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the use of wood in the interior

использование дерева в интерьере

Wood initially briefly left our homes. Log walls gave way to brick and panel. Wooden furniture potesnilas of metal and glass surfaces. Then began the reverse movement, and the tree was safe and massive return to the people. Particularly in the interior.

So is this wood? Anachronism? Nostalgia? Fashion? Or eternity basic traditions?

Interior reflects the values and ideals of his time, smenyayas every 15-20 years. In the current diversity of styles when to coexist simultaneously-association on historical styles and tech, minimalist style and music, all the possible and permissible, in the most unexpected combinations, and the success of creativity is a measure of taste and talent of the designer.

The fate of wood in the interior is unusual. Initially, associated with the peasant cottages and therefore considered vulgar, it has "maskirovalos" - portieres used on the walls, upholstery various tissues, finishing stone, a variety of exotic materials such as ivory and amber. In the second half of the 19 th century, after oboznachivshegosya to 1940s style collapse of a single, when architects were using techniques and principles of art direction, it is particularly notable expansion in the interior of the tree. Great cross-cutting style of the home, there are rooms in the Greek spirit, and smoking in the bathrooms "Mauritanian taste", tableware in the nature renaissance, the library, podrazhayuschie "Faust" Cabinet ... And the tree is brought in all their glamour, the style, species and functional diversity-kessonirovannye ceilings, floors, panels on the walls with a built furniture.

The privilege of the rich, wooden houses fireplace decorated with thread, in this case the function of art is clearly dominates the utilitarian. For libraries and offices characterised by the built-in furniture, cabinets and shelves, brackets and divanchikov Poloczek, combined with your single CT76 and forming part of a door in the form of portals. The tendency to freeze furniture evident later in the modernist era in the integration of a number of separate zones within the premises in new furniture, connecting several functions sofa, flankiruemogo lockers, sometimes with an open shelf and mirror over them.

The built-in furniture and freeze fully justified in modern apartments. Today, designers offer successful development of these methods of space.

The historic interiors has been characterized fill wooden frames, both panels on the walls or solid door fabrics, different materials, leather, marble, fabric. Return to the reception also seems interesting and promising.

Modern technology of the tree can also be used as a means of expression, not only the texture and color of natural teak timber, but also significantly expand the range of decorative opportunities through toning and colour.

To finish the floor in our homes, because of natural conditions, the tree is indispensable.

With plenty of new materials and technologies that will contribute to the renewal of the usual things and new, wood - sometimes displaced, sometimes competing with other parts of remains, the most natural and organic person is "material" materials, largely defines our artistic tradition, the style of modern Russian interior.

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