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Wiring, we will lay accordance with the plan. In the document, which in effect will facilitate our lives, to two principles : electrical and ease of use.

So that should be taken into account when drafting the plan :

1. Electric meters, razvetvitelnye boxes, sockets and switches must be available for the maintenance and repair field, and cable shall be closed.

2. Switches are at the entrance to the room at a height of 1.5 m so that the front door was open blocked access. For the convenience of switches in one apartment, as a rule, have in all the buildings on the same side.

3. Outlets Located at the ground anticipated installation of electrical equipment at a height of 50-80 cm from the floor. The fire intake of outlets to be at least one for every full and partial 6 square metres of space, and in the kitchen at least three. Installing switches and outlets inside the toilets and bathrooms is prohibited. The exception is the outlet for shavers and hair dryers, nourished by isolating transformer with double insulation. Last mounted in a special unit outside the premises. Any sockets installed closer than 50 cm from the grounded metal devices (pipes, batteries, kitchen sinks, gas and electric). Outlets in the wall separating the two rooms of one apartment, conveniently installed on each side of the wall, including their parallel through a hole in the wall.

4. Leads are constructed only on the vertical and horizontal lines, and their location should be known precisely in order to avoid damage to drilling holes, driving nails, etc. Horizontal construction is at a distance of 50-100 mm from the cornice and bars at 150 mm from the ceiling and mouldings of 150-200 mm. Portrait hosts sites wires must be removed from the corners of rooms, windows and doors of at least 100 mm. You should check that the wires are not in contact with the metal construction building. Concurrent with the laying of pipelines near flammable materials (gas) is at a distance of not less than 400 mm. If piping hot (heating and hot water) wiring should be protected from heat asbestos gaskets, or to use wire with a protective coating. The lay wire bundles, as well as the distance between them less than 3 mm.

5. The branch office connectivity and wiring for all electrical connections and executed otvetvitelnyh boxes.

6. Residential and no protective earthing wires are connected by welding. Their accession to the electrical wires for grounding or a car, performed by bolts. Metal Packaging electrical zanulyayutsya (stationary), which built on a separate panel apartment for a six equal plane phase conductor, and joins zero protective conductor voltage to counter. The agents for protective grounding or a car, should not be breakers and switches. Otherwise, in the deployment of all devices included in this line would be a dangerous potential for the network.

These guidelines to be applied to the design of electrical flat. As you may have noticed, most of these rules on electrical safety. Indeed, when dealing with electricity should not be expected to sit and ignore them. Neat in the works to further protect you from many troubles.

The plan, layout and selection set to begin installation work. There are three ways to install : the hidden wiring, open wiring and combined.

The simplest method is to open the posting. It is convenient that any site is easily accessible for repairs and new electric connections. Installation is fast, so as not related to works of walls and partitions. The drawback of this method is low aesthetics, and the open wiring in the home is very rare. Nevertheless, individual housing, and to make ancillary buildings used frequently.

Ground rules for laying electrical installation open :

Проводка Clear wiring flat wire type APR, APPV, APRV for combusting under performed asbestos sheet layer thickness of at least 20m serving on each side conductors of not less than 5mm. Asbestos gaskets strengthen before installing wiring nails through 200-250mm in checkerboard patterns. When laying several groups wire bar can be shared, given the distance between the conductors of each group less than 5mm.

For fixing wires used strips of sheet width of 10mm and a thickness of 0.3 - 0.5 mm, affixed to the layer of asbestos. The metal strip and from the electrical wires are laid cardboard pad, he strips on the sides of 1,5-2mm. When attaching wires with a metal bar padding should tightly obhvatyvat surface pre-stretched around wires. Bending flat wires in the corners have tentatively carving out a separation between the film at length 40-60mm cables and giving their inside edge, as shown.

Currently sells plastic products for fixing flat wires of different sections. They can be replaced tin strips. Ease of use plastic homutikov is that they can be strengthened as nails, and glue marks BMK-5K.

Проводка The ends of wires imposed otvetvitelnye boxes or cartons mounting devices otkusyvayutsya with stock in the 65-75 mm, which provides the opportunity to connect wires and easy replacement outlet, switch. The box wires are so cut them a separation station grounds are kept out of the box. Residential wires connected in boxes, exposed wires all isolates adhesive tape. Isolated ends of the wires are laid in boxes so that they are not exposed. The ends of the wires in a box I caught on the fence at a distance from the wide chest.

The open wiring switches and sockets to set fixed to the wall of wooden or plastic podrozetnikah diameter 8-10mm more devices installed on it. At the turn of the overt and covert means of cables is laying cables in kabel-kanalah. On the one hand, all the benefits of an open entry, on the other hand, it is more secure and elegant. In addition, the cable together with the wiring could be accommodated cable television, telephone wires, etc. Used this type of wiring in offices, corridors and ancillary buildings housing. To construct computer networks, and the fire alarm system is a standard method. Kabel-kanaly produced in the form of empty boxes of various cross sections 1,5-2m and length of the floor tiles with domestic walls for cables. Kabel-kanaly mounted on glue or Sormat, direct and corner joints from a special fittings. Hidden wiring most common and safe in operation, as are below combustible material (no mechanical effects of air access to it difficult). The main disadvantage is impossible without opening walls to connect the new power.

Terms of the assembly to pave the way electrical closed :

Проводка When laying under the plaster on a wooden wall of the wiring layer podkladyvayut asbestos pipe.

Intersections flat wires between them should be avoided. If necessary, the isolation of wires at the site increased by three layers of tape.

Hidden wires place on the surface of walls floors (for the accession to the lighting) through the insulating pipes or plastic tubes.

Bracket flat wires in the furrowed, slots or wall, prepared under the plaster, a "primorazhivaniem" alebastrovym solution or renumber homutikami plastics. The attachment wires directly nails.
Connecting branch and wires hidden wiring is welding, opressovkoy, rations or clasps to otvetvitelnyh boxes. Allowed to hidden wiring to branch wiring in flat boxes off switches, outlets or lighting.

When repairing and upgrading electrical wiring under a layer of dry plaster punched in the grooves for the entire length is not needed. Dry generally applied plaster on the wall of rods, and between the wall and plaster is emptiness. In this case, to pave the wire, enough to penetrate the route in a few plaster holes 30-40mm. After that push hard wire, which can then be pushed wires throughout the route. The repair existing wiring can be used faulty wiring as a conductor.

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