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Indiscreet charm East

Нескромное обаяние Востока

So, in the eastern interior style returns in the past noble houses under it to provide a "eastern" room, fully recognizing its exotic luxury. Today, you are likely to sacrifice for your main East-sitting room.

Before conversion, you must consider at least two things : if you have a small room, the Oriental decor of the space will seem even less, because the basic colours eastern interior is dark. And second : before proceeding with the repair, weigh their immune opportunities - if you have a little tendency to allergies, eastern interior may be unacceptable to you because of the abundance of textiles.

The floors and walls in patterns

Пол и стены в узорах

Suppose there is no contra-then you are ready for discharge. If you parquet on the floor, you need to be prepared for the fact that you have closed his carpet. If the carpet on the floor is not in your plans, replacing parquet min at some eastern flavor : Bordeaux, magenta, blue and terracotta. The same thing you have to do with the wall. All you need carpets with Persian design, as such times, which were on them and zavesheny virtually all the apartments in Soviet times (to its credit, they were very good quality). Today, the carpets, if not discarded, forgotten somewhere in a closet, and your new idea could give them a second life.

Incidentally, in the eastern cherno-krasno-zeleny carpet pattern is not just granted : the ancient belief enshrined in the eastern sur ancient characters and protect the house from evil spirits.

Another option walls, upholstery fabrics. There is no less expensive than natural carpets. For stud walls will not come as, and the rich fabric-silk, velvets, video or even gold. It was not necessary to do your wall straight : let down beautiful fabric wrinkles, creating an atmosphere of the eastern tent. If this is a luxury you can not afford, you can simply beautiful wallpaper with screen. Color all the same, Persian-juicy, deep and desirable "decorated" town. In fact, Gilding and other shiny surface is necessary satellites eastern interior. The glares, glamour and the game world, you can not only visually enhance "eaten" dark color space, but to revitalize the eastern lighting up Stygian.

Details interior

Детали интерьера

Now that the framework is based on, proceed to the selection of furniture. There is not much mudrit : if you want to see in their true east room, boldly pereselyayte life closer to the floor. An easy and elegant option is a horizontal shkaf-podium on the floor. You simply breaking of the room, zastilaete its carpet-and this space is somewhere between a spacious low sofas and tables. There you can serenity lying among cushions, and if necessary, make "village", pigeonholes bright tablecloths. Inside the same locker very convenient to store things : a bed, clothes, etc. However, if such a drastic option you uncomfortable, try to make a bed of conventional razlozhennogo sofa. The recipe is the same : a rug, many colorful pillows can be added to all transparent Drweca of colored organza.

Another win-win way of furniture eastern colour-reach it with a smooth colored silk or satin. This could be chairs, beds, chairs, a small sofa like Ottoman. If the room is a table, it also should be zastelen beautiful textiles. Buy a number of suitable tone fabrics and order tablecloths and curtains, decorated with fringes, beads and fringe bisernymi under "gold". Drapiruyte tissue as much as possible to play in the light silk folds. Curtains in the windows is best done in two layers : first-light organza, top-heavy velvets.

Exquisite gifts

Finally, you can proceed to the main-room house in the eastern your gift. It is up to them to complete the decor and make it truly alive. What exactly is this appropriate? A key feature of course, is Kalyan-alias drama set your home parties. Another essential component-candles in brass candlesticks or ironwork lamps, beads and decorated with colored kamenyami.

The East is very fond of alluvial gemstones, so if you live long brown shiny beads, you can put them directly on the dish in artistic disarray, without worrying if something is housed and sveshivaetsya with edges. The same theme could be continued in the frame for the mirror : the wide-field patterns, stop on a round metal coloured stones. The wall carpet will look very true cross swords or daggers, decorative copper plates. All of this is sold in abundance on the eastern markets resorts Turkey and Egypt. There you will find a variety of items : metal vases with patina, large ceramic jars, set lips, metal and textile quilts littered with colored gems box, etc. The choice of decorative accents is so large that the most important thing is not pereborschit details. In some eastern style itself teetering on the brink of poor taste, and your task is to give him a sense of spicy game "Tales thousand and one nights"…

Author : Marina Voronezhskaya
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