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Электрооборудование    Свет украшает и защищает Electrical Light decorates and protects

Light decorates and protects…

Источники направленного света Sometimes artificial light that fills our homes evening, "smoothing" its uniform all the details and denies interior identity, expressiveness. To make clear the dignity of the house interior decoration, they must be able to "highlight". This goal is designed light sources, which we are going to tell.

Highlight the panorama of important objects easily by lighting projector type. They are a powerful flux, which can be used accurately in the "objective". For example, the interesting architectural details, niches, arches, fireplaces. Or at the curtains to enjoy the fascinating game of light and shadows in the folds of cloth. Or just wall to beautify its original "pattern" bright lights and dark zones. The lights can add colour, using different shades of light to create an atmosphere in a room…

Lighting projector type can be single or combined two or three sources. In the second case, the intensity of radiation is much higher. Such devices are typically laid on the wall or ceiling. There are also configuration in a single spotlight, as set forth in the rod, or turning "eyeballs", in Operation ceiling.

If you want podsvetit picture wall or other object, you can use the small lighting projector type. However, for this purpose increasingly using miniature tube lights in the wall holders.

Often interior decorations are collections, delicious dishes and pottery. They are available on the open shelves, in glass cabinets and special windows. Decorative lighting helps focus attention on such sites. Note that the use of lights in this case is not the best option. This type of lighting is too "frank", it lacks finesse. Much more could be achieved by utilizing a back-up light small tube filament lamps. To the sources were not visible, they are laid under the shelves. In the case of the glass surfaces, use lamps with frosted lens light. Such instruments are positioned in the lower or upper parts of windows to be completely permeated the soft light.

A few words to say about such an important function of as protecting the home. No wonder hurry! We all know that the intruders prefer darkness, and brightly illuminated windows likely will discourage them, because hackers can no longer be sure that the owners are not available. And even if they do choose to enter the illuminated housing, it is likely that outside their say vigilant neighbors or protection.

Emulate with light presence in the house of people helping special programmable devices including stationary and portable lamps. In time, given the owner, or simply with the onset of twilight, they automatically lit in the room light. Just now it is available equipment, which creates a very difficult "scenarios" : occasional light will be in one room and then others in unpredictable sequence. The potential attacker, who may have followed the windows were simply shot down with a very strong interest in this "spectacle".

    1. Low halogen bulb, providing bright white light as well podsvechivayut collection of art glass.

    2. Colored lights can stress Colors room, but hidden in a recess light source is focused on expensive antique things.

    3. Podsvetit and identify each item will help combination Little spotlight on clips and free standing appliances for individual lights.

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