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The heater

Hot water is a prerequisite for a normal life. And her absence in the summer months, unfortunately, the harsh reality of our lives with you. Not to mention the cottage garden or village homes. But desperate provisions, as we know, there is no such thing. And you have to enjoy hot water in the quantities that you require. Just for that need water. Protochny or savings, or pressure sensors, and the power of what amount to these and other questions we will try to answer in this article.

Protochny or savings?


The two types of water heaters differ in the way water heaters, some of the technical performance and cost. The idea is simple. Heating is when passing through a heating element-TEN. Electricity and consumed only in the use of hot water. The main advantage of such heaters that do not have to wait until the water warms. In addition, they are compact and weigh little. Their main disadvantage is a great power (from 3 to 27 kW / h), but because protochniki not connect to the normal outlet - will extend a special cable to a standpipe. Maximum temperature hot water heaters running, usually does not exceed 57 degrees. However, in order to take a shower or wash dishes, this is enough. Any pressure protochnik equipped with sensors flow of the water. If water pressure below 0.7 kgs/sm2, the heating element simply blocked.

Our water "Delsot-capacity from 3.5 to 5 kW stand-1900-2500 rubles. The cost of the more complex heaters with controls temperature of Siemens, Electrolux, Indesit, Bosch range from 3 to 10,000 rubles. And prices for German heaters Stiebel Eltron with integrated chip and system installation temperature to an accuracy of 0.5 degrees - from 850 to 1000 dollars. The running heater would cost approximately 3,000 rubles, along with consumables.

The second type of water-storage. They are equipped with water tanks to hire between 10 and 200 litres. The yield much economical running heaters (1.2-3.5 kW / h), so they can be connected to a power outlet. One of the drawbacks of the device is its length and weight. In order to build such a device on the wall of a bathroom, building an additional wall. Storage heaters to heat water up to 80 degrees, but the process is quite long. There are shops and domestic brands (TAVIA, Real), but the most popular models are the companies Ariston, General and Electrolux, the value of which ranges from $ 250 to $ 500, depending on volume.

The inner surface of modern heaters caused coating for corrosion protection of steel tank, and thus extend the life of and maintain the purity of water. Coverage steklofarforom exists only water THERMEX, other manufacturers use synthetic enamel coating with the addition of various types of plasticisers and fillers.

Reservoir or circulation?


Under the terms of the boilers are working under pressure-pressure water and pressure free. If you want to install water pressure, the pressure at the inlet must be at least 0.7 bar to 0.5 bar and running for savings. This is possible, if you give or villa is centralized or autonomous water. If not, install the sensors, water it will come from a supply tank. With free operating virtually at zero pressure of incoming water.

The power and volume

It is believed that for a standard flat enough running the heater output 7-10 kW / h with a capacity of about 6-7 liters per minute. Naturally, the bigger the heater, the greater the productivity. Do not spend money to buy appliances up to 3.5 kW / h : they all heated water to 20-25 degrees.

When choosing a savings heater, it is important to the purpose for which the equipment is bought. For washing dishes in the kitchen may well come the drive of 5-15 litres, it can be installed and the kitchen, and underneath it. 50-litrovogo sufficient for dishes and shower efficient one. For fans bathroom needs of the tank 80-100 litres. But water from 400 to 1000 litres for the integrated supply of a hot house. But that water served longer, better use of the device more capacity.

It is very important the electric power that can be allocated for water. It should also take into account the lighting, and power consumption of home appliances-refrigerators, clothes washers, dishwashers, microwave ovens, etc. Accordingly, in the absence of suspended free electrical power they are not running water. If installed there, it would involve considerable financial costs. According to last year cost an additional kilowatt for an individual ranging from 3000 to 5000 rubles.

Where to install and who would do it?


The heater can be built or installed in a boiler room, on the floor or on a wall. Before you buy your model wall heater, you should clearly define the place of installation. Water from the upper and lower connecting seemingly little different. Even TENy they are the same, but the cold water pipes entrance and exit of hot variety. The device is connected to the top in no case can be installed with a hot-water heating process would become unwieldy. Therefore, select floor, a wall or built heater.

You can set his own, guided by instructions. The water heater is set for a passport, a description of the maintenance and installation. Scheme to 1:1 are not all manufacturers, but the size of the installation instructions for installation and maintenance is all. Also in warranty cards must be machine addresses and telephone numbers. (On the protection of consumer rights. Law 2300-1st.10 RF)

But better still rely on professionals to the company where you purchased the heater. Good buy!

Author : Kira Beliaeva
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