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Зеркало в интерьере

Mirror. Simple, one might say trifling or even like minded gizmos. But what has power over people! (V. Pravdivtsev "These mysterious mirrors)

In one poem Sergei Esenin there scene, specifically a leitmotif of lyrical hero, as well as himself avtor-poet and roisterer, meets with intrusive manner "black people". Hero suffer, wants to free itself from the prosecution of his company, but to no avail. But once it comes to their homes, once again see that the black man in power using him as a walking stick, but is only ... in the mirror.

So traditions that when we buy paint, floor covering, or choose conditioner, then consult with specialists. But it has come to acquire a mirror. In this case, we have demonstrated remarkable courage and even some courage : not much Semiconductor, we leave the face of the excellent reflective surfaces, virtuosity performed Baroque geometry, compared with the volume, which he would fit in our submission, and hurry to hand. And yet ...

Paraphrasing an wrote, note : there is not valued very cheap and people is not so expensive, as erroneously selected and placed them wrong mirror.

Earlier I referred to the words of one, I think, interesting people, a whole encyclopedia author of the interaction of man with mirrors, Vitaly Pravdivtseva. Investigating the matter, he, the candidate of technical sciences in the field of artificial intelligence, analysing thousands of domestic and foreign sources, including not only the works of scientists, but also legends, beliefs, mysterious cases paranauchnuyu mystical literature, a book on philosophy, medicine, psychology, etc. dealing in varying degrees this aspect of human life, and on the basis of its own analysis created, according to the academician Volchenko V., "a great and worthy of respect for hard work, which may be the first time, put together exciting and varied material of the unusual properties of crystals and mirrors".

Sheer subtitles are very sobering for us : "whether harmless mirrors in the bedroom? "; "Wayward" evil spirits "; "Mirror-serial killer? "; "Genetics fighting with the memory of mirrors"; "Afraid that Abraham Lincoln"; "Mute witness testifies"; "Mirror at the home of the late"; "Information clean as a mirror, etc.

According to V. Pravdivtseva, broken mirrors, can be "energy blades and scalpels information", to be harbingers of bad events, and vice versa, the mirror has correctly chosen people good services, not only at home but also in biology, medicine, genetics, space and many other industries.

Of course, it is not my task is more credence to some apparent thought to myself fantastic writer, but because I wish this article to provide recommendations and the limitations of only using mirrors in the home.

According to experts, skillfully placed mirrors can create the impression of additional space, making even a small room in a great room. This effect, they note, has been used in the XVIII. in the courts, especially in the front and ball rooms.

The narrow entrance hall large mirror fills with the right or left of the entrance. It would be better if the mirror is in the whole wall. "This creates a mirror utter illusion of a huge space. However, experts say, is not covered by many small wall mirror tiles or mirrors. "They not only painful crush and distorted reflection, but also can make energy imbalance in our body".

A mirror over a fireplace Regiment very convenient location for the display of expensive bric "spectacular". The mirrors can be seen from all directions and admire them, without engaging in hand.

Several mirrors set at an angle next to each other, can give birth to unexpected phantasmagoria. If the number of expensive things you can create the illusion of wealth.

Mirror, located on a desk or musical instrument specialists note, avoiding the psychological discomfort. Sitting in them will be able, without inflicting, everyone who enters the facility.

In turn, the mirror placed in the kitchen, can saturate room light, energy, a good mood landlady, because stress culinary art connoisseurs, "nervousness and cook good food," two things are incompatible ".

The kitchen will be good not only forms a convex mirror, but brilliant dishes, metal trays, etc. and the like. All that, in its own sense mistress gives her a sense of peace and comfort.

But at meal times people should not see its way, as reported in the "Explanatory Dictionary" VI Dal.

Psychologists say that a person is in the bedroom, was vague about when it could not see the entrance. The experienced designers recommend placing a bed in the bedroom so that they can see the door of a side view. And here can also be a mirror located on the principle of "I see you, you have no".

A mirror on the wall perpendicular to the window, is likely to intensify the light, but also send it to the most remote places of the room.

According to V. Pravdivtseva, medical uses of solar beam "in medicine. Mirrored "massage", he said, helps people get rid of chronic pneumonia, back, asthma. And although the impact of the mirror reflected sunlight before the end of science is studied, said the author of the monograph, has accepted the fact : "reflected from the mirror sunlight tselebny".

