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How do lighting

Светильники Perceptions interior depends largely on the distribution of brightness and color elements and interior decoration items.

Light and space

With the changing brightness of light reflected from the floor, walls and ceiling, changing the visual perception of space proportions, so varying brightness, you can "correct" amount of space.

  • Dark ceiling seem lower and lighter-high. Too light box "reduces" the height of the premises. A bright wall at the end of a narrow corridor to make it more visible.
  • Color warm tones "bring" items (for example, yellow walls seem closer), and cool-off. "
  • In small rooms to visually expand space and increase density should increase the illumination light walls and a decorative materials reflecting the good properties (ie high reflection coefficient), a large-apply the same reception, but for the floors and ceilings.
  • Windows, paintings and mirrors to "expand" space.
  • In covering large spaces make better use of direct light fixtures.
  • It should be remembered that the black "limited" room, a white-expanding. "
  • If in a narrow room lighting along the median line ceiling, the room will seem even narrower. To expand its visually, it is necessary to arrange for lighting, tilted to one side.
  • The room can be functional areas, not only the wall but also through local lighting fixtures, such as dishes.

Light and form

Светильники How we perceive a thing happens depends on the brightness of its surface and the resulting distribution of its shadows. So, light can "manage" the form of increase or, unfortunately, to reduce their expressiveness. Here, the important thing is to choose the direction of incident light flux. If the unit is evenly covered on all sides, it may seem flat, as well as to spread coverage volume lost.

  • The best result of a combination of diffuse and specular lighting designed to direct light, but the object (such as, for example, an individual person), with a deep, strong relief, important role soft scattered or reflected light.
  • Applying for light fixtures, need to avoid creating unwanted shadows that can change the shape and covered, and the nearby site, as well as the interior as a whole.
  • If the explanation is uneven, its individual parts are perceived as lying at different levels.
  • Experimenting with the shade, you can create a wide variety of dynamic light in a room.

Light and Color

  • If the room a uniform illumination, the warm colors perceived brighter than cold.
  • If the surface of objects, walls, etc. coloured in dark colors, the invoice and processing are clearly visible.
  • On the bright background object looks darker, and a darker-colored.
  • Color warm tone benefit coverage filament lamps and lamp teplo-belogo bit light.

Svetotsvetovoy comfort

  • The visual fatigue increases with the sudden brightness variations. But too monotone lighting is also not a good solution.
  • If you finish using rich and varied tone colors, the visual fatigue increases.
  • When finishing a lot better use of color with little saturation.

Colors and moods

It is known that color affects people emotionally.

  • Red shades are stimulating.
  • Blue tone creates a sense of coolness and calm.
  • White and black tone underlines paradnost and festivity environment.

Please note that the perception of the same color may vary depending on climate areas, as well as the habits and tastes rights.

Opinion experts

It is difficult to say definitely what better lighting in the room. Perhaps only recommend to the general rules of lighting in the apartment. Thus, in the corridor and other areas where the need for continuous coverage, better use of general lighting fixtures with compact fluorescent lamps (PPC).

Светильники In living rooms are more likely to use general lighting and local lighting (where required : a coffee table, for TV, in the recreation area, etc.). The bedroom appropriate subdued lighting soft light reflected light. Near the bed, at bedside, it is possible to produce low-power lamp or eating, and to hold fine light sources with a good Color. In the children's room should be as general lighting, as well as local. In the kitchen, in addition to the core lighting with incandescent lamps need backlight working areas where food is prepared, cleaned utensils. This convenient lighting with fluorescent tubes output up to 30 watts. Moreover, the lights in closets, drawers and other furniture can be used by small spotlights.

To use artificial and natural light, we need to apply separately located fluorescent lamps, New panels, various finishing materials with high coefficient of reflection, an artificial light source can be used fluorescent lamps and holodno-belogo teplo-belogo light.

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