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The light in the interior

Свет в интерьере How to light so that it delighted the eye and blend with the surrounding atmosphere, the mood was right and weaknesses nevertheless flat? That task is not easy, but achievable. However, it would require effort.

To begin with creative thoughts. Try to look at your house a fresh look, you like it, do not like, what you want to emphasize and what to hide? Finally, what kind of image you want to create? The stylish contemporary home? Creative disorder?

You light, shadow and color.

Before creating svetodizayn, consider the answers to the following questions :

What is more important for you-functionality or ornamental? Of course, ideally, those qualities must be balanced, but not always. You prefer to order or scattered light? Answers will vary for the different facilities. For example, the kitchen is convenient to have total coverage plus coverage for the working surface of the table.

In the bedroom, most preferred scattered and subdued light, and in the entrance hall, bright. Do you want to visually reduce or increase the size of the premises? If you have low ceilings send light on them, they will appear above. Conversely, if high ceilings send light down.

Constant, in the light of

Dark room seem smaller than it actually was, so small room (if not bedrooms) to illuminate brightly. Do not forget the colored light. Thus, the half-light pink light is good for a sitting-in the incident are always fresh, young and beautiful ... Blue and green light calm, orange-increases appetite and tones. Red incites passion ...

Most of the best lighting is a combination of upper beam (ceiling lighting) and the lower beam (desktop, wall and floor lamps).

Ceiling fixtures

So, ceiling lamps. Which to choose? The first comes to mind fixture.

The word "fixture" is derived from the French-lustre "God". Southern entered the fashion in the era of "korolya-solntse" Louis XIV. They adorned palaces and the homes of rich Crown. Gradually fashion on the palace chandeliers spread throughout Europe. The overall design chandeliers have not changed, but changed the format and number of trimmings (traditionally crystal). Trimmings can be circular, oval, vosmigrannymi, drip.

In an era of modernist chandeliers with a waterfall effect (suspension of sticks and crystal beadwork). Southern popular today. The choice of chandeliers phenomenal : you can order a piece of gold and Bohemian crystal, from Murano coloured glass, in order to allow purse and the overall style of your house. However, the popular love of chandeliers that existed in the Soviet Union and survived so far, it should be emphasized that the fixture, especially massive, far from coming to any interior and contraindicated for Little lower costs. Includes interior lighting Baroque, modernist classics, or (if this fixture of crystal or some other precious materials).

If you have not Palace, is limited lighting embedded in the ceiling, which is ideal for small and low costs. They also are preferred in the bathroom. Good work, they watched and child (to the same, lyuboznatelnoe my son to have no front).

Now apartments are sometimes used daylight lighting (fluorescent lamps). Most often, they find use in offices (such as a desk lamp) and indoor requiring smooth bright fine "without" (bathroom, entrances, etc.).

Floor lamps

Here we are in for a flight of fancy designers from the traditional lighting of the lamp before folding forms svetilnikov-shirm, lighting in the form of crystals, animals, etc. Floor lamps traditionally located in the living room, bedroom and the other "shaded" area. Usually they are not very bright scattered light.

Wall fixtures

Wall fixtures appropriate everywhere. They covered the mirror in the entrance hall, toilet table in the bedroom, to honor their favorite book in bed.

Desk lamp

And finally, every table lamps help us to work and to create the table. For all the variety of design table lamp still mostly functional thing, so important when choosing that it was comfortable to use, light was quite remarkable, but not blinding.

Decorative lighting

Apart from functional lighting, and there are decorative. This is primarily different light, with an emphasis on some parts of interior paintings, sculptures, aquariums, etc. interesting effect can be achieved if podsvetit floor-a feeling of weightlessness and "walking on water". Decorative effects can be built on the play of light and shadow. For example, a fixture in the form of balls with holes out for a very interesting shadows ...

Now some firms make lamps from unexpected materials, alabaster, amber, granite (for reasons desktop lighting), skin. Typically, these lights are used to "display" space-lounge, office. Not so roskoshny, but diverse, practical and cheap plastic fixtures. Home-style Indian indispensable fixture of metal and glass.

Indeed, the basic rules for the selection of lighting a bit : he must give a light, you need a degree of brightness, and sent to the place you need to be convenient to use, enjoy the eye and not "escape" from the interior styling solutions. Everything else depends on your taste, imagination, physical capacity and the size of your home.

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The author : Anna Krol