Wisely placed mirrors, note many designers will help break a litany of symmetry, create fanciful forms of rhythm, color and light. At the same time, they consider it important to take into account comments and psychologists that "tired of the turmoil his soul yearns for the stability and order, a noble restraint, clarity and harmony, even if not lifestyle, at least in home furnishings".

So here mirror not only create balance and symmetry, but certainly a sense of spaciousness and freedom, without which, say experts in the fields of interior, we will never reach inner peace.

In short, every game with a mirror is good, "only that it is not damaging to health".

Incidentally, on health. Mirrors in which we can see his whole head, said after the eastern wise men V. Pravdivtsev very negative impact on our backs. Psychologists attribute this fact, he said, that people in this house feels left out. In the East, says scientist not recommend to hang a mirror so that it is "cut" sticks highest member of the family, because they believe it leads to a weakening of its energy and can cause headaches. For the same reason there immediately and mirrors too high. Mirrors, many researchers believe, in one way or another may have an impact on our bio.

There is another "golden rule", according to which "mirror" should not look at the "sleeper".

Psychologists attribute this to the fact that not all like the presence of "tacit". Kundalini consider this "dangerous" astrala lower energy can actively exposed sleeping. Still others argue that the "night in the mirror may flow energy and the" sleeping. Thus, mirror, directly addressed to the bed, in their view, is a sort of energy Vampire.

We know that our home may be some geopatogennye zone unsafe. The biolocation, which also refers V. Pravdivtsev argue that, by putting a mirror on the floor in the right place (for example, under the bed) reflecting surface down, we can get rid of radiation disease. It is also recommended that the sticker on the bottom bed, a chair or chair of the mirror foil crosses. "This brilliant cross is not only a reflection of energy, but also because of its form K'Cell and dispels it." Outcome-improving sleep and reducing irritability.

At the same time, it is recommended that mirrors set up a brilliant surface. Indeed, the mirror could not only neutralize dangerous radiation from the Earth, but also useful energy, visiting us from space.

One more word scholar can be certainly interesting to us. It refers to the conclusion that, "talking" with a mirror, "we lay in the mirror program, and it programs us." So, known Slavic tradition prohibits women look in the mirror in "unclean" periods : during the month, pregnancy and shortly after birth, it is not without perhaps some sense. For pregnant women, says V. Pravdivtsev, working in particular, the extreme mode, it produces new cells intensively. Mirror, "" zapomniv this information, it could impose others. And if they can also increase cancer program, it just one step away of tumours, God forbid, malignant.

Researchers of the issue believe that with mirrors better communicate in good spirits and "very respectful", making it a silent witness to the heinous domestic scenes. Mirror is not so simple as to reflect only that it "sees" here and now. "The Mirror believes that steepness ...", that it is not always penetrate our power.

It is felt that inherited inherited or purchased in antique shop mirror can contain a really bad for us. And it would be better if we, as noted by B. Pravdivtsev, clean "programmed" mirror, loaded another, unknown to us information.

In the old days the visit was not very pleasant people, the author, advised ground all mirrors in the house damp cloth. Better-wash them or holy spring water. Water, with its unique energy characteristics can "absorb" a false information, reducing or even "potentially" with her subjects.

Effect cleansing intensify if before a mirror about burned candles. The hot mirrors exempt from the information faster than cold.

For information cleansing come as a bright sun machine, quartz lamp radiation (UV, etc.).

But there are mirrors "bad", which "turned off" even religious candles. They need to steal away from home and destroy recommends V. Pravdivtsev.

Mirror accompanies man in his life for more than eight thousand years, as one of the phenomena of human culture. From the beginning it was both a certain "high-tech" and the works of art. It is self-old man, gaining them themselves and the world, leaving the znaemogo.

But not every role imposed mirrors, but we can be understood and accepted. Some of us simply communicating with a mirror only at the household level, someone takes it to the sponsors of its scientific discoveries, someone tries to break into the world imperfective warrior. I humbly raised here are some aspects of human relationships with mirrors, are part of the interior of our home.

According to my references, I have relied on sources that are reasonably named by the author of the monograph "recreation".

Please pardon our stringent proclaimed pundits and sober materialists.

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