow direct a corner element (in cross section, he said isosceles right triangle). The angular section is usually placed at the intersection of two adjacent walls. Ingeniously dress and watched as corner windows and bookcases along the walls all the usual straight. The height of the modules that make up the wall, can be varied. In modern sets often occur, for example, low chests of drawers and high glazed cabinets.

Стенка The range of materials used in the production of cabinet furniture is extremely wide. Exclusive models walls made of the most expensive material-wood in the form of veneer or (walnut, oak, cherry, birch, pine, etc.). Usually, however, are made of wood cabinets only facades. Most often, as a basic material for the manufacture of cabinet furniture used by the DSP, MDF and other plates coated with a durable polymer laminate and melamine, or colored varnish. If funds permit, to prefer MDF as a more durable and environmentally friendly material. When buying a wall of DSP ask the seller hygienic certificate, which must contain the amount formaldegidov.

Price wall depends on the number of elements that make it up, and price used in its manufacturing and basic materials.

